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Hey guys, I will be sharing with you all my top sites where I practically download any movie, software, games and so on for absolutely free.  Below is my little guide of sites & resources I use to get almost any Software/Film/Games/Etc for free!

Note: Please always be careful with cracked software! Virtual Machine/Sandboxie to test!. Always use an Ad-Blocker to not confuse download buttons/malicious ads!!!

Personal Favorites:

1. Awesome Piracy Github – Biggest list of Resources, a must have a bookmark! Feel free to help add your own links to it! Most of my links below are found in this GitHub!

2. Streaming Sites Reddit Post: Amazing Reddit Post, Basically lists all useful streaming sites!

File Hosting Wiki: Get fast DDL for free! Ex: RapidGator

  1. AppNee – If I need Software, I always check here, DDL!

  2. FreeAppNee – Same as AppNee just for more popular software like Office/Adobe/Etc

  3. TextSheet – Get free Solutions like Chegg! Tip: If you don’t wanna do survey, view page source

6. FitGirlRepacks – Best Re-packer for Video Games! New Games always added!

7. YIFY – BlueRay/1080p Movies (Torrents)

8. Tech Bench – Windows ISO Files

  1. StreamCR – Streaming Site, Fast Speeds, HD

10. LookMovie – If StreamCR is having issues this is my next stop!


Giant Lists of Resources/Links/Files:

1. Awesome Piracy – Massive List of Resources, basically the only thing you really need!

2. WebOasis – Great Home Page with Useful Links!

3. OpenTrackers – Streaming/DDL Possibly Outdated Sources

  1. The Eye – Basically an online library! Interesting files stored on here!


Reddit’s (List of Useful Subs/Posts)

1. Old r/Piracy Megathread –  Old yet still useful thread about certain software.

2. Latest r/Piracy Megathread – Latest version, resources found here!

3. Streaming Resources – Massive streaming sites list!

4. r/modpiracy – Have a Mod that has a paywall? Check here!

5. Game Piracy Megathread – Thread about useful game sites.

6. r/CrackWatch – Find out if a game has been cracked!

7. r/OpenDirectories – Random Open Directories for your downloading use!

  1. r/MegaLinks – Files hosted on (Has stopped operations on Reddit but check top post!)


Sports Streams

  1. MLB
  2. NFL
  3. NBA
  4. NHL
  5. Tennis
  6. NCAABBallStreams
  7. CFB
  8. WWE
  9. MMA
  10. Boxing
  11. Rugby
  12. Motor Sports

I hope this article has really been of great help to download virtually everything you need online,  If you think am missing out a particular site, Kindly drop your comments or suggestion below at the comment sections.


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