Understanding the Role of AI in Gaining SEO Success

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The digital marketing landscape is highly dynamic and trends keep coming and going all the time. However, a trend that is here and surely going to stay for a long while is AI or Artificial Intelligence.

Machine learning or AI is supposed to be of critical importance in terms of search engine optimization since it is responsible for helping search engines assess effectively and accordingly assign rankings to precise web pages in search results. 

That is chiefly the reason why you must have a sound understanding of AI or Artificial Intelligence while creating a robust SEO stratagem. As search engines are increasingly becoming more competent at identifying the perfect keywords, better content, and irrelevant backlinks it is left to the marketers whether they would be using AI for getting the results they are looking for from SEO.

Remember by using AI for search engine optimization, you would be getting a much better opportunity of gaining SEO success and the page ranking you are looking for. AI would also be giving you a chance to generate better quality content and much-improved SEO stratagems as a whole.

Examining the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on SEO

As per Searchenginejournal.com, since search engines are becoming more effective in determining keyword stuffing, quality content, and irrelevant backlinks for users, today increasingly marketers are compelled to utilize AI for meeting the needs of search engines.

AI for search engine optimization gives you the golden opportunity to boost your page rankings and come up with better content and cohesive stratagems. Let us examine how AI is regarded as a valuable and critical investment for your strategies relating to the search engine.


Impact of AI on Content Stratagem

AI could be having a significant impact on your content marketing stratagem. AI is a groundbreaking technology that helps in generating more opportunities for reaching audiences and it compels you to think about effective ways to interweave these opportunities into a super-effective stratagem.

Moreover, on many occasions, while generating cohesive content stratagems that could culminate in SEO wins, the perfect solutions could be found in the data. For several organizations, utilizing AI for collecting worthwhile data and even customer insights could result in SEO success.

One organization that employed this approach with expertise was Kia Motors. This auto company collaborated with Influential, a well-known influencer marketplace that utilizes AI for suggesting or recommending relevant influencers to organizations. 

Via the use of the valuable audience demographic data, Influential was able to match influencers with brands that could assist them in reaching their precise target audience groups. In 2016, we understand that Kia collaborated with Influential for its special Super Bowl 2016 commercial.

The organization was able to connect Kia with certain influencers who had been posting branded content for attracting relevant consumer groups. Thus, Kia was successful in promoting its new Optima model via the #AddPizzazz campaign. Thanks to the valuable insights received by Kia via the data gathering of Influential, Kia could come up with a relevant and effective content stratagem with assistance from relevant influencers.

So when you are thinking in terms of gathering the right insights, you could rely on AI to assist you in identifying the perfect data that you require for creating a stratagem around the most effective platforms for your messaging. 

As per Forbes.com, it has been forecasted that AI would be taking over the entire content industry. The Associated Press has already deployed algorithms for writing more than 3,000 articles per quarter.

These algorithms are now expanding into the social media realms as well. AI is playing a crucial role in creating and executing an amazing content marketing stratagem. By utilizing AI, there could be more opportunities for you to connect seamlessly with your target audience.

Moreover, you could be having the power of making those connections far more worthwhile and meaningful and obtain the outcomes you are looking for. Remember that every good content stratagem is deeply rooted in invaluable data that you obtain from having AI and machine learning on your side.

Organizations gather and manage a tremendous amount of data and customer insights and would be benefiting from utilizing AI for sorting through it for creating the best possible SEO stratagem for reaching those customers. Seek professional assistance from an SEO expert to guide you through the entire process.

The Rise of Hyper-Personalization in the Age of AI

It is marketing 101 that customers are best reached out to via ideas that appeal to their personal tastes rather than generic messaging. Consumers want to feel cared about; they would like companies to address their concerns and cater to their needs specifically.

Personalization has been crucial to SEO for a while now; studies reveal personalized campaigns can boost sales by as much as 15%. This trend has taken root in the industry for sure, as market research reveals almost 80% of companies seek to go beyond revenue goals to implement strategies for the mass-personalization of marketing campaigns. Now, more than ever is the time to jump onto the personalization bandwagon if you have not already.

Search Engines and the Role AI Plays with Them

Search engines were among the earliest adopters of AI. Google has been at the forefront for years and continues to refine algorithms to predict the things people search for and serve them the results they would like to see more accurately.

Of late, they have become fairly adept at understanding the context behind searches and hence are able to take it into regard when populating result pages. AI and machine learning are used in almost every facet of search, ranging from standard text search to voice-activated and image searches as well.

When the medium you are seeking to land on is so heavily invested in AI, it only makes sense for you as a marketer to also invest in tools and strategies that make the use of sophisticated algorithms to stay on par. Moz, Yoast, and other tools analyze your marketing copy and let you optimize sentence structure, pick keywords, manage your content efficiently and ensure that the final version that goes up on your site is completely optimized no matter how a visitor seeks them out.

Conclusion: How the Future Will Look

In another world, AI being used in the search world might have created significant difficulties for content marketers. Thankfully, there are now AI tools that can be used effectively by marketers anywhere to keep pace with the rapidly evolving search scenario.

These tools can be used to fine-tune strategy, automate mundane tasks, gather actionable insights via analytics, and improve page rankings substantially. AI is no longer a fancy buzzword that is thrown around lightly; it is an absolute necessity in 2020 to ensure your content is ideal for search engines and customers alike.


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