How To Hide Your Apps On Your Android Smartphones

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Ever needed to hide apps from prying eyes Effectively?, we wouldn’t be shocked in case you have as a result of there are a variety of causes to hide apps. For example, you’ve gotten a private app installed in your device, say a sex chat app, which you don’t need others to see.

When you can always lock apps on Android, folks nonetheless get to see the app and as everyone knows, the world may be fairly judgmental. So, if in case you have been considering of the way to hide apps on Android, we’ve got some excellent news for you.

Whereas there’s no native approach on Android to hide apps from the app drawer and homescreen, there are different easy methods. So, with out additional ado, right here’s how one can conceal apps on Android:

1. Using a 3rd party App Launcher

There are a variety of third party launchers that convey the flexibility to hide apps on Android.

Apex Launcher, which is one other great launcher. So, right here’s easy methods to conceal apps utilizing Apex Launcher:

Apex-Launcher app

  •  Before you begin hiding apps, you’ll first should install Apex Launcher from the Play Store. After you’re finished, go to Android Settings->Home and set Apex Launcher as the default launcher.


  • As soon as finished, go to Apex Settings->Drawer Settings->Hidden apps.
  • Within the “Hidden Apps” page, check the apps you wish to hide and tap “Save“.


After you’re finished, you won’t see the app in the app drawer. In case you had the app’s shortcut on the home screen, you’ll still find it there however you can simply remove it.

That’s it! Hiding apps via the Apex Launcher is fairly simple,  To access hidden apps, simply do a Google Search and you should find the app.

2. Using third party hider apps (Rooted devices)

If you happen to don’t want to set up a third party launcher, you can simply set up a hider app. Nevertheless, these apps solely deliver the ability to hide apps on rooted devices. So, when you have a rooted device, right here’s the way to hide apps utilizing a 3rd party app:

  • Whereas there are a couple of apps that claim to deliver the ‘hide apps’ feature, we like Hide Photos aka Hide It Pro aka Audio Manager as a result of it simply works! It’s additionally popular as Audio Manager, because that’s the title the app makes use of when it’s installed to bluff people utilizing your phone. In truth, while you open the app, you’ll be greeted with audio controls, nevertheless you may press hold on the “Audio Manager” heading, to open the precise app.

After you could have installed it, the app will ask you to set a password or a pin together with a recovery e-mail address, in case you forget the pin or password.

As soon as finished, you will be offered with the app’s main page, which features numerous choices together with the “Hide Apps” icon. Tap on the “Hide Apps” option and you may be prompted for root access. Choose “Okay” to maneuver ahead.


If in case you have a root manager app like SuperSU installed, it can prompt you to grant access to the Hide Images app. Select “Grant“, after which you will notice the “Hidden Apps” page.

You’ll be able to then swipe left to go to the “All apps” tab and tap on an app and select “Okay” to hide it.


As an example, we hid the Calculator app and after it’s executed, you won’t see the app anyplace within the system. You may access or unhide the app only by the Hide It Pro app.


We’re happy that there are easy third party apps and launchers that allow you to do this. So, set up a launcher or a hider app, you probably have a rooted device and hide apps with ease.


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