10 Best Sites To Download Free Photoshop Brushes

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It’s no doubt that Photoshop is right now the most used photo editing software. The great thing about Photoshop is that it offers users a wide range of editing tools to fulfill photo editing needs. One of those features is known as ‘Brushes’.

For those who don’t know, a Photoshop brush is an essential painting tool designed to replicate the feel of ink on canvas. You can find photoshop brushes for almost everything like hand-drawn images, effects, abstract, etc.

However, Photoshop brushes are overly crowded on the internet, and users are never satisfied with what they already have.

List of 10 best Sites To Download Free Photoshop Brushes

So, if the Photoshop brushes you have no longer serves well, then check out the list of best sites to download Photoshop brushes. So, let’s explore the list.

1. Brush King

Brush King

If you are searching for a website with thousands of free-to-download Photoshop brushes, then Brush King might be the best site to visit.

The great thing about Brush King is that it allows users to search for Photoshop brushes through keywords. Not just that, but Brush King also arranges brushes as per their categories.

2. Brusheezy


Brusheezy is one of the leading websites which has a massive collection of Photoshop brushes. The great thing about Brusheezy is its interface which looks clean and well organized.

Not just that, but Brusheezy also organizes every brush as per their categories. What makes the site more interesting is that it also has Gradients, Patterns to offer.

3. FBrushes


FBrushes is another top-rated photoshop brush website on the list with over 5,000 high-quality photoshop brushes.

The ‘F’ in FBrushes stands for free, and almost every brush you will find on the site is free to download & use. In addition, the site allows users to sort brushes by keywords and categories.

4. 123Freebrushes


As the site’s name says, 123Freebrushes is a free photoshop brushes download website on the list from where you can download high-quality photoshop brushes.

You won’t believe it, but the site right now has thousands of hand-picked photoshop brushes. Not just that, but the site also allows users to sort photoshop brushes by categories and keywords.

5. BrushLovers


BrushLovers is another excellent resource for free photoshop brushes which you can consider. Not just Photoshop brushes, but the site also offers Styles, Patterns, Gradients, Vector images, etc.

So, the site has almost everything that you need to edit your photos in Photoshop.

6. QBrushes


QBrushes is another excellent website on the list from where you can download over 3,000 photoshop brushes for free. Guess what? If you cannot decide which brush to use on your current project, then QBrushes might help you find out one.

The site has lots of high-quality Photoshop brushes, which are not usually not found on other websites.

7. GrutBrushes


Well, if you are searching for a website that has lots of unique Photoshop brushes and has an excellent user interface, then GrutBrushes might be the best pick for you.

However, users need to create an account before downloading brushes. GrutBrushes is an online shop for photoshop brushes, but you can find lots of free stuff here.

8. WOW Brushes

WOW BrushesWOW Brushes

WOW Brushes is another excellent website on the list known for its unique collection of Photoshop Brushes. The site is not frequently updated, but the brushes it has are high-quality and unique.

The site also allows users to sort brushes by their categories, downloads, and keywords.

9. Creative Bloq

Creative BloqCreative Bloq

Well, Creative Bloq is a website that is dedicated to designers. The site has lots of reviews published on Photo editing software.

Not just that, but the site also has lots of Photoshop how-to guides. In the Digital art section, Creative Bloq has lots of top-quality free photoshop brushes.

10. MyPhotoshopBrushes


MyPhotoshopBrushes is another best site from where you can download high-quality photoshop brushes for free. Not just brushes, MyPhotoshopBrushes also has Photoshop patterns, custom shapes, styles & gradients as well.

Apart from that, MyPhotoshopBrushes also shares tutorials on how to use different features of Photoshop.

So, these are the best websites to download photoshop brushes for free. If you know of any other free photoshop brushes sites, let us know in the comment box below. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also.


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