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The Boys Season 3 Release Date & Time Where To Watch It Online
Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

Amazon’s hit superhero series, “The Boys,” is getting its story further with the newly-announced Season 3. If you have watched this, you are familiar with its story, the dark life of superheroes with tempering double faces.

The Boys is based on the comics series, but its story gives a “mindblowing” experience. And now, after 2 hit Seasons, Season 3 is in the line, but it will release when or at what timing? So let’s discuss further every possible detail.

The Boys Season 3 streaming will start on Friday, June 3. As of now, there are no exact details about how many episodes this season will get, but there might be 8 episodes like the previous seasons.

The Boys Season 3: Where To Watch It Online?

The Boys Season 3: Where To Watch It OnlineThe Boys Season 3: Where To Watch It Online
Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

The Boys Season 3 will be available to watch only on Prime Video. As it is Prime Video series, it will not be available on any other streaming platform, so I recommend not finding it on Netflix or Hulu.

Also, The Boys Season 3 Episode 1 is expected to be released at 5:00 pm Pacific Time (PT). On the day of its release, you’ll get two episodes to watch, and others might follow the Friday of every week.

And its trailer, for the people who are new to the boys series, might not like the trailer buy its fan get a sip of thrill and mainly, the eye contacting scene of HomeLander scared me off.

This season’s plot will cover Homelander’s issues with the team, starting with a new war, a mysterious Anti-Supe weapon, and introducing the legend of the first Superhero: Soldier Boy.


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