10 Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Skins You Can Buy

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Samsung’s latest flagship arrived in the shape of the Galaxy S8. A beautiful looking device, with an gorgeous edge to edge display, the bleeding edge of technology all packed neatly into a package that anyone would love to get their hands on. The phone features a completely glass and metal build, which really adds to its look. However, it does make the phone a fingerprint magnet, and rather slippery. So, if you’re buying a Samsung Galaxy S8, and you don’t want it to constantly slip out from your hands, you should definitely consider putting a skin on it. So, in order to help you along on your quest to find the best skins to put on your brand new flagship, here are the 10 best Samsung Galaxy S8 skins you can buy:

1. dbrand Skins for Galaxy S8

Hands down, some of the highest quality skins available in the market are manufactured by dbrand – the skin brand that’s everywhere. What sets dbrand apart, is the really amazing customization options they offer. You can choose skins for the back, front-top, front-bottom, and even the camera independently. There are skins like carbon fiber, stone, matte, metal, wood, leather etc. So, you can really come up with something generic, or as unique as you want.

Buy from dbrand: (up to $16.80)

2. Hero Series Samsung Galaxy S8 Skin

If you’re a fan of superheroes like The Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Batman, and the likes, this series of skins for the Galaxy S8 is one you should definitely check out. The skins are made from highest quality materials, and are easy to apply. Plus, if you later want to remove the skins from your S8, you can do so easily, without leaving any residue on your phone. The skin is available in both glossy and matte finish, so you can choose the finish you prefer.

Buy from Slickwraps: ($24.95)

3. Galactic Series Skins for Samsung Galaxy S8

Fans of Star Wars rejoice! Slickwraps is out with skins for the Samsung Galaxy S8 that feature characters from the Star Wars universe (Luke Skywalker is curiously missing… but Darth Vader is there, so…). The skins are made from high quality materials to provide scratch protection to your S8, while making it look great at the same time. If you get bored of the skin, you can always remove it without having to worry about any residue being left over.

Buy from Slickwraps: ($24.95)

4. Black Marble Galaxy S8 Skin

If you’re looking for a minimal, classy looking skin for your Samsung Galaxy S8, you should definitely check out this black marble skin from Skinit. The skin is made from high quality authentic 3M materials, resulting in a skin that looks amazing and really complements the look of your phone. The black marble skin is precision cut to fit the S8 perfectly, and uses adhesive that does not leave any residue upon removal.

Buy from Skinit: ($14.99)

5. Villain Series Skin for Galaxy S8

We all love superheroes, but there have always been villains that are just too awesome to not love. If you’re a fan of these iconic villains, you should definitely check out the Villain Series skins for the S8. The skins are made from high quality materials, and provide ultra-thin 360º protection to your device. Plus Slickwraps offers their GOOF! policy, where if you accidentally mess up the skin installation, you can just write to them, and they’ll send a new one.

Buy from Slickwraps: ($24.95)

6. Helmetica Series Skins for Galaxy S8

Slickwraps teamed up with Justin Maller to create the all new Helmetica series skins for the Samsung Galaxy S8. The skins feature designs such as the Joker, Deadpool, and a lot more to choose from. Made out of high quality materials, the precision cut skins will definitely make your phone look a lot more awesome while protecting it from scratches as well.

Buy from Slickwraps: ($24.95)

7. US Army Digital Camo Galaxy S8 Skin

Show some love for the armed forces with this digital camo skin for the Samsung Galaxy S8. The skin is made from high quality materials, and the US Army logo is cut out perfectly and the skin is made so that it doesn’t interfere with any buttons on your Galaxy S8. The high definition print really makes the skin look awesome, plus the easy on/easy off adhesive will allow you to easily remove the skin without having to worry about any dirty residue on your phone.

Buy from Skinit: ($14.99)

8. The Starry Night Galaxy S8 Skin

If you’re a fan of Vincent Van Gogh, or even if you just love “The Starry Night” (who wouldn’t?), you should definitely check out this Samsung Galaxy S8 skin from Skinit that features a print of the famous painting from the legendary artist. I must say, The Starry Night really adds quite a bit to the already amazing looking device that the S8 is. Plus, the front top and bottom bezels really look amazing with this skin on them.

Buy from Skinit: ($14.99)

9. Baroque Roses Galaxy S8 Skin

If you want your Samsung Galaxy S8 to look a little more beautiful and elegant, you can definitely take a look at this skin. Just like other Skinit skins, the Baroque Roses S8 Skin is also made from the highest quality materials, and uses an adhesive that doesn’t leave any residue upon removal. So you can freely remove the skin if you get bored of it, or if you just want a change.

Buy from Skinit: ($14.99)

10. Diamond Red Glitter Skin

For lovers of bling, and glittery phone skins, this diamond red glitter skin is probably going to be a perfect fit. The skin is precision cut to not interfere with any buttons on the Galaxy S8, and looks good. Plus, thanks to the adhesive Skinit uses, you can easily remove the skin without leaving any residue on your phone. There are a lot of other colours available in the glitter skin category, including gold, so you can choose the one that you find best suited to your taste.

Buy from Skinit: ($14.99)

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Try These Galaxy S8 Skins to Make Your Phone Look More Appealing

The Galaxy S8 is a gorgeous looking device, there’s no denying that. However, with these skins you can make it look even better, and add a lot of personality to your phone, making it truly “your own”. There are a lot of skins available for the S8, but these were the 10 best skins that I think you should definitely consider for your phone. So, are you planning on buying the Galaxy S8, and do you think it’s worth the price? Also, if you know of any other skin for the S8 that you think deserves to be on this list, do let us know about it in the comments section below.


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