How To Never Get Scammed Online For Buyers & Sellers

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Hey guys., I will be showing you some methods to not get scammed when making deals on online forums. This Tutorial can help you as Seller or Buyer, Those methods below are easy and mostly used by online Dealers

For Sellers and Buyers ( IMPORTANT )
– Always Deal with good members, mean’s members with high reputation / Likes
– Deal with caution with members with Negative Reputation/Likes/Leecher Value or simply don’t trade with him ( recommended )
– Ranked Members are not obligatory Trusted, and There is lot ranked people who make scams
– Don’t go First if the buyer/seller not Trusted
– ALWAYS verify the seller/buyer via , there is some people who takes trusted members nickname then use it to scam others ( Ex : Someone add you directly in Discord, and he says that he’s “Trusted Member In forums”, so to verify that he’s the real trusted member, tell him to send you he’s forum Profile , and verify that its really him by checking him threads / Signature to find him Discord Name and Tag or him Telegram”

For Buyers:
– If you want to purchase a product /Account, always tell the seller to send you him ToS and Product  Warranty
– If you want to buy from an AutoShop (Shoppy, Selly ) and the seller doesn’t have an account in nulled or any Forum, but only if he got High Positive Feedbacks on him shop
– You mostly found good quality stuff in Premium Sellers Forum ( Nulled )
– if you haven’t seen the things you search anywhere, make a Thread in Forum: “Buyers” and wait for a to get a reply from a good member

For Sellers:
– BTC / PayPal Are the most payment method used in Nulled, Transactions with BTC are safe and the money sender will cannot chargeback money , But PayPal it more hard to use, you can get banned your PP Account fastly , so Always Use the money fast after receive it , and ALWAYS Accept only Friend & Family ( f&f ) Payments , If the money sender send you the money as Goods & Services, you’ll get fees, and the sender will be able to chargeback the money, In AutoShop, there is no way to set payments as f&f, so we recommend for Auto shops to use the money received fast. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the guide.


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