Why Alternative Printer Ink Providers Are Better Than Original Ones

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You may have heard of replacement printer ink companies but do not know much about them. Maybe you have considered buying printer ink from an alternative provider but have been worried about ending up with a shoddy product. Whatever you reason for not trying a replacement ink company, let us explain why you are missing out and how to find the best ink cartridge replacement for your printer.

Traditional Views

If you have heard the old adage that original inks are better then you may be surprised to know that this is just an advertising tactic from the big name brands who want you to purchase their inks. Big brand names will claim that their inks are specific for their models but this is not the case.

You can buy replacement cartridges for printer machines from a range of ink specialist companies and can be confident that they will provide a quality service for half the price.

Lower Overheads

One of the reasons that alternative ink providers are so much cheaper than original inks is that they only operate their businesses online. Doing this reduces their overheads so that pass those savings on to you by providing cheaper ink.

Big name brands have to cover the cost of advertising as well as employee wages and so their inks will cost more to cover this too. This means that you are not paying for quality ink, you are covering their overheads.

Commitment to Quality

Many ink companies need your business to stay afloat as having repeat customers helps them to grow. With this in mind, they have to produce a product that you want to buy again and again and so they manufacture high quality ink that impresses customers.

When you consider that they are in competition with big name brands you soon realise that they cannot compete with advertising but instead, offer high quality inks that speak for themselves!

Ink Only Suppliers

When you decide you are ready to take the plunge and try replacement ink then take the time to find an ink only suppler. The reason behind this is that these companies only make their money if customers are pleased with their ink so you are pretty much guaranteed to get the best quality on the market.

Choose a company that has a strong trading presence, like Smart Ink, as you will then have the peace of mind that you’ve chosen a company that thousands of others have chosen and loved too!


In short, alternative ink providers are a far better choice on so many levels; price, quality and customer service being just a few examples. If you still are not sure, we would suggest that you purchase a small order of ink to try and compare it to what you usually use. We are confident that you will be blown away by the quality of replacement ink, just like many others that have tried it before you!


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