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The brand HTC flagship is undoubtedly an impressive smartphone, with the display on the device is gorgeous and thus, it’s important that you keep it well protected. I would recommend using a screen protector for your device. Well, you don’t have to go around hunting for the best HTC device screen protectors because we are listing down the best of the lot. So, without wasting any more of your time.

Below are the best HTC Device screen protectors you can buy:

Full Coverage Screen Protector

The screen protector for your HTC device is custom designed to make sure that the maximum area on the front is covered. The screen protector features a smooth, satin finish to make sure it’s anti-glare. It’s also resistant to scratches, fingerprint smudges or dirt, which should ensure that your HTC device display looks clean all the time. Moreover, the protector comes with a liquid solution to make sure installation is error-proof.

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High Clarity Screen Protector

Screen protectors tend to bog down a display but not the Incipio Plex high clarity screen protector, as it brings great protection along with superb clarity. Along with clarity, the protector brings edge to edge coverage, flawless touch screen response and resistance to scratches. The Incipio case also includes a microfiber cloth to clean the screen from time to time along with an applicator card to make sure there aren’t any air bubbles while installation

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Full Screen Tempered Screen Protector

Most flagship smartphones these days feature a front entirely made of a single glass slab and the HTC device is no different. Thus, it’s important that a screen protector protects the front fully and not just the display. Well, that’s where JOTO’s full screen tempered screen protector excels. The screen protector features precision cutouts for the home button, camera and speaker, while covering everything else on the front. Other specs of the screen protector include tempered glass of 9H hardness surface, ultra thin design, HD transparency, scratch resistance, anti-oil and anti-fingerprint.

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Anti Spy Screen Protector

Hate it when people sitting beside you pry on your device’s display? Well, we hate that too but thanks to the cool anti spy screen protector, you can make sure nobody sees anything except you. The screen protector from Mr Shield is designed such that anybody at an angle of 30 degrees will not be able to see contents of the screen. Maximum brightness is recommended to get the best effect. The package of the scratch-resistant screen protector includes not one but two anti spy protectors along with instructions, scratching card, cleaning cloth, dust collector and removing tapes.

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Full Body Screen Protector

If you’d like to protect both the front and the back of your HTC device from scratches, the IQ Shield screen protector should be the right choice. The screen protector brings films for both the front, as well as the back of the metal clad device. The screen protector features self-healing abilities, non-yellowing, glass like transparency along with high response sensitivity. The “Frustration-Free” IQ Shield kit brings the screen protectors, installation tray, lint-free cloth, instructions and a squeegee.

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Ultra Clear Screen Protector

The ultra clear screen protector for the HTC devices aims at keeping the display super clear, as well as protecting it. The screen protector made up of high quality PET film offers a “true touch” feel for a great tactile experience when using the touchscreen. Moreover, it is anti-fingerprint, scratch resistant, anti-bubble and oil resistant, so say good bye to those dirty smudges on the display.

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Invisible Screen Protector

The “Invisible” tagline does give out the protector’s prime feature but if you haven’t got it yet, the Olixar screen protector is supposed to be so clear and smooth, you wouldn’t even notice there’s a screen protector. The protector is anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint and as we mentioned, crystal clear. It’s also custom cut to cover the front of the device fully and the package brings 2 screen protectors along with application card and screen cleaning cloth

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Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The tempered glass screen protector is as sturdy as it gets for your HTC device display. The protector features 2.5D glass with 9H hardness but it’s also very thin at 0.26 mm. Suffice to say, the screen protector will save the display from scratches, high-impact drops and bumps. It is also oleophobic and hydrophobic, which means it’s resistant to water and oil. Moreover, it maintains a high transparency, which makes sure you can easily view the HTC device lovely display. The package includes 2 screen protectors, so you can be assured of your HTC device safety for a long long time once you buy this.

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