5 Best Nigerian Tech News Of 2019

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Nigeria is an economy-leading country in the African Continent and one of the largest states of the entire world. Also, the country boasts very rapid demographic growth that gives a contribution to the modernization of the old structures of Nigeria.

Nigerian Users Make Technology Grow

One of the most evident signs of the actual modernization process in Nigeria is its high-level technology space. This African country is actually operating the world’s biggest change through high-tech. Probably, people outside Nigeria don’t even suspect that average Nigerians can access a ton of everyday technology items that other people overseas can’t even think of. Just to offer you a couple of examples, consider that Nigerian people not only have a mobile device to use in their everyday life, but they also account for the national growth of certain online industries like the online gambling segment.

In fact, Nigerian users who access online casinos through mobile devices allow those sites to grow, expand, and improve their offerings. No matter if it’s about free spins casinos or free poker tournaments, Nigerian users seem to be pretty well acquainted with the online tools of our time. Also, the fact that so many users decide to play online games instead of going to a land-based facility helps to grow the high-tech and IT segments all at the same time.

The year 2019 Blessed Nigeria’s Technology

Let’s dive into the technology space in Nigeria. It seems that year 2019 was a very favourable time for the development and growth of the high-tech industry in this corner of Africa. We want to highlight a few memorable moments that we truly think should enter national history. From what we’ve found out, we expect Nigeria to increase its run to success in the next future.

Here are the best high-tech moments in 2019 that we all should know:

  1. VR 360 story recognitionVenice Film Festival
    One of the several recognitions that you may hope to win at the worldwide popular Venice Film Festival is the “VR 360 stories”. Guess what? The Nigerian “Daughters of Chibok” won this prize thanks to their story about Yana Galang, one of the girls who were kidnapped in 2014 from their school in Chibok. This film is a strong-impact documentary about the hidden side of Africa and Nigeria.
    Also, “Daughters of Chibok” gave the Nigerian movie production a big encouragement which is expected to bring new investors to get interested in expanding this segment of the Nigerian economy.
  2. iROKOtv’s ROK studios sold to French investors
    The ROK studios were founded by Mary Njoku, then encompassed in iROKOtv. Finally, a French media brand, Canal+, decided to make an offer to buy the ROK studios in July 2019. There’s no evidence about how much the studios were paid, but it should be a pretty satisfying price. Just to give you a quick overview of ROK studios, consider that they produced something like over 500 movies and 25 TV series. The studios are now producing content for Canal+.
  3. CcHub acquires iHub
    Both CcHub and iHub were founded in 2011 as poles for innovation in East and West Africa. In particular, iHub is designed for East Africa and CcHub is meant to work for West Africa. Without a doubt, these two hubs are the biggest in the entire continent for their high number of startups and international companies involved in business partnerships and networking. In September 2019, a hub in Lagos decided to acquire the hub in Nairobi to create a one-only big hub with the startup portfolios of both hubs. The bottom line of this acquisition is the attempt to create a larger connection among several entrepreneurs in the high-tech fields.
  4. Jumia reaches NYSENYSE
    Jumia is Africa’s largest e-company and in April 2019 it launched a public offering on the NYSE. It’s a very big moment not only for Jumia’s staff but also for the entire African economy and reputation in the high-tech industry. Do you need a couple of numbers? Jumia opened at $14.50 and closed at $25.46 by the end of the same day.
  5. Interswitch rises as Nigeria’s first tech company
    Expected to grow in the next future, expert marketers who forecasted the rise to success of Interswitch in 2016 were exactly right. In fact, this company is currently Nigeria’s largest and most promising tech establishment. Also, the company got investments from VISA and other US-based payment companies.

As you can see, there is more financial and economic news that encourages both national and international investors to put their efforts into Nigeria’s companies.


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