How TV Advertising Can Amplify Demand Generation Efforts

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When you’re looking to build buzz about your company, products, or services, you probably consider a few channels to get the word out, like social media and PPC ads. However, one avenue, in particular, can take your marketing strategies to even greater heights: TV advertising.

While many advertisers believe that the traditional TV advertisement is no longer the force it once was, they’re sorely mistaken. Today’s TV advertising is much more robust than it used to be. It’s now possible to set parameters for your target audience, showing your ad only to those most likely to be interested in your brand.

How Connected TV Advertising Works

Connected TV consists of any television or other device connected to the internet, including smart TVs, laptops, and tablets. If a consumer uses the device to connect to a streaming app like Netflix or Hulu or adds a Fire Stick or Roku, it’s considered to be a connected TV.

Anytime a consumer uses the device to stream TV shows or movies, it’s possible to show them ads (unless they pay for ad-free streaming). Organizations can target their ads for specific consumers by age, ethnicity, marital status, and education.

Connected TV is growing in popularity. In 2022, over 60% of Americans had access to a connected TV, up from 55% in 2018.

Why TV Advertising Boosts Demand Generation   

Since organizations can target their ads to reach specific audiences, it’s much easier to see results with connected TV. As long as you spend the time and effort to create a captivating ad and select the right audience, you’ll reap results in conversions.

Connected TV ads provide additional benefits over other types of advertising channels. For instance, you can leverage first and third-party sources to reach your audience. That means you can target audiences who previously visited your website or made a purchase with you.

With connected TV, you’re not simply running an ad on a TV station, hoping someone in your audience will express interest in your product. It’s much more targeted than traditional TV advertising, which means it’s more likely to deliver results.

Types of Ads Most Likely to Resonate with Audiences

Of course, as with other advertising channels, certain ads are more likely to perform well than others. According to CTV statistics, advertisements for consumer electronics perform the best, followed closely by fast food, candy, beer, and soft drinks.

Why do these types of ads see the best results?

Consumer electronics likely perform well because the viewers use an electronic device to stream their shows and movies. If their device needs an upgrade, seeing an ad concerning a higher-quality smart TV or laptop would probably pique their interest.

Similarly, ads for food, candy, beer, and soft drinks are effective because consumers typically snack while watching CTV. They’re more likely to place an order if they’re hungry and see an ad for their favorite pizza restaurant, for instance.

Create a Compelling Ad for the Best Results

Even if you carefully target your audience, your results will vary depending on the content of your ad. If your ad isn’t compelling or doesn’t encourage consumers to take the next step through a CTA, you won’t see the results you want.

Organizations can purchase 15 or 30-second advertisements for CTV. You should make the most out of your time by creating an ad that’s memorable and enticing. Ideally, your customers won’t run to the kitchen while your ad is playing; instead, they’ll stay put and view your ad from start to finish.

While visual elements are critical to a connected TV ad, don’t forget to add some audio. In the short time you have to connect with your audience, they should understand how your merchandise can add value to their lives and how to take the next step with your organization.

Take Advantage of Retargeting

Seeing your ad once or twice probably won’t result in a customer taking action on your ad. To build brand awareness and encourage further action, you should retarget your ad to reach your audience better.

For instance, you can retarget viewers who watched the ad from start to finish, visitors to your website, or individuals who sign up for your email promotions. To retain their attention, consider showing a different ad for your product, not the same one repeatedly.

Connected TV Is Part of a Holistic Advertising Strategy

You might rely primarily on digital marketing to get the word out about your company’s products or services, but don’t ignore the benefits of connected TV advertising. With connected TV, it’s possible to encourage demand for your organization’s merchandise and supplement your other advertising efforts.


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