4 Best Ad Blocker for your Android phone and browser

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stop-adblockAdvertisement is one of the assuring ways for tech companies and application developers to make returns. After all, these companies are not running charity organizations.

However, in the race to make profit, the ads become a nuisance for many android users. This is because the ads keeps popping up thereby disrupting the game you are playing or the web page you are perusing. And this can be annoying for users.

In spite of these concerns, most companies have chosen employ these advertising policies because many users prefer free apps rather than paying for them. As a result, users have to take action themselves. Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal provides a solution which is recommending apps that help users block these ads on your android phone and browse. The one for the browser is usually downloaded as an extension.

No Root Ad-Remover Lite

The NoRoot Ad-Remover Lite can only be used for free with two applications. If you want to go beyond two, you have to upgrade to No Root Ad-Remover pro which will allow use for a wide varieties of apps as well as websites. Your phone does not need to be rooted before you can use the app.

Trust Go Ad-detector

Some ads can be used to steal your personal information especially if you mistakenly click or tap on the apps. The Trust Go-Ad-detector blocks the ads as well as assures of your safety online. It is an all-in-one portal for online protection and ad-free browsing and gaming.

AdBlock Plus

With adblock plus (ADP), you will no longer be pestered by annoying adverts. The app effectively filters all unnecessary adverts which may include but are not limited to ‘video ads on Youtube, Facebook ads, flashy banners, pop-ups and pop-under’. It also assures users of their privacy by preventing any form of third-party tracking on their phone or browser. It is very reliable.


If ads keeps popping while playing soccer or tennis games, download the free Ad-vanish app. As the name implies, all ads will disappear if it is downloaded on your phone. This app is also excellent for blocking ads when using offline apps.


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