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Movie Apps are the best answer to boredom created by spare time. Struggling to have entertainment while on a journey or after a hectic and boring day, these list of movies App will amaze you with their stuff they contain. Movies always help to break that boredom continuity flow. So here I created a list of best Free Movie Apps for a perfect movie session on mobile devices. Get ready to spend a quality entertainment session with top rated movies streaming apps of the current time.

Apart from movies, one can easily watch Tv series based on these movie apps. From past few years, entertainment market is showing a movie app trend. New Movie Apps are created and launched frequently. Many are available at Google play store while others could be downloaded from outside sources.

In this article, I’m going to share the best online movie Apps which are talked and used by millions of users and are easily available for download from authentic sources like (Google Play or Official Page). So let’s begin and get familiar with movie Apps.

The below-listed Apps are for a smartphone running on Android platform, and if you are looking for iOS device then don’t forget to check MovieBox App or popcorn time, one of the ultimate movie App. Popcorn time was once called competitors to Netflix, a well know video distribution platform.

These Apps were tested on Android 5.0.2 lollipop based on Cyanogen OS and all of these were working perfectly on tested device. I didn’t face any issue. Go forward and try which is working fine with your device

Best Movie Apps For Android Device

1. Showbox

Showbox is one of the most talked free Movie Apps. This App has so much to offer, you can easily stream online movies and TV series, this is truly amazing. Searched and used by millions of people worldwide, Showbox is my favorite one. The app is not available in Google Play but could be easily downloaded from their official site. Don’t worry, just download apk file and install it on your Android device.

The best part of this Movie App is that one can download the desired content also. Download and watch offline. Isn’t it cool? If you ever feel like using it on PC then Showbox for PC is also available. After many rumours, movie app Showbox is back again. Download latest version from the link below.

Download Showbox

2. TerrariumTv App

The latest addition to our list of free movie apps.This is a Showbox killer. Unlike Showbox, it hosts movies and TV series on Google drives and other cloud space. A user gets the ability to fetch subtitles also. For non-native English speakers, this is an addon. You can literally get latest movies and shows just b swapping your fingers on a mobile screen.

For people those who were complaining about the problem with Showbox, this could be an awesome alternative to try. Also, one might need to have VPN installed to access this app.

Terrarium Apk

3. Crackle

Crackle is another free movie app for watching and streaming online movies. Unlike Showbox, this App doesn’t provide you with download option. But never mind, it got huge categories around which you can surf for best movies sorted by different genre.

Impressive user experience and support for different platform makes it my favourite movie App available at Google Play Store, an authentic hub of Android Applications. So download without any doubt.

Download Crackle

4. TubiTv

Not easily Movie Apps gets 4/5 rating, especially when it comes to Free Movie App. Tubi TV is our latest addition to the list and it looks quite interesting. In fact, their service supports major platforms and they have robust free movie streaming as well. The user can watch movies and TV series for free. As mentioned, you get to choose from 40000 titles. They have really built alluring categories.

Korean dramas and Kung Fu are difficult to find elsewhere. So whenever you are hunting for content, do check them out. An app that lets you watch movies for free. TubiTv is backed and funded by giants in the entertainment industry.

Download Tubi TV

5. Viewster – Movies, TV & Anime

Viewster is Europe’s leading free online video service. It will provide you with free Movies, TV Shows, and Anime to watch instantly on your Android device. And if by you are an anime freak person then give this App a shot for sure. Viewster contains a wide range of Anime.

This App mainly focuses on genuine and original content rather than mainstream Hollywood movies. It absolutely free with no sign up required. Chromecast is supported so relax and watch directly on wide-screen.

Download Viewster

6. Hubi

Hubi is another impressive Movie app for downloading and watching online movies for free. It is a type of tool which extracts a download link of any video you are watching online. Download option is handy when you are collecting stuff for the offline purpose. Build your entertainment collection with this app.

Currently, supports 39 services for free download and available at google Play store.

Download Hubi

7. Snag films

Here comes another app in our list. Snagflims claims to have over 5000 movies on their catalog. This is one of such movie watching App that holds Bollywood, African, Spanish movies. From cult horror to classic movies, Chinese, Korean and more. This app has really set our expectation and trust of movies to a next level.

You can always download for Android mobile and Tablets from play store. Below is a link to try out.

Download Snagfilms

8. Flipps TV – Movies, Music & TV

Flipps TV is complete combo package. Watch episodes, viral videos, music.Choose from hit movies, music videos, comedy, news, sports highlights and much more.

Project movies, music videos and more onto TV using Android device. Chromecast is supported. It could be called a combo of many entertaining stuff under a single movie app.

Download Flipps Tv

9. Hotstar

This masterpiece is an awesome initiative, done to bring out on-demand entertainment service in India. Like Netflix, a user can opt for a plan and stream some of the most popular content like popular Movies and TV shows. Recently they have started supporting Game Of Thrones, a well-known TV series. Unlike Netflix, Hotstar comes with the free plan too Though the Movies and TV shows will be limited but the there are lots of other stuff to watch. This is something we call a combo of Movie streaming and TV App.

The quality of service is undoubtedly matched with international standards. It also has an option for download content for which they possess legal right. The app is not working for users outside India. Indian users all smile ?. In fact, with an addition of new content in upcoming days, this App is going to be a solid contender of free Movie Apps.

Download Hotstar

10. Popcorn Flix

Sound similar to Netflix, Popcorn flix is totally a different product. I’ve come across many instances when people are misinterpreting Netflix with popcorn flix. This Movie App lets you stream movies from the different genre for free of cost. They claim to add a new movie on the daily basis with no subscription fees charged. I was amazed to know about featuring of Bollywood movies too. Only a few of free movie Apps are doing that and Hotstar is one such gem.


Download Popcorn flix

11. WatchDocumentary

Are you a fan of documentary films? Are you keen enough to face stories that shocked the whole world? If yes, then this movie app should be your pick for tonight. Watchdocumentary is a platform where myths and truth presented in form of movies. The app is only available for Android devices.

Unlike other movie apps, you won’t be finding action, romance or thrillers. This app deals with the documentaries from various social incidents.

Download App

12. Free Movies

Small but quite effective, Free movies application connects to the database of over 5000+ movies. You can watch from different categories like sci-fi, comedy, fantasy, history, mystery and much more.

The best part of this app is that it uses your smartphone browser rather than App. I’m very disappointed by their user interface of App but that’s not an issue when it’s fulfilling what it claims.

Download Free Movies

13. BigStar Movies

BigStar Movies consist of award-winning independent movies, foreign films, documentaries. If you looking for Hollywood movies this App isn’t for you. If you love alternatives to the typical Hollywood then move forward and download this App now.

Free to use but also provide paid plans for ads free and unlimited usage. Size is about 4.09 MB and easily available at Google play.

Download Bigstar

More Free Movie Apps To Download

Guys here I’m not placing links, just google these names and you will get lots of option to download. For all those guys who are looking for more movie apps options, here goes are suggestions.

1. Popcorntime

If the report to be believed, popcorn time was once called a competitor of Netflix. This app fetches links from the open directory and lets you stream movies on mobile, PC and Laptops. Support for every platform is what made this app available to all. You can download the app from their official website.

Remember: Always use VPN service to protect your identity online. If you are indulging any activity are movie watching then make sure to hide your footmarks on the web. You can use many free VPN Apps with these movie apps.

2. MovieHD

Once available at Google Play store, this app was removed due to some policy violation. But that doesn’t stop the movie app from serving its purpose. MoviHD is available for download. Functioning and content are similar to Showbox. This App works well on Android and iOS mobile device.

3. Playbox.

Playbox is available for Android and iOS device. With App, you get the tutorial to install the app without any trouble. Installing app other than authentic sources could be a cumbersome task in iOS devices. You can find download link and tutorials at playboxhd.net

4. Cinemabox

5. Megabox


So the list of Best Movie Apps ends here. Choose the best among these and remember if one of these is not working for you, try another one. There might be some issue of platform compatibility. I have been asked many times about my experience with these apps.

I have been asked many times about my experience with these apps. For me, tubi TV and Hotstar works great. Although, sometimes I use Showbox too. Also, I’m using Netflix for my movie purposes.

If I left any App that working amazingly well for you then don’t hesitate to share your valuable comment with us.

I’ll keep you updated if any of such App comes in market. By the time enjoy and stream online movies with these Apps.


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