6 Cool Uses Of Smartphones

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Smartphones have multipurpose functions. These many functions makes it a must have for everyone. As smartphones continue to introduce new dimensions in mobile technology, so are users evolving different ideas to take advantage of these phones to do their jobs and other things. Jovago.com rounds up 5 creative uses of smartphones.

Shoot a video

You don’t need to rent a video camera to take pictures or shoot a videos. If you have very excellent phone, you can shoot a ten-minute video depending on the length that the phone memory allows. In fact, with some smartphones, you can edit the videos with in-built studio features.

Remotely start your car

This should not be a surprise. Technology is taking over the world! You can now start your car with your smartphone. To do this, your phone has to be internet active. Simply download the app called Viper’s smartstart which allows you to start your car from anywhere and you’re good to go!

Become a Disc Jockey

With a mix of old and new songs, you are on your way to becoming a disc jockey. You can download the DJ studio app from the Google Play store into your phone and connect it to a computer using a USB cord.  With this app, you can do almost the same things professional DJ’s do with their computers, if not much more.


It is not rocket science, some tech experts will say. Smartphones can now be used as either a keyboard or mouse.  So, when you see a tech geek using his smartphone as either of these, don’t be surprised, it is the Mobile mouse pro at work.

Record Snores

Got a spouse who snores the night away but won’t admit it when morning comes? The Night recorder for iPhones is the proof you have been waiting for as this app will give undeniable evidence on who goes log sawing in the dark. Here’s how it works, your iPhone which is always on sleep mode begins recording voices immediately it detects any sound in the timeframe it is activated.

Check Blood Pressure

If you want to check your blood pressure, your smartphone can give accurate readings.  To relish this service, download the app instant blood pressure and enjoy! So, no need to visit a Lagos hospital to check your blood pressure.


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