Top 7 Quiet Mechanical Keyboards for Stealthy Typing and Gaming

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Quiet mechanical keyboards offer gamers and typists the efficiency they need without generating lots of clicking noise. The layout, key switches, backlighting, and form factor are all important factors when choosing a quiet mechanical keyboard. Some of the best quiet mechanical keyboards include Logitech G610 Orion, CORSAIR K68, Razer Blackwidow TE V2, SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL, Cherry MX G80-3000, and Royal Kludge RK61 Pro. While pricey, Das Keyboard 4 Professional offers a superb typing experience with its Cherry MX Brown mechanical switches, full-size form factor, and built-in USB hub and volume knob.

Are you looking for a quiet mechanical keyboard to give you a competitive edge while gaming, or do you need one that enables hours of comfortable typing without disturbing others? Then, a quiet mechanical keyboard could be ideal. Until recently, mechanical keyboards were used only due to nostalgia, but nowadays, quiet mechanical keyboards offer gamers and typists the efficiency they need without generating lots of clicking noise.

Despite the nostalgia, it didn’t take long for the rest of the users to realize the benefits of a mechanical keyboard over its non-mechanical counterparts. Aside from their sound, they are the most durable keyboards, capable of delivering tactile feedback. This is very important for fast, blind typing. However, if you choose the wrong one, mechanical keyboards are loud, sometimes even obnoxiously loud. So in this article, we’ll show you the best of both worlds to help you pick your ideal keyboard.

How to Pick the Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboards

The layout is the first thing you should look at when searching for the best silent mechanical keyboard. Keep your PC setup in mind when browsing for keyboards. Full-sized ones are often the most attractive, but you might need a smaller tenkeyless (TKL) or a 60% keyboard. These are great choices for small desks and compact work or gaming spaces. But if you go for a smaller option, ensure you won’t need extra keys. Full-size keyboards have 104 keys, while TKL has 87, and 60% have 61 keys.

The key switches (the actual buttons under the keycaps) of your typical mechanical keyboards are loud. If you need a quieter option, the switches are the first thing you should consider. There are three types of switches in mechanical keyboards: linear switches (the quietest), tactile switches (almost silent), and clicky switches (loud). Although Cherry MX Blue is one of the best options out there, it’s clacky and not very quiet. Instead, choose Cherry MX Brown (tactile), Cherry MX Red or Razer Yellow (silent), and similar switches. They are much more silent.

Top 7 Quiet Mechanical Keyboards for Stealthy Typing and Gaming

Backlighting is another factor you want to consider when choosing a mechanical keyboard. It’s easier to type on a backlit keyboard when the lighting conditions are imperfect. They also look cool, whether they are white backlit office keyboards or RGB backlit gaming keyboards. Some high-end mechanical keyboards even have various lighting effects that you can customize.

1680531608 1 Top 7 Quiet Mechanical Keyboards for Stealthy Typing and Gaming

With that in mind, here are our top quiet mechanical keyboards.

Price: $80

  • Full-size form factor
  • Cherry MX Red key switches
  • White backlighting
1680531608 67 Top 7 Quiet Mechanical Keyboards for Stealthy Typing and Gaming

Logitech is a well-known company that makes all kinds of peripherals for computers. The Logitech G610 Orion is one of the best options if you want something minimalistic that you can use for both work and gaming.

This keyboard has a full-size layout, and there might not be better choices for smaller desks. The switches are the same as the much more expensive keyboard, the Cherry MX Red. However, they are low-noise and can deliver a more linear keypress. This could make a difference in your gaming sessions if you need to press the same key frequently and fast.

The only downside of the Logitech G610 is that although it’s backlit, it’s not RGB but limited to white. It doesn’t influence the keyboard’s performance but might not stylistically suit all hardware setups.

Price: $114

  • Full-size form factor
  • Cherry MX Red key switches
  • Customizable backlighting
Top 7 Quiet Mechanical Keyboards for Stealthy Typing and Gaming

If you need a high-quality but budget-friendly quiet mechanical keyboard, check out the CORSAIR K68. CORSAIR is known for making gaming keyboards, and this one is no exception. It has customizable RGB backlighting and uses the Cherry MX red switches. A 2-year warranty is there for your peace of mind as the keyboard is made of solid, high-quality materials.

This Keyboard is water and dust resistant, rated at IP32. That means you can keep on gaming even if you accidentally spill your drink on it. Don’t leave it for too long, or you’ll end up with sticky keys. It also comes with CORSAIR iCUE software that allows you to customize the backlighting and synchronize it with other CORSAIR peripherals, coolers, and fans if you have them.

Price: $120

  • TKL form factor
  • Razor Yellow key switches
  • RGB lighting
1680531608 32 Top 7 Quiet Mechanical Keyboards for Stealthy Typing and Gaming

Razer is a very reputable brand when it comes to computer peripherals. They make premium mice, keyboards, headsets, streaming webcams, gaming joysticks, and much more. Their quiet mechanical keyboards are top-of-the-line, and if you are looking for a gaming one, Razer Blackwidow TE V2 is an excellent choice.

