Top Five Free Apps to Improve Your Health

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Technology has found its way into almost all facets of our lives including the health sector as you can now download applications that will boost and guarantee your health. These apps shared by JumiaTravel, Africa’s No.1 hotel booking portal, to a very large extent helps keep body and soul together.


The impact that water has on the body cannot be overstated. Water is essential to boost your health and many agree that drinking water is better than gulping a beverage. This app helps you know the quantity of water you drink every day.


This app attempts to keep you fit, which is why it is named fitocracy! The app recommends workout routines and offers exercise-related advice which will improve your general wellbeing and fitness.


This is a perfect app for persons who eat out often. Of course, you know that many restaurants serve their meals to make money and barely take health benefits of the meals into cognizance. HealthyOut helps you choose the best options on the menu guarantees that you don’t consume unhealthy foods. It helps you adhere with your conviction and determination to eat healthy.unnamed (1)

Calorie counter

According to health experts, your daily calorie intake should not exceed 2,000cc. In order to meet your health goals, Calorie Counter helps you ensure that you take calories which correspond with your fitness goals and workouts.


It is very important to be conscious of what goes into our body. This is why you should always be conscious of what you eat. Therefore, you have to be aware of the nutritional content of your food in other to ensure that it benefits you. This is what Fooducate do. It provides information on whatever you are eating, track your food intake and also helps you scan product barcodes to determine its nutritional content.


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