8 Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Protectors You Can Buy

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Samsung announced its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8, in an event on 29 March, 2017. The phone comes packing a Snapdragon 835 processor, 4 GB of RAM, and 64 GB ROM. However, the most distinguishing feature of the phones is not the specs it’s packing, rather, it’s the edge to edge curved display, that Samsung is calling the “Infinity Display”. This gorgeous piece of curved glass blends into the chassis of the phone seamlessly, and really reduces the side bezels to almost non-existent. The display is a beautiful 5.8″ QHD Super AMOLED screen, with a 2960×1440 resolution. So, if you’re buying the new Samsung Galaxy S8, and you don’t want to scratch that gorgeous display it comes with, here are the 8 best Samsung Galaxy S8 screen protectors you can buy:

1. Spigen NeoFlex Galaxy S8 Screen Protector [2 Pack]

The Spigen NeoFlex is currently one of the best screen protectors you can get for the Samsung Galaxy S8. The screen protector provides a bubble free, and rainbow effect free experience on your brand new device. It is made out of a flexible TPU layer that can easily protect your screen from most impact shocks. The Spigen NeoFlex ensures edge to edge protection for your Galaxy S8 smartphone, by being flexible enough to curve along with the screen. Plus, the wet install method it uses ensures strong adhesion with the device, without leaving any residue whatsoever. The screen protector will be in stock starting April 4, 2017.

Buy from Amazon: ($7.99)

2. Supershieldz Tempered Glass Protector for Galaxy S8

If tempered glasses are all you trust your devices with, this one from Supershieldz should work well for you. It is made out of a thin 0.3mm sheet of tempered glass, and has a 9H hardness rating, which means that it can easily protect your screen from scratches against most hard metal objects, and even from impact shocks. The screen protector boasts of 99.9% clarity, ensuring that the screen on your device maintains its vibrance, as well as the original look and feel of the device.

Buy from Amazon: ($10.99)

3. Dmax Armor Full Screen Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

Dmax Armor also has a full screen tempered glass cