Useful Apps You Won’t Find on the Play Store

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Smartphones are perhaps the most useful devices anyone can have. They are way more than just phones – they are pocket-sized computers with a surprising processing power that can do way more than you might think.

There are literally millions of smartphone apps out there, most of the games, but there are quite a few that are aimed at business users, making their lives a bit easier.

There are, in turn, a few apps that are hard to find on the usual app marketplaces – you’ll have to do some digging to discover them and you can only install them if you enable “Unknown sources”. Here are some that you won’t find on the Play Store but you will find them truly useful.

Sports betting apps

Sports betting apps are frowned upon over at Google – you won’t find any of those listed, except maybe in a handful of countries. It’s a pity, considering how much these apps offer beyond the latest odds on sporting events: they are often filled with sports news, even live streams of events that you can follow wherever you are. Usually with no commercial breaks.

Sports betting apps can be downloaded from the betting shops’ own websites, though, and installed on your phone. Once you’re done with the Betway app download, for example, you can run the app installer, enable “Unknown sources”, wait for the app to install, and log in – from there on, you’ll gain access to all odds, news, and streams the Betway app can offer.

App repositories

The Google Play Store has some really strict policies that app developers need to adhere to if they want to list their apps. Some apps don’t fit into them – you won’t find these in the Play Store. But you can find them in alternative app repositories.

There are quite a few of these, often filled with some great pieces of open-source software that were blocked by the Play Store’s strict filters. You can check out the offer of F-Droid, specializing in open-source apps, or the XDA Labs repository run by the guys behind the XDA Developers forum. 

Ad blockers

Ad blockers are another category of apps that Google doesn’t like to list – mostly because advertising is one of its main sources of revenue. But there’s a workaround for this, too, if you check out one of the above-mentioned app repositories. And the best app you can use to have an ad-free mobile experience is, without a doubt, Blokada.

Blokada is a free, open-source ad blocker that does everything it’s desktop counterparts can. It works on all browsers and apps, it doesn’t need root access of jailbreak, it is designed not to break encryption, and most importantly, it is “free forever”.

And for those who want even more – a private VPN without bandwidth limits or custom DNS on the go – there’s always Blokada Plus, a paid-for service offering these, and more.


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