Voice Search Is The Common And Biggest SEO Trend Of 2019 To Follow

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It is said that you should think out of the box to stand apart from the crowd but when it comes to SEO you must also follow the current trends to get the best search engine rankings.

Therefore, you will first have to know how this world of search engine optimization has changed and what the trends to follow in 2019 are. A lot of new trends will emerge and the old ones will die but a few trends may continue in the next year.

Proper selection of trends is essential because SEO is in constant evolvement and motion. With the fast pace of such changes you may feel at a point that it is difficult to maintain the pace with everything.

Therefore, you will need to know and follow only the biggest SEO trends in 2019 that is required for your specific type of business.

Introduction of voice search

Voice search will rule in 2019 and will surely grow in popularity at an incredible pace among major website of different companies as well as the review sites such as Tayloright.com and others. There are significant signs and reasons for such belief such as:

  • Experts believe that by 2020 more than 50% of all the searches will be voice searches and you will hear a lot of “Ok, Google” all around you every few minutes.
  • There is a significant rise in the number of people using voice assistants actually with each passing year and at a very rapid rate
  • According to studies about 35.6 million people in America alone use a voice activated device and one in every six Americans own smart speakers now.

This signifies that the use of voice search is one of the biggest trends in the ever-changing and evolving world of search engines and SEO.

Voice Search2

Different optimization strategy

However, to make the best use of voice search you will need an entire different optimization strategy. There are several reasons for it.

  • You must think it in a different way because searching for something in a regular website through clicks and typing is entirely different from asking for something.
  • It is also required by you to anticipate the type of questions the users may ask and be prepared with the answers to provide it instantly and all these questions will be different and asked differently each time.
  • It is also required to be prepared with the natural language queries even more in return voice interaction than through web page search.
  • Apart from that, you will also have to abide by the Google practices as it prefers short answers to all voice search queries. Ideally, the typical result should be within 29 words in an average.

In addition to all of the above, there is one more and probably the most interesting thing which is also a big influencing factor regarding voice search optimization and featured snippets of Google. All these short answers that you will get above all other results will sometimes have position zero in SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages.

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