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5 Best Nigerian Tech News Of 2019

Nigeria is an economy-leading country in the African Continent and one of the largest states of the entire world. Also, the country boasts very rapid demographic growth that gives a contribution to the modernization of the old structures of Nigeria. Nigerian Users Make Technology Grow One of the most evident signs of the actual modernization … Read more

Jiji to welcome Cars45 users in Africa

Jiji, supported by Lemma.Group, and Cars45 today announced that both companies had reached an agreement, under which they will merge their operations in Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria.  The merger of operations promises a new level of trade experience for auto buyers and sellers across the three countries. Joining the Jiji family will allow Cars45 users … Read more

How the SYPWAI startup, which has become a leader in the AI field, works

Projects implementation by a SYPWAI startup: specifics and sequence of work In the artificial intelligence (AI) industry, the SYPWAI platform has firmly occupied its niche and has become the most promising startup. The team received a grant for its development, and soon, thanks to its rapid growth, the platform became popular around the world. SYPWAI … Read more

Mobile Gaming in Africa

Mobile gaming is a massive industry globally, with Africa playing a significant part in its rapid growth. According to Newszoo, mobile gaming accounted for $68billion of the $152 billion gaming revenues globally in 2019. Sitting healthy in this huge market in Africa, it is estimated that the continent houses over 225 million Africans with mobile … Read more