15 Best Gaming Headsets for Xbox One (2017)

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Whether you are gaming on a PC or a console such as the Xbox One, audio is an important aspect of the gameplay. Without proper audio, the entire gameplay becomes lackluster and bland. Furthermore, when it comes to online and competitive gaming, the sound in the gameplay lets the players know the direction of the enemies. That’s not all, you also need to communicate with other players. So, you need a headset that has an accurate and immersive sound signature, a quality microphone, and is comfortable to wear – you are going to wear it for extended period of times, after all.

The headset that comes with the Xbox One is easily one of the worst out there. So, to help you decide the perfect headset for the Xbox One, we have compiled a list of the best headphones out there. Whether you are on a budget or looking for a top-of-the-line pair, we have got you covered. Here are the 15 best gaming headsets for Xbox One you can buy:

1. Turtle Beach Ear Force Elite 800X

The Turtle Beach Ear Force Elite is a high-end wireless headset, which offers connectivity through Bluetooth, and hence can be connected to other devices other than the Xbox One too. The build quality is good, as the headset offers memory foam ear cups and a sturdy body, while being lightweight. The headband also has foam on it for added comfort. The sound of the Elite 800X is amazing. Bass is deep and punchy, but at the same time, the lows and highs are not drowned by it.

For an immersive experience, the Elite 800X offers 7.1 virtual surround sound and active noise cancellation to go with it. This makes sure that the audio is played in a directional manner, making it feel like you are in the field, and the noise cancellation removes all other sounds. The headset’s battery should last you around 10 hours, which should be good enough for your long gaming sessions on the Xbox One. Also, it packs a plethora of buttons, which can be both an advantage as well as a disadvantage, as they can be pressed accidentally. For chat, the Elite 800X offers a built-in mic which performs decently, although the chat is not supported on PC and PS4.

This headset comes with a transmitter to pair up with the Xbox One, and also a stylish magnetic charge station which looks really cool.

Buy: Amazon ($280)

2. HyperX Cloud II

The HyperX Cloud II is the successor to massively famous HyperX Cloud gaming headset. It is perhaps one of the best affordable headsets you can buy. The HyperX Cloud II focuses on what is important and ditches everything else. You won’t find a fancy case, docking stations, noise cancellation, or even wireless capability. But instead it focuses on three things: Sound quality, mic quality, and comfort; and for a headset of this price, it does all those things near perfectly. The sound quality is amazing, with the lows being punchy, and the highs being full of energy.

If you plan to use the HyperX with your PC, you’ll be glad to know that for PC and Mac, it offers 7.1 surround sound through the USB soundcard which it comes with. Sadly, it only works in stereo mode on the Xbox One. The build quality is fairly good, with a leather padding on the headband and leatherette ear cups. The mic on the Cloud II is amazing. It is a detachable mic and is up to par with some of the expensive headsets in the market.

Buy: Amazon ($94)

3. Astro A40 Xbox One Edition

The Astro A40s are a premium set of cans which offer an amazing experience for not much of a premium price. Priced at around $150, this gaming headset is priced lower than some other premium headsets but it is no slouch. The Astro A40 comes with an amp for the Xbox One that works flawlessly and is a unique feature of this headset. It attaches to the bottom of the controller, and has a host of different features, without getting in the way. The MixAmp 80 has a volume knob, and three different Eq presets for the headset. It also controls the game to chat ratio, meaning it can control to either leverage the in-game sound or the chat.

The headset itself is built nicely. It has magnetically attached ear plates, which can be changed, as well as a detachable boom mic that performs exceptionally well. The headband has soft padding on it, and the ear cups are made up of a meshy material, which is extremely comfortable, making the Astro A40s one of the most comfortable headsets in the market. Being a premium gaming headset, the audio is superb. The bass kicks hard, and the mids are warm. Plus, the different EQ settings allow users to configure the Astro A40s to their liking.

Buy: Amazon ($150)

4. Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum

Logitech makes some top of the line products and the G933 is no exception. It is a high-end wireless surround sound headset which is compatible with almost everything – at a price of $135. The G933 comes with a 3.5 mm cable to connect via wire, as well as a USB to connect it to a PC if you are conserving battery – which lasts about 8 to 10 hours on a single charge. The Logitech G933 offers a premium build quality with a soft fabric for the ear cups and a cushion below the headband, so wearing it for an extended period of time is not going to be an issue. The panels are large and completely cover the ears perfectly, providing isolation. The panels are designed in a way that they can be removed easily and stored safely.

The Logitech G933 also offers an immersive audio experience. No matter what the genre, the G933 will bring out something in it to make the experience better. In FPS titles, footsteps can be heard, while in MOBA, the G933 kept a balance. Just as the audio, the retractable mic is exceptional as well, providing a crisp audio experience with minimal background noise. Also, did we mention it has RGB? It’s 2017, what did you expect?

