What to Expect at Apple’s WWDC 2022

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What to Expect at Apple's WWDC 2022 New MacBook Air, ARVR Headset, iOS 16

So the 48 hours timer has started for Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference, and the event will begin on Monday, June 6, and end on June 10. The event is for 5 days, and we will get a lot of announcements.

Here is the list of everything we know to get announced in this upcoming event, mainly new products & new versions of operating systems. Let’s delve into details.

Everything We Are Expecting to See in WWDC 2022

Everything We Are Expecting to See in WWDC 2022Everything We Are Expecting to See in WWDC 2022

It’s a long list of expected features according to all the past rumors that we noticed and discussed from the past year to till now. And you can check the event’s details from this article.

As we all know from the previous WWDC 2021, the company announced its next update to its Operating Systems with new features and capabilities. Besides, it also launched products such as Macbook, Mac, and Airpods.

iOS 16

iOS 16 Might Not Support A10 Chip DevicesiOS 16 Might Not Support A10 Chip Devices

The most recognized segment for WWDC 2022 is to announce iOS 16, the next big iPhone update. We can say that this update comes with many features with the recent leaks.

  • The improvement to the widgets board is to make them prominent in the size board and make it easy to look for multiple widgets in one container.
  • New features regarding health tracking functions will integrate with Apple’s Health app on Apple Watch and New Fitness+ workout types.
  •  The iOS 16 might also get new VR & AR capabilities for the upcoming Apple headset.
  • A new crash-detection feature allows the device to contact emergency services if it senses an accident automatically.
  • As we are got suggestions from insiders, the iOS 16  will not have an “end to end redesign“.
  • And many more that are not revealed yet.

macOS 13

macos 13 expected in WWDCmacos 13 expected in WWDC

The macOS 13 is also expected to get an announcement at WWDC 2022, while its features are underground, and as much we know are listed below.

  • macOS 13 is expected to revamp some of the default apps.
  • Some improvements to Messages, Mail, Safari, and more.

watchOS 9

Apple Watch will also be hitting watchOS 9 soon, and it might announce at this year’s conference. Its expected features.

  • The most demanded upgrades to the power saving mode will allow for the use of apps.
  • Enhancement of the Atrial Fibrillation detection feature with a new button ‘burden’ allows checking a person’s atrial fibrillation state.
  • More improvement to health and activity tracking and add new workout types.

tvOS 16

tvOS is also on the expected list of announcements at WWDC 2022, but its new features didn’t leak yet, so that they will unveil at the event only.

iPadOS 16

ipados 16 in WWDCipados 16 in WWDC

In the list of OS updates announcements, the last name is iPadOS 16. iPads are to getting some profound changes with this big update. While it a lot of features will be the same as iOS 16.

We recently discussed the latest report from Mark Gurman that stated that Apple is planning to provide a “laptop experience” with the iPad in terms of multitasking capability.

New Products

Like earlier WWDC events, Apple is also planning to unveil some new products for this event. It is currently completely unclear which product will get revealed, but we can expect some from recent leaks.

Mixed Reality Headset

Apple's Upcoming Headset Got More Leaks ConfirmationApple's Upcoming Headset Got More Leaks Confirmation

Apple’s AR/VR headset is rumored from last year, and every rumor hinted that it might get an introduction at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2022.

And recently, Gurman suggested a 50-50 chance of its announcement and if it will launch, so June 8 is the last date for it. While the other tipster said, it would arrive in one or two years.

MacBook Air M2

Apple's M2 in Upcoming MacBook Air & MacBook ProApple's M2 in Upcoming MacBook Air & MacBook Pro

It was widely rumored that Apple might reveal its new MacBook Air, which might be powered by the new chip from Apple, the M2 chip. The ‌M2‌ chip is the next generation of M1-series silicon chips.

This next-generation MacBook Air‌ is predicted to have slim bezels with off-white & the keyboard will also match off-white, and its display might be sized around 13.6 inches.


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