What is 3D modeling?

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It is impossible to imagine any significant sphere of production where the volumetric graphics are not applied at the design stage. The development of any object becomes more accessible with a three-dimensional representation of each element and  detail. At each stage of product creation, whether it is an uncomplicated mechanism or a rocket engine, they are guided by a multifaceted layout. It is a multi-vector drawing, having not only the nominal height, length, and width, but also a visual embodiment.

We often hear the phrase 3D. It is an abbreviation of English 3-dimensional, which literally translates as “three sizes”. It means a transition from a schematic, one-line space to a more realistic one. This ability to “spiritualize” the inanimate is the basis of many endeavors. But visualization has found its origin and has received the greatest demand precisely in the construction of a three-dimensional image.

Where 3D modeling is used

It is widely used in the following industries:

  • entertainment industry;
  • medicine;
  • industry

Cinematography, computer games, and animation – all this is based on 3D modeling.

All virtual spaces and non-existent heroes are created with the help of a special technique for using polygons. These are called ordinary geometric figures with three or four faces, which are connected at different angles into one object. To make it move, it is necessary to change the parameters of the components – pull, move, rotate. Since they are all connected, the action is similar to the tension of the web – the remaining segments are deformed in accordance with the first.

The smaller the area of each individual piece, the more their total number, and hence the higher the image accuracy. In such cases, it is customary to talk about the quality of graphics – in some games, you can do it higher and lower. This is true in cases where the power of the computer does not allow you to quickly display all the fragments. It can not be said that a small number of polygons are low poly models, worse than High poly when the details are many times greater. For a part of the animation, it’s enough to have a general view of the hero, if it’s secondary or one of many. The main character, as a rule, is painted in more detail. At the top of the graphic shapes are superimposed textures that complete the image.

By the way, on FlatPyramid you can find a lot of low poly or detailed models.

The first CAD for professional and amateur use was AutoCAD. Over time, its quality analogs and second-rate counterfeits began to appear along with the advanced gadgets (check this page if you want to know which mouse is best for AutoCad operations). The summary list of software we give below, now we will limit ourselves to pointing out a very convenient for 3D modeling program – ZWCAD Professional.

It is not inferior to the “Autocad” in functionality, but it differs significantly in value, which the popular brand has higher. This is the development of the company ZWSOFT, which supports its position in the software market since 1993 and sells its products in more than 80 countries. In 2017, there was a new improved version of ZWCAD. The main direction of development is three-dimensional design. Which, by the way, is used not only in the entertainment industry but also in healthcare.


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