10 Best Writing Apps For Android in 2021

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If you are a creative or professional writer, you may want tools to write and edit documents comfortably. Even if you don’t deal with documents like PDF, words, etc., it’s best to have a better writing app for Android.

There are hundreds of writing apps available for Android smartphones on the Google Play Store. However, not all of them were useful and worth installation.

List of Best Writing Apps For Android

So, if you are a writer and looking for apps to improve your writing skills, you are reading the right article. In this article, we are going to list down some of the best writing apps for Android.

1. JotterPad

The JotterPad is one of the most creative writing apps for android. This app provides you various features to make your task easier and efficient. This plain text editor helps in writing, drafting, revising, and editing your creative work.

Jotterpad has a user-friendly interface that helps in writing for a long time easily and quickly and also has a clean typing interface. The built-in dictionary is the main focus point that increases productivity.

2. DropBox

DropBox is one of the most important Android App for writers which help to synchronize their data that includes many files, documents, notes, images, audios, and videos across devices.

You need to create an account in DropBox and install the app on your Android phone, or you can install the software on PC and upload your files, notes, and documents from anywhere.

3. ColorNote Notepad Notes

The ColorNote Notepad Notes is a writing app for creative writers that are designed to help writers. So, if you are a writer, you can easily write your notes with this application.

Apart from that, you can even organize your notes in color, add file attachments to them, set up a to-do list, and more.

4. Evernote

Evernote is one of the best note-taking applications available in the Play Store. The app is perfect for students, business, and corporate persons and especially for creative writers.

This app can help in saving any data like notes, files, texts, images, audio, videos, etc. You can even write your notes and edit further on.

You can also create and save a to-do list about your writing tasks, and for this can set voice reminders so that you can’t miss anything.

5. iA Writer: Note, write, edit

If you are looking for an Android app that can provide you clean, simple, and distraction-free writing experience, then look no other than iA Writer.

It’s basically a plain text editor that lets you edit the text files. The app offers multi-markdown to edit and also offers typographic preview templates.

6. INKredible – Handwriting Note

INKredible will make writing on a tablet feel as good as, or even greater than, pen on paper. INKredible has only ONE single mission: to create an outstanding writing experience on a tablet.

It is meant to be distraction-free. In fact, most of the time, you will not see any UI controls or buttons, just a blank sheet of paper to write on.

7. MarkdownX

MarkdownX is a Markdown text editor for Android. It follows the principle of Material Design and is easy to use.

Guess what? This is the best text editing tool you can have on your Android smartphone. The app actually features some powerful actions and comes with a file management system.

8. Keep My Notes

Keep My Notes is an Easy & Simple app for writers that you can use for quick note-taking, writing a diary, or as a private notebook.

This app actually contains many features, and one of those is Offline notebook support which you can use to write on all the notes to remember without the need for an internet connection.

9. ClevNote

Well, this is basically a memo app that helps users to write memos necessary daily. This is one of those awesome Android apps where you can write down necessary items and use it for a shopping list or to-do list.

You can freely modify the to-do list, work list, or any other written things. This is one of the best applications for Android, which helps to write notes.

10. Write

Well, if you are looking for a simple yet effective tool for note-taking, then the Write Android app is meant just for you. You can also use this app to create vector drawings.

You will find almost every feature related to editing or writing in the Write app. So, it’s one of the best writing apps that you can have on your Android smartphone.

So, these are the best writing apps for Android. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also. Also, if you know of any other such apps, let us know in the comment box below.


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