This keyboard uses a TKL design with great functionality and leaves enough room for your other gaming peripherals. The Razer Yellow switches ensure a silent typing experience, so you won’t wake up the entire household when you decide to play late into the night. Thanks to its tenkeyless design and detachable USB cable, this keyboard is also portable. Also, you can personalize your gaming or workflow with fully programmable macro keys.

Price: $115

  • TKL form factor
  • Red mechanical key switches
  • OLED smart display
  • Aluminum alloy build
1680531608 811 Top 7 Quiet Mechanical Keyboards for Stealthy Typing and Gaming

The SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL is another exceptional choice for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. It has many features, a tenkeyless design, and fantastic companion software. The SteelSeries Red mechanical switches are easy to press, all the keys are macro-programmable and provide excellent tactile feedback. The OLED display allows you to access the keyboard settings, so you won’t have to interrupt your game. It also notifies you of any in-game or Discord notifications.

Full RGB backlighting is easily adjustable. Each key is backlit individually and supports 16.8 million colors. The build quality is excellent as SteelSeries chose to use airplane-grade aluminum alloy, so the keyboard should serve you for a long time. Also, the premium magnetic wrist rest offers support for your palm, so it won’t get sore after long gaming sessions.

Price: $90

  • Simple design
  • Ideal for office productivity
  • Original Cherry MX switches
  • RGB lighting
1680531608 526 Top 7 Quiet Mechanical Keyboards for Stealthy Typing and Gaming

If you think gaming keyboards are pretentious and need a simple but silent mechanical keyboard, the Cherry MX G80-3000 is just the thing. It will easily blend into any office or home interior, giving it a fun but tasteful look. The design is simple, minimalistic, and has a retro feeling to it. This keyboard is heavy, it weighs 2lb, and it feels indestructible. The manufacturer claims it will last you over 50 million key presses.

The linear Cherry MX mechanical switches are quiet, smooth, and highly responsive. Accidental presses are almost impossible. That said, this keyboard has no extras, USB ports, media controls, or programmable macros. Cherry MX G80-3000 is a simple but reliable option for data input, programmers, and typists. Although it has flashy RGB backlighting, this keyboard is not meant primarily for gaming. It is also a bit pricey for what it offers, and some gaming keyboards might be a better option if you need extra functionality.

Price: $60

  • Very affordable
  • 60% form factor
  • Wireless
  • Swappable Gateron switches
1680531608 273 Top 7 Quiet Mechanical Keyboards for Stealthy Typing and Gaming

The Royal Kludge RK61 Pro is the most affordable keyboard on this list, yet it is well-built. It’s a sturdy device made out of CNC aluminum that adds texture to the case and keycaps, and it comes with a 2-year warranty. The low price could be because Royal Kludge is a small and relatively new brand. The RK61 Pro is the most compact option on the list with a 60% form factor, but it is designed for gaming, and the Gateron mechanical switches allow for multiple fast key presses.

The RK61 has both wireless and wired connectivity. It uses Bluetooth to connect to up to 5 devices at once. It has a built-in 1850mAh battery that ensures you’ll stay connected even on long business trips or gaming sessions. If you prefer the wired option, this keyboard comes with a USB Type-C cable. It is RGB backlit and it offers 18 lighting modes plus 8 monochrome lighting modes.

Price: $170

  • Full-size form factor
  • Cherry MX brown key switches
  • Superb typing experience
  • Built-in USB hub and volume knob
1680531608 442 Top 7 Quiet Mechanical Keyboards for Stealthy Typing and Gaming

Das Keyboard 4 Professional is an expensive keyboar, but it offers the best quality and a supreme typing experience. A full-size form allows easy typing and almost no accidental presses. Unlike the others on the list, this keyboard comes with Cherry MX Brown mechanical switches. Browns are the middle ground, in between Blue and Red. That means they are not the quietest option but are not as loud and clacky either. The brown switches still fall on the side of quiet keyboards.

The design of Das Keyboard 4 Professional is simple. It was created with functionality in mind, as this is primarily an office keyboard. However, gamers might appreciate that this keyboard supports a full N-Key Rollover. You can press multiple keys simultaneously and still get correctly detected input from each key.

Mechanical Keyboards Can Be Quiet Too!

If you want a good quality, quiet mechanical keyboard that will serve you well for both work and play, any keyboards on our list should do the trick. They’re all durable, have great features, and most importantly, won’t make too much noise when you use them. So pick the one that best suits your needs and let us know how it works in the comments below.

In conclusion, a quiet mechanical keyboard can provide gamers and typists with the efficiency they need, without generating excessive clicking noise. When looking for the best quiet mechanical keyboard, consider the layout, key switches, backlighting, and budget. Full-size, TKL, and 60% keyboards are available, and the quietest key switches are linear and tactile, with clicky switches being the loudest. Luminous keyboards are also becoming popular, with RGB being the most preferred option. Our top picks for quiet mechanical keyboards include the Logitech G610 Orion, CORSAIR K68, Razer Blackwidow TE V2, SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL, Cherry MX G80-3000, and Royal Kludge RK61 Pro. While Das Keyboard 4 Professional is the most expensive option, its Cherry MX brown key switches, superb typing experience, built-in USB hub, and volume knob make it a worthwhile investment. Ultimately, when choosing a quiet mechanical keyboard, finding one that suits your needs and budget is key.


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