5 Best Storage Analyzer Apps For Android in 2020

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Over the past few years, Android has grown up to become the most dominant mobile operating system. It is now slowly replacing the need for a personal computer. The great thing about the Android operating system is that it has a massive app ecosystem, and you can find apps for every different purpose on the Play Store.

Since there’s no shortage of apps for Android, we end up installing more and more apps and games on our smartphones. Also, we store plenty of photos, videos, docs, etc. on our smartphones. These things lead to more storage usage, which ultimately kills the phone’s performance.

Here are Best Storage Analyzer Apps For Android in 2020

So, it’s always best to use storage analyzer apps for Android. With storage analyzer apps, you can quickly analyze the storage space of your Smartphone. So, in this article, we have decided to share some of the best apps to manage your Android’s storage space effectively.

With these apps, you can delete junk files, delete cache, delete unused apps, delete duplicate files, etc. So, let’s check out the best storage analyzer apps for Android in 2020.

1. Files By Google

Files by Google
Files by Google

Well, it’s one of the best and top-rated storage manager app available for Android smartphones. With this app, you can quickly free up space. The app can clean junk files, cache files, unused apps, duplicate files, etc. from your Smartphone. The app intelligently suggests files to erase before you run out of space.

2. CCleaner


If you are searching for an app to speed up your phone and clean junk safely, then you need to give CCleaner a try. With this app, you can effectively clean the application cache, download folders, browser history, clipboard content, unused apps, duplicate files, etc. It also got a storage analyzer that analyzes and optimizes your storage space in no-time.

3. Avast Cleanup

Avast CleanupAvast Cleanup
Avast Cleanup

It’s a highly effective cache and junk cleaner app available on the Google Play Store. With this app, you can clean up space-wasting junk to make room for the things you want. It lets you clear out unnecessary files, such as app cache, temporary files, or leftover data. It also got a duplicate file cleaner option that scans and deletes duplicate images and videos.

4. Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage

Storage Analyzer & Disk UsageStorage Analyzer & Disk Usage
Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage

Well, it’s another best storage analyzer app that you can use on your Android smartphone. The Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage Android app helps to free up disk space and clean file trash by quickly finding and deleting big files with sunburst chart and other helpful modes. It has an intuitive user interface that lets you quickly switch between modes and pages.

5. SD Maid

SD MaidSD Maid
SD Maid

It’s one of the most advanced phone optimizer app available on the Google Play Store. The app helps you to keep your device clean and tidy. The good thing about SD Maid is that it offers a collection of tools to manage apps and files. With this app, you can remove unnecessary files, uninstall unused apps, clean junk files, clean duplicate files, optimize databases, etc.

So, these are the five best storage optimizer apps for Android available on the Play Store. I hope this article helped you! Share it with your friends also.


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