Top 5 Vpn Apps For Android & iOS To Go Anonymous

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What exactly is a VPN? Why we need VPN Apps and why do we need it? If you have ever had any connections to the corporate network or are somehow related to any field which requires you handling computer work, you must be familiar with the VPN technology.

It is a secure and encrypted connection just like a tunnel between your PC/laptop and a server operated by the VPN service. This tunnel-like connection makes you be a part of the network as if you were sitting in the office physically. Whenever you are connected to the VPN, all of your network traffic will pass through this protected tunnel so that no one else can see what you are up to.

The same thing is done using consumer VPN service for the purposes of protecting identity and data. A VPN not only allows you to mask your location, it also allows you to access the blocked websites and other media which might be banned in your country. Most of the top VPN apps are quite expensive while the free ones have more ads than the number of web pages you visit.

There are loads of paid options available as an app on the market but if you research correctly, you will be able to find few perfectly serviceable apps which are good enough for the average user.


Here we have picked out some of the best VPN  Apps for Android & iOS which will help you keep your data safe while also allowing you to view blocked websites and other media.

Best Vpn Apps For Android & iOS Mobile

Note: Most of these Vpn apps comes with free version too. If you feel like unleashing pro version then you can easily opt for pro plans too. So, let’s check out these VPN apps for iOS & Android.

1. Touch VPN

Touch VPN is the best free VPN service available in the market. Its great customer service, as well as the ease of use, is few reasons that this app is such a popular choice for Android as well as iOS, Windows.

This app keeps no usage logs other than the mandatory connection (metadata) logs. Users all over the world enjoy this VPN’s ‘stealth’ servers which work well using its Android app. No credit card required, no plans, truly unlimited. Enjoy the realm of free VPN APPS.

2. Hola 

With more than 100 million people enjoying anonymous service, Hola has shown how a free VPN should be. With support for almost every device, one can’t resist himself from experience the free service by Hola.

One can choose the country server and pretend to be physically present there without paying a single penny. Isn’t what we opt for VPN service. Be it PC, Android, MAC or name any, this VPN App is everywhere. With average user rating above 4, feel confident to try.

3. Turbo Vpn

While featuring any app I go by two rules; first, personal experience and the second one is users rating. Here the second rule seems to dominate. With more than 200k reviews and an average rating of 4.6, Turbo VPN is one of the highest rated VPN apps for Android. It’s fast, free, reliable and trusted.

With lite and a free version, you can go anonymous in just one click. Bypass firewalls and browse restricted sites (legal, though). Enjoy and do share your opinion with us.

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4. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is one of those VPN services which comes with both the free version and paid version whichever the user want to choose. Its free version is ad-supported and comes with a limited amount of bandwidth which you can use per day. If you upgrade to the Elite version by paying $29.95/year you can go ad-free while receiving unlimited bandwidth for a whole year.

It comes with lots of great features. Hotspot shield is available for Mac, PC, iOS as well as Android devices. It is really easy to install and use. The app also alerts the user if they are about to access any website which is linked to malware or phishing.

That being said, Hotspot Shield is not perfect. It has been known to cause some issues like the connection turning off and then not reconnecting unless the app is re-installed. It also hampers the browser preferences and settings which decrease the speed up to some extent and also prevents users to properly access features of few websites.

5. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN is a wonderful app which comes with two packages; free and premium. The free plan offers its users access to around 22 out of the 200+ available servers whereas the Premium plan which starts at $6.99/month offers you access to all the servers.
Whether you prefer the free package or the paid, one thing that is sure is that this app is definitely one to consider. It works effectively on Android, iOS, Linux as well as Windows devices.

6. Tunnel Bear

Tunnel Bear is a VPN app which is really easy to set up and navigate. All you need to do is authenticate the touch ID for installing the VPN profile. You will get the option to change the location by dragging the map around and tapping on the desired location. One disadvantage of this app is that you are limited to just 500Mb/month on the free package.

However, you can earn more bandwidth by sharing it on twitter. This app also supports Apple’s 3D touch feature as well as Android widgets for quick VPN service.


I’ve used touch Vpn, Hola and cyberghost paid version. If I get to free VPN App then Touch VPN will be my first choice. For paid I’ll suggest you cyberghost as I’m having quite a good experience with it. Awesome support and quality service are worth your money.

I’ll keep this list updated with new free services. Give thumbs up and share this article. Keep reading, keep sharing.


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