5 Best Voice Recorder Apps For Android

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The technology of today allows us to be more efficient and do tasks on the go. This has been the core of the drive of smartphone technology and with every new smartphone, release come better abilities.

For instance, voice recorders now have better features that allow voiceover artists to record, edit, and transfer audio files, and they can be used to record speeches and lectures.

Easy Voice Recorder

As the name implies, Easy Voice Recorder app is a simple Android app that allows users to record voice notes. It is suitable for various recording needs such as meetings, records, and especially for voice artists.

It records high-quality MP4 and PCM files, and you can record your voice with the app in the background, allowing you to do other things while recording. The app allows voice artists to send recordings through email to casting agents.

Easy Voice Recorder has a pro version that provides access to cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive. You can also use features like recording via a Bluetooth microphone, and audio trimming.

Voice Recorder

This is another easy-to-use app for Android devices. This app records high-quality audio and files that can be exported in MP3 formats. Like the Easy Voice Recorder, this app can record audio when the device display is turned off, which helps to save on the device’s battery.

One of its key features is its ability to share recordings through different media channels such as SMS, email, MMS, WhatsApp, Dropbox, and others. This is a very important feature that voiceover artists need. The app also has a clean user interface and multiple settings.

Smart Voice Recorder

Smart Voice Recorder employs the compression method which uses less of your phone memory and extends battery life. The app allows you to choose whether you want to save on the device memory or an SD Card. There is a live audio spectrum analyzer that allows voice artists to get the best audio input. Also, there is a wave Lock feature that prevents your device from sleeping while recording. Like most recording apps, you can share recordings through email, Whatsapp, Dropbox, and other platforms.


BandLab is a popular Android app for musicians and bands. It has a 12-track mixer, audio samples, guitar tuner, a looper, and it produces high-quality recordings. Voice artists can take advantage of the features of the app to improve their skills. It might seem like there are more features than are needed for a voice artist, but if you want a high-quality audio sample, this might be the app for you.

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

Hi-Q is also a relatively popular android app for voice recording. It is marketed as a tool for academic and business use such as lectures, meetings, interviews, and others. The app supports the MP3 format, and it features Dropbox support, WiFi transfer, and widgets.

The audio quality on this app is top-notch, but this may also be dependent on the microphone quality on your Android device. There is a premium version with extra features, but you may not need to worry about this if all you need is an app that can record your voice. If you are interested in learning more about getting your voiceover talent discovered, visit voquent.com.


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