4 ways to prevent adult content on Android phones

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The Android operating system developed by Google is one of the most used OS in the world. Leading phone manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and Techno among others now pre-install this platform on their devices.

With the acceptance of the Android and the corresponding increase in the number of smartphones, access to the web has increased geometrically. Both children and adults are free to search for anything including pornography and other adult materials.

While the ease of access to information has its benefits, many cringe at the thought of having unwholesome pictures and web links pop-up on their devices. Jovago.com, Africa’s number 1 hotel booking portal shares tips on how you can block access to these type of content on your android phone.

Web Filter lock

As the name implies, you can use this app to ‘filter’ unwholesome content on your android operated device. One key feature is that only the owner of the phone can access the setting to block or unblock adult websites. This gives you full control over the information you receive.

Norton Family Control

Although adults can also use this app, Norton Family Control is primarily used by parents to block contents they do not want their kids to see. The application blocks access to pornography, gambling and betting websites as well as social media.

Parent Control & App Lock

Many adults are concerned about blocking unwanted access to their phone. This is where the Parent Control and App Lock comes in handy. It restricts users to only the Android web browser while preventing the usage of browsers like Chrome, Opera mini, and Safari on your phone.


This is a multifunctional application that parents is used to moderate the contents viewed by children. To protect your kids, use keywords related to porn and names of porn websites to block access to unhealthy content you would like to prevent your children from viewing.

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