Buy: Amazon ($135)

5. SteelSeries Siberia 800 

The SteelSeries Siberia 800 is another high-end wireless headset which offers compatibility with various devices at a price of around $300. This expensive pair comes with an amp which makes the best use of this headset, and also acts as a hub for them, two swappable batteries, and many cables. The build quality is sturdy with minimal branding. The headband has leather on it, while the ear cups are made of a comfortable plush material. The Siberia 800 has a hidden mic on the left earcup and volume rockers on the right. The mic performs fairly good but can be echoey at times. The battery lasts for about 20 hours, and you can swap it with the spare one and charge it, giving you practically no battery issues.

The headset also comes equipped with Dolby Digital Surround Sound, which makes for an immersive gameplay. The sound quality is as you would expect from a headset of this caliber – amazing. The sound can be adjusted to the user’s preference, and versatility makes this headset what it is. Let it be fps games or media consumption, like listening to music, the Siberia 800 can be easily fine tuned to attain the best sound.

Buy: Amazon ($300)

6. Plantronics Rig Flex LX

The Plantronics Rig Flex LX is a budget gaming headset, but one which does not cut corners and provides excellent audio and a crisp mic. The Rig Flex comes in at about $60, and with the features it offers, it is surely a good deal. The Rig Flex LX comes with a dock similar to the Astro A40s, which connects to the Xbox One controller and lets you controls settings such as in-game volume, and either chat or audio priority. Despite being affordable, the headset offers a pretty decent build quality; the ear cups are cushioned with fabric, and the headband is comfortable as well, with a leather cushion on it.

The sound quality of the Rig Flex LX is pretty good. Paired with the audio adapter, it offers three different eq settings, and in neither one does the bass drown out the lows or highs. The lows are punchy, and the high and mids are not overpowered. The audio provides even minute details such as footsteps. The mic is decent as well, one wire offers the boom mic, while the other offers a simple in-line mic for phones and other devices. For less than $60, the Rig Flex are an amazing option and will cater to a lot of new gamers.

Buy: Amazon ($56)

7. Astro A50

The Astro A50 is the successor to the massively acclaimed Astro A40. This headset is a high-end wireless headset and is perhaps one of the best there is. It is in the same price point as the Turtle Beach Ear Force 800X at $300 and shares a bit with it. The Astro A50 comes with a magnetic charging dock which can also act as a wireless transmitter if you are pairing it up with a PC. This dock also indicates the Astro A50’s battery life and has a host of connectivity options such as an AUX and optical input, optical passthrough, and USB connection. 

The Astro A50 can also be used as wired headset, like most other high-end wireless headsets. The build quality is pretty good too. Not only does this headset look good and futuristic, it also provides comfort with the soft ear cups and soft headband. The audio quality is superb, just like the Astro A40. There are three EQ presets along with 7.1 surround sound, and the audio can further be fine-tuned to the user’s liking. The battery life is better than average as well, it lasts a good 15 hours, thanks to the accelerometer built in the headset which saves power when the headset has been put down for a bit. The mic is where the Astro A50 feels less than stellar. It is not bad, but, for the price, it could have been better.

Buy: Amazon ($300)

8. Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven Pro Premium

Turtle Beach makes some pretty good headphones, and these $100 pairs are no different. The Ear Force XO Seven Pro is specifically made for the Xbox One (hence the name XO), and it’s one of the most durable gaming headsets out there. The Ear Force XO offers a tough build quality with comfort for the users. The ear cups are soft, and the headband is perfectly cushioned which makes it easy on the head when used for a long period. The sound quality is pretty good, but the XO Seven Pro does not offer surround sound. Despite that, the stereo sound is still enjoyable, and with all the different presets available, you are bound to find the perfect one for your taste.

The XO Seven Pro connects via an adapter which offers more controls and helps keep the headset button free. The adapter has volume control, and the options of the different presets are also present here, along with a mic monitoring system. The mic is decent on the XO Seven Pro and can be detached when not in use.

Buy: Amazon ($100)

9. SteelSeries Arctis 5

The SteelSeries Arctis 5 is a gaming headset that offers a lot for its price. It features a beautiful build, a strong mic, and a great audio experience. The headset comes with a minimalistic look, with just an illuminated logo and outer trim on the ear cup. The build quality is also quite good. The ear cups are made up of a fabric while the headband has a ski band type suspension, which prevents undue pressure on the head.

