6 Easy Ways to Make QI CAR CHARGER Faster

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How often you come across a situation of low battery problem? There are countless. Uber rides are impossible without a fully charged phone battery. Suppose a situation, you are riding Uber to pick up a traveler and suddenly realize 2 percent battery power.

Unfortunately, you are navigating a destination using your Smartphone. And as we all know navigation putting a heavy dent on battery life. What else you have?

A charger: wired or wireless. Again, connecting wired charger can lead to any unpredictable accident so avoid using. But what next? There is no other option than charging a phone battery using a wireless charger. It brings back the life of your phone battery without wasting any extra time.

Drained phone battery is a big threat to today’s lifestyle. As the whole world is running their personal and professional business through this smart device called a mobile phone?

Let’s dive into the easy ways to make QI charger faster:

  1. Properly placing a phone on charging pad matters a lot. Both devices must be in contact with each other in order to charge a battery quickly. There is an electromagnetic field principle works to charge a phone battery. The electromagnetic waves are transmitted from Tx coil (exist in charger) to Rx coil (exist at the back of your phone). Therefore, a cell phone must be placed between this electromagnetic field.
  2. Turn off your phone before dropping it on charging mat. Otherwise, turn on airplane mode for quick charging. In this way, the phone battery will consume high energy to give a green signal.
  3. Lower down the phone brightness for effective charging to take place. It is better to lower down brightness at zero.
  4. Say goodbye to the old phone and welcome a new handset in your life. As sources say, new phones are accepting the Qi charging technology and it will charge the phone faster.
  5. Don’t use a phone when it is on charging mode. Try to avoid using it after dropping it on a charging pad.

Qi car charger

6. Use the original Qi charger. Some manufacturers are using Qi logo stickers to prove their charger real.

The standard Qi car charger is creating a buzz in the market because of its special features such as:


It is very difficult to carry a heavy charger with you. The convenient charger is the first choice of the people. Qi car charger is a very convenient electronic device. It is easy to pack in your carry bag or handbag.

No mess of wires/cables:

Want some freedom from the mess of wires and cables? It’s time to feel relax and comfortable to enjoy your world with wireless charging. The charging mat doesn’t need any cable to connect with a mobile device. Simply, place your phone on a charging pad and enjoy full battery. Now there is only one cable is exist in your life and that’s to connect wireless charger with power supply.

High durability:

Forget the plugging and unplugging!

There is no wear and tear and therefore charger and your mobile phone will have longer durability. Earlier you need to plug the charger with power supply and cellphone to a charger with a cable and through unsuitable roads, there was a risk of hardware break down but this issue is no more exits.

No over-heating:

Over-heating is terrible. It is a big threat to the charger as well as a phone battery. Earlier, you had to take care of phone battery in order to avoid any breakdown. Keep checking phone until it completes its charging and then turn off the power supply is a little irritating. In case of a wireless charger, it automatically turns off when your phone gets charged. Hence, No issue of over-heating.

Reliable for different devices:

The wireless charger is very reliable for android as well as for the iPhone. It is a simple charging mat which never demands to charge any particular type of phone.

Have you noticed new car models contain in-build charging mat?

Presently, top-class car manufacturers are offering in-built charging pad to their customers. The new car models such as Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, PSA, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Volvo are in a market with the wireless charging pad. It is generally installed in the center console or the change tray in front of the shifting column.

If you are riding an old car model, still don’t worry! You can use a car mount by attaching a wireless charger to charge your phone battery. You can easily release your phone by pressing side sensors that exist on both sides.

Final thought

Qi charger is all set to boost up charging efficiency but one thing that one should bear in mind is that placing a phone on charging pad means a lot.


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