7 Best Nintendo Switch Cases and Covers You Can Buy

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The Nintendo Switch has been making a lot of waves ever since it was unveiled in October. The new console by Nintendo is a hybrid of sorts, as it works both as a TV console and as a portable gaming system.

You can either connect it to the dock and the TV and play games on it or use the tablet that is built-into the Switch. There’s a TV mode, a handheld mode and a tabletop mode. Basically, you can take the Nintendo Switch anywhere with you for a gaming session. Having said that, the Nintendo Switch isn’t as sturdy as the 3DS, so if you have bought the $299 console, you should also invest in travel bags, case and cover for the Nintendo Switch. Well, here are the 7 best Nintendo Switch cases and covers you can buy:

1. RDS Travel Case for Nintendo Switch

As the name suggests, the RDS Travel case for the Nintendo Switch is aimed at people who plan on travelling a lot with their Switch. This case is an officially licensed by Nintendo and brings some great protection to the portable gaming system. The case features durable hard shells to protect the Nintendo Switch and there is a padded divide that protects the 720p display. That’s not all, as the case also brings pockets for game cards, and microSD cases for 2 cards. The Nintendo Switch case looks pretty great too, and is available in multiple colors like Black, Blue, Gray etc.

Buy from Amazon ($19.99)

2. HORI Tough Pouch for Nintendo Switch

This is another sturdy case for the Nintendo Switch that is officially licensed by the gaming giant. While HORI calls it a pouch case, it’s a very tough carrying case for the Nintendo Switch. The case features soft interior to protect the Switch from scratches and bumps. Along with great protection, the case features pockets to hold switch game cards, as well as accessories. The case is made of high quality and is beautifully constructed. So, you should consider it to protect your Nintendo Switch.

Buy from Amazon ($17.99)

3. ButterFox Hard Carrying Case Nintendo Switch

The ButterFox Hard Carrying Case for the Nintendo Switch is perfect for people who plan to take a lot of games with them, to play on the go. The most unique thing about the game is the fact that it can hold 20 game cartridges, so you can take your favorite games wherever you go. There’s also room for Nintendo Switch accessories, like the charging cable, earbuds, SD cards, and extra Joy Cons. The case also offers great protection, as it features a hard shell that should be good enough against scratches. While the case features a lot of space on the inside, it’s still very portable.

Buy from Amazon ($24.99)

4. PDP Nintendo Switch Starter Kit

This Starter Kit from PDP, officially licensed by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch brings everything you need to protect your brand new console. The kit brings a soft canvas zipper case, that also offers pockets for SD cards, cables and other Nintendo Switch accessories. Along with the case, the kit also includes a screen protector to keep the display of the console protected. It also brings gel guards for the Joy Cons, along with the thumb caps, earbuds and a cleaning cloth.

Buy from Amazon ($29.99)

5. TPFOON Hard Storage Nintendo Switch Case

The TPFOON Case for the Nintendo Switch is designed to make sure that your brand new gaming console is more portable. The storage bag or carrying case fits the Nintendo Switch tablet and two Joy Con controllers in a separate pockets for better protection. The case also features 10 game holders, so you can take your favorite games with you. Plus, the case is made up of durable hard shell that protects the console from accidental bumps, drops and scratches.

Buy from Amazon ($14.99)

6. Orzly Carry Case for Nintendo Switch

If you want a case that offers protection and a lot of space for all the Nintendo Switch accessories, the Orzly Carry Case for the Switch should be a good buy. The case can easily fit in the Nintendo Switch tablet, along with the two Joy Con controllers. There are also separate pockets for the cables, games and other accessories. The case also offers decent protection, as it’s made of a hard EVA shell and a soft interior that should keep the Switch protected.

Buy from Amazon ($12.99)

7. PDP Nintendo Switch Elite Player Backpack

The PDP Nintendo Switch backpack should make sure everyone knows about the Nintendo Switch you’ve just bought. The backpack is officially licensed by Nintendo and can hold & protect the entire Nintendo Switch system. It also features spacious pockets that are labelled for the Joy Con controllers, dock, cables and game cards. Moreover, the backpack can store full sized headphones, along with the Switch Pro controller. Plus, it looks very cool, so what’s not to like?

Buy from Amazon ($49.99)

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Protect Your Nintendo Switch With These Cases

The Nintendo Switch is an amazing gaming system and it has recently gone on sale, so if you have bought it, we are sure you plan on taking everywhere with you. So, it should be a good idea to get a cover, case, pouch or even a backpack for your Nintendo Switch. We will bring you a lot of articles related to Nintendo Switch, so stay tuned for that and do let us know how you like the latest console from Nintendo in the comments section below.


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  2. They have awesome BotW and Super Mario Galaxy themed ones now too. They’re probably limited edition so be sure to check them out if you’re interested… I picked up my BotW one from Walmart just the other day because I knew if I passed on it and came to find later on that they weren’t selling it anymore I would be super sad.

    Here it is on the Walmart site but the one I got was brown which looks even cooler imo. Looks like real leather. This one is black but still looks pretty cool: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Nintendo-Switch-Game-Traveler-Deluxe-Travel-Case-Zelda-Breath-of-the-Wild-NSW/840582331

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