The Arctis 5 comes with an external DAC that helps to drive these headphones easier and also balances the chat and sound of the game. The sound quality is extraordinary for the price. There is plenty of bass, with a little downplaying on the treble, but nothing too severe. Apart from that, the Arctis 5 also offers Dolby Digital 7.1 Surround, which at this price is a rare sight. The 7.1 surround sound works as good as any of the high-end pairs. The Mic is also pretty good, providing clear audio with a bidirectional mic; which eliminates background noise to some extent.

Buy: Amazon ($100)

10. Madcatz Tritton Katana HD

The MadCatz Tritton Katana is another high-end wireless headset. The HD in the name is for the HDMI station, which offers a true wireless experience on the Xbox One. The station connects to the console via HDMI and then the Tritton Katana can be connected to it for audio, but a wire would still be needed for the mic. The mic is a bendable hard plastic mic that is also detachable. The mic is decent in the headset and does not produces any echo. Being a high-end headset, the Tritton Katana is quite sturdy and light due to the plastic body. The ear cups are made up of a comfortable leather type fabric and the headband is cushioned well.

One strange aspect of the build is the placement of two buttons – power and mic – right under the headband, but the sound quality makes up for it. The Katana HD connects via HDMI and the audio is exceptional. The headset offers the best audio experience at its price point, and highlights unique sounds in each genre. The battery life on this headset is better than average, offering 15 hours on a single charge, so gaming for long periods will not be an issue.

Buy: Amazon ($200)

11. Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament

The Elite Pro Tournament headset from Turtle Beach costs around $200 and offers a comfortable experience, which makes it ideal for long gaming sessions. The build quality is top notch with the earcups made of a leather material and the headband cushioned well. The Elite Pro differentiates itself from the competition by the gel infused Aerofit earcups that actually cool your ears. The sound quality is excellent as well, thanks to its 50 millimeters drivers, but there is no surround sound.

The detachable mic in the Elite Pro is pretty good in picking up sounds and eliminating some background noise as well. For an added amount, you can pick up the audio controller and a noise canceling mic, which offers a better experience.

Buy: Amazon ($200)

12. Kingston HyperX Cloud Stinger

The Kingston HyperX Cloud Stinger gaming headset is another great budget option coming in at around $50. The build quality is decent for the price and features a textured finish on the earcups, as well as memory foam pads for added comfort. The Cloud Stinger certainly doesn’t compromise on comfort and audio quality, as the 50mm drivers on this headset sound amazing for the price, proving to be clear and loud in music, as well as games. The mic on the stinger is pretty good as well, featuring noise cancellation and a swivel to mute feature. The Stinger connects via a 3.5mm jack to the Xbox One, it can connect to almost anything.

Buy: Amazon ($50)

13. Lucidsound LS20

The LS20 is a great wired gaming headset under $100. Unlike most other gaming headsets, the LS20 offers a minimal and simple look like most normal headphones, but with gaming grade components and audio. The LS20 is an on-ear headset featuring a comfortable silver band and black memory foam ear cups. The headband has plenty of cushioning but can be a little tight.

The sound quality is stellar for the price and it also has clear audio and a specific profile for Xbox One, along with different profiles for PC and PS4. The mic is excellent as well. The LS20 has extra features like bass boost, but for this, it needs to be charged.

Buy: Amazon ($70)

14. PDP Afterglow Karga

The PDP Afterglow Karga gaming headet has a really unique look – its earcups glow. The earcups on the Karga are softly illuminated by either a blue light or a green one depending on the model. Apart from the glow, the Karga is one of the most comfortable headsets, while costing under $200. The padding on the headband is more than sufficient, and the earcups are comfortable as well.

Apart from the aesthetics, the Karga offers an amazing sound experience with every little detail being audible. The mic is a retractable one and offers clear transmission. This combination of sound and comfort makes the Karga one of the best all-rounder headsets out there for the price.

Buy: Amazon ($170)

15. Madcatz F.R.E.Q 9

The Madcatz F.R.E.Q 9 gaming headset is a top of the line headset which tries do everything at a comparatively low price of $150. The FREQ is a wireless headset with Dolby Surround Sound and active noise cancellation. The build quality is superb, as the earcups and headband are adequately cushioned for comfort. As a high-end headset, the sound quality is no joke. The powerful 50mm drivers provide 20 hours of playback on a single charge, and the mic offers crystal clear audio transmission. Apart from the Xbox One, the F.R.E.Q 9 are compatible with almost every device out there.

Buy: Amazon ($150)

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Best Xbox One Gaming Headsets To Buy

Well, that was our list of the 15 best gaming headsets for the Xbox One. We have made sure to include both wireless and wired gaming headsets in the list and both high-end headsets and affordable headsets, so there’s something for everyone. If you think we missed out on a great headset for the Xbox One, let us know in the comments section below.


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