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When you think of marijuana, you think of the usual stuff. That involves getting together with a couple of friends, smoking it in a circle, and cracking a few jokes while you eat pizza. Even though that’s a classic experience, there are other ways to enjoy it. Some people want to make brownies and infuse their food with it.  

The main components which make this plant fun are CBD and THC. The latter is the one that gets you high. However, CBD is a component that has tons of benefits attached to its name. Everyone knows that it helps with depression, appetite, sleep irregularities, and pain, but what are some unexpected benefits that come from using it.  Click on this link to read more. 

It alleviates pain from wearing high heels 

Most men don’t know how it feels like to be in heels for an entire night. If they tried it, that would feel like torture. However, celebrities like Mandy Moore and Busy Phillips have used CBD oil to alleviate the pain they feel from wearing heels. It seems unusual, but it actually isn’t.  

Cannabidiol interacts with our endocannabinoid system. The main responsibility of this system is to keep the body in homeostasis. That means that everything should feel normal, and if there are any irregularities, endocannabinoids will be sent to the correct place to make sure everything is under control.  

Wearing high heels puts a lot of strain on the feet. It also causes blisters and pain. Whenever there is pain, the endocannabinoids go and reduce it. It’s like falling down from a bike. At first, it hurts a lot, and then the pain gradually goes away. All the credit should go to the ECS. That’s why celebrities can last for hours and hours on the red carpet while keeping a smile.  

It eliminates exercise cramps 

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Many athletes want nothing to do with CBD. That’s because they’re afraid that it will show up on drug tests. There are no studies that confirm that cannabidiol increases athletic performance, but organizations like USADA still consider it a force to be reckoned with.  

However, if you’re not getting tested or not competing, there isn’t a reason not to use it. You can go to http://www.cheefbotanicals.com to read more. Most swimmers have cramping problems when they jump into cold water. They swim for a more extended period of time, and they might get a cramp in their calves.  

Runners experience the same thing, but it isn’t as dangerous as it is for swimmers. If you’re in the middle of a lake or at sea, and you get a cramp, there’s a high chance that you might panic. It’s not a pleasant experience if the water is too deep, and there is a probability of drowning.  

In order to eliminate any chance of cramping, you can increase your consumption of magnesium and take a few drops of CBD oil. The effects are the same for post-workout cramps too. If you have a hard training session, take a few drops, and all the pain will go away. It also reduces inflammation, so you’ll get a small boost in recovery too.  

It helps Alzheimer patients remain calm 

The entire medical community is completely puzzled by Alzheimer’s disease. No one knows what exactly causes it, and there isn’t a cure coming in the near future. However, cannabidiol might be an asset for those who suffer from this disease.  

In 2014, there was a study that was performed on mice and looked at the way CBD interacts with the progression of the disease. After injecting the mice with a set dosage for eight months, they compared the results with a control group.  

The researchers found out that CBD helped in reducing cognitive deficiencies, and it also increased facial recognition. This is a giant leap forward when it comes to actions that someone can take in order to slow down the disease.  

There’s a long way when it comes to finding a cure, but any small thing that can help is definitely beneficial for those who suffer from it. In 2019 a team in the UK started a trial to see how human patients will react to it. The results still aren’t in, but everyone hopes that they’ll be beneficial. 


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