What Does ‘NVM’ Mean on Snapchat (All Meanings)

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Snapchat is a house of acronyms and abbreviations. You will find young adults using unique short forms in the app. Not only Snapchat but abbreviations or acronyms are also growing in popularity, even on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Although there are no specific reasons for using acronyms on Snapchat or other similar platforms, teenagers and young adults use them to convey their emotions. According to them, acronyms and abbreviations help them express more without typing.

Acronyms reduce the time it takes to convey a specific emotion. We are talking about acronyms and abbreviations because recently, a Snapchat user has messaged us asking what does ‘NVM’ mean on Snapchat?

What Does ‘NVM’ Mean on Snapchat?

If you are reading this guide, you are likewise searching for the meaning of NVM on Snapchat. We will clear all your doubts about using NVM on Snapchat and other similar platforms.

NVM on Snapchat has two different meanings. The first is ‘Never Mind‘, and the second is ‘Not Very Much‘. Of course, the meaning of NVM will change depending on the context of the conversation.

NVM Meaning on Snapchat

  • Never Mind.
  • Not Very Much.

Other than these two, NVM has other meanings, but they are less popular and rarely used on text-based apps and services.

NVM Meanings Explained with Examples

Now that you know the NVM meanings, you may want to know how to use it. Below, we have explained all meanings of NVM, along with examples. Let’s get started.

NVM Meaning ‘Never Mind’

Never mind is a term you may have already come across on many popular text-based services. If someone sent you ‘NVM’, it could mean that the sender wants you to forget what they said earlier.

The acronym is also famous on Instagram and is often used as a hashtag #NVM. While the ‘Never Mind’ fits well in a context where a sender wants the receiver to forget what has been said earlier, it also fits in a few other statements.

A user often uses this to end a sentence. For example, ‘I wanted you to listen to my struggle story, but NVM‘. Below, we have shared a few more examples that show how to use NVM properly in a chat.

NVM, I already found it on the web.

Hey, I’m really sorry. NVM. I didn’t mean it, actually.

NVM, I forgot that my cheque was cleared a few days ago.

So, NVM on chat represents a mistake, and the sender wants you to forget what’s being said earlier.

NVM means ‘Not Very Much’

The ‘Not Very Much’ is less popular and is rarely used in chat. This meaning depends strictly on the context of the message.

Users may send you ‘NVM’ when they want to say ‘Not very much’. If you ask someone a product price and get ‘NVM’ as a reply, it could mean ‘Not very much’. Below, we have shared some examples that show the use of ‘Not very much’ in chats.

Tim: Hey David, what’s your salary?

David: NVM (Not very much).

Here’s another one:

David: Hey Tim, how much weight did you lose?

Tim: NVM (Not very much).

So, in the above two examples, NVM’s reply doesn’t mean never mind, but not very much.

So, this guide is all about what does NVM mean on Snapchat. Now that you know the meaning of NVM, you can use it on any social networking or instant messaging app. If you find this article helpful, share it with your friends.


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