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Today I’m pretty excited to share the common error named this copy of windows is not genuine fix. Windows is the far better Operating System that what I recommend for any kind of business works, for personal needs go for Mac. Though windows is the legend in the industry it has huge errors list which makes the users frustrated when they’re busy with their works. Among them, this error is the most common and popular one. It pop-ups during each time you turn your PC on, it is one of the most irritating error which I’ve encountered in my Laptop during when I was being blogged on Lowkeytech. I know how much irritating is this windows not genuine error is. So I thought in solving this Windows is the genuine error if my beloved readers are facing it. This error is very common in build 7600.

This copy of windows is not genuine error

Well, we’ll walk you through the complete step-by-step process on how you can fix this windows not genuine errorWE will educate your why and how this types of Windows error causes and their precautions to prevent these type of errors. As, I have already told you that this error generally arises in Windows 7, so you will be reading about this copy of windows is not genuine windows 7 fix. In other words, we are sharing not a genuine copy of windows 7 fix. Now a days, many guys are also getting this copy of windows is not genuine build 7601 error. So, guys are updating this post by listing all possible solutions of this error.

Why You Need To Get Rid of This Error? 

There are many strong reasons that withstand why you need to fix this error in your computer. So I’ve mentioned them below,

  • It is the most irritating error which prompts on the regular intervals which reduces your overall productivity.
  • This error gradually reduces the performance of your computer, which makes it damn slow to get your work done.
  • You can’t change the wallpaper of your computer, you are left with the black background.
  • A tiny error message above the notification area, which makes it hard to remove while taking the snapshots.
  • The laptop battery may drain quickly if you no longer thought of removing this error.
  • Some of the features are restricted unless you remove this error in your computer.

So, it was some of the reasons why you need to get rid of this error.

What are the Other types of errors similar to this?

There are many of other types of Windows not genuine problem are around, but the step which I’ve mentioned below will help you in getting rid of this error.

Other types of error,

  • Windows is not genuine.
  • this copy of windows is not genuine 7601
  • This copy of Windows is not Genuine Vista.
  • This copy of Windows is not Genuine 6002.
  • This copy of Windows is not Genuine crack.
  • This Computer is not Running Genuine Windows.
  • This Copy of Windows is not Genuine 7600.

Why Windows is not genuine error keep prompting?

There are many reasons why this windows not genuine error prompts, we’ve mentioned them below within which this error may occur.

The main reason behind this error is you are not using the genuine Operating System unless you have an official copy from the Microsoft Windows. If you’ve pirated version of Windows this is the first error you’ll get each time when you boot up your computer.

Another reason why this copy of windows is not genuine occur when your operating system expires are you’ve outdated one. I recommend you to keep updated your OS frequently either it may make a path for this genuine error with misconfiguration the system.

How to Fix “This Copy of Windows is Not Genuine” Error

There are three methods to fix this error:

First Method To Fix This Error

Hope you’ve got a picture about what “this copy of windows is not genuine” error actually. Here we’ve arrived with the core part to fix this genuine error. It will work either you’ve Windows 32 /64-bit version, all you need to do is execute this process as mentioned below.

Step 1:

Go to start menu and search for CMD then you need to run the Command Prompt as administrator. In Windows 8 or later go press Windows Key + S, then enter CMD in the search box and right click on the Command prompt and run it as Administrator. If you’ve administrator access you can to go to the start menu or you can simply Press Win + R keys to open the Run program. Then enter CMD and press enter.

Step 2:

Once you’ve opened the Command prompt with the administrator privatization, then you need to SLMGR -REARM and press enter. then you’ll get a successful message about to restart your computer. Well guys, this command was not working on some Windows 7 versions so you can try this command: SLMGR /REARM.

Step 3:

Then you need to restart your computer to remove windows is not genuine error from your windows computer.

If you followed these steps you can easily remove this error in your computer. make sure you’ve followed the steps correctly without skipping them. Enjoy the error-free computer.

Is this error still remain unfixed? Are you getting any of below error?

1. Error 1: This maximum allowed number of rearms has been exceeded. Well, then let’s discuss how to fix this error.

  1. Open Run from Start menu or press Windows button + R.
  2. Now type: regedit.exe
  3. Follow this path now: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software -> Microsoft -> WindowsNT -> Current version -> SoftwareProtectionPlatform.
  4. Now, look for SkipRearm and click on modify, then change it’s value data from 0 to 1.
  5. Restart your computer now.

Now, follow above steps carefully again and this error should be fixed this time. Let’s discuss second case if you haven’t got that above error.

2. Error 2: SLGMR is not recognized as an internal or external command. Well, there are multiple reasons due to which this error generally occurs.

First Reason: Make sure you have pasted SLMGR -REARM command correctly. (Note that there is space betweeb dash and R).

Second Reason: Make sure you have opened Command prompt in Administrator mode. (if not, then from start menu look for Command Prompt, Right click on it and click on Run as Administrator).

Third Reason: There might be any problem with slmgr.vbs file. To fix this error, Open My Computer and Open C Drive now. Click on Windows folder, look for system32 folder and open it. Now, look for slmgr.vbs.REMOVEWAT (Or any extension of slmgr.vbs file). Just, rename this file to slmgr.vbs.

Now, try to follow method 1 again to fix this error again. Well, guys now this windows not genuine error will be removed now but it is not enough (if you are not using original version of Windows).

Method 2 To Fix This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine:

So here comes second method to fix this error. If above error fix didn’t worked for you, then you can give a try to this method.

Steps of fix using Command Prompt:

  1. Open Control Panel in your Windows from Start menu.
  2. Click on System & Security. (If you are a Windows XP user, then there is no need to click on System & Security).
  3. Click on Windows Update.
  4. Click on View Installed updates. (See below screenshot for reference)fix this copy of windows is not genuine 2015
  5. Now, look for KB971033 update. Right click on it.
  6. Click on Uninstall.uninstall
  7. It will show a popup. Simply, click on Yes.

Restart your computer and you will find that you have got rid of this error now.

Method 3 To Fix Windows Not Genuine Error

This method is based on RSOP also known as Resultant Set of Policy Window.

Steps to get rid of this error using RSOP:

  1. First of all, Press Windows button + R from your keyboard to open Run.
  2. Type rsop.msc and hit enter button.
  3. Now, follow this path simply : Windows Settings > Security Settings > System Services.
  4. Now, look for Plug and Play services.fix this copy of windows not genuine using rsop
  5. Right click on it, Just look for Startup and Click on Automatic.
  6. Now, open Run again by pressing Windows + R or you can open it from Start menu as well.
  7. Paste this command into run box : gpupdate /force & Press Enter.

Restart your computer. Congratulations, this error is gone forever.

Video tutorial:

Some Tips:

So guys, We have already shared 3 methods to fix this windows not genuine error. So, I hope you have fixed this problem but now question arises in our mind is “Is it permanent fix?” Well, It’s permanent fix but still you have to keep certain things into minds to make sure that this copy of windows is not genuine will not pop up later.

  1. Disable Auto-updates of Windows: You should disable auto-update of Windows installed in your system to make sure that windows not genuine problem will not come again. You should not update your Windows manually also.
  2. Buy Windows license from Microsoft: If you have not bought Windows license from Microsoft, then you must buy official license from Microsoft official website.

So, it was all about this windows not genuine error fix. If you are still facing any problem, then feel free to comment below.

Final Words,

Error free computer experience is the everyone’s dream, among all those errors this copy of windows is not genuine is really an irritating error. If you followed the above-mentioned steps without any manual mistakes you can easily fix Windows is the genuine error. Hope you all benefited from this post, if you liked this feel free share it with your friends let them know on windows is not genuine fix. please bookmark this page for further updates about windows not genuine error, that what I recommend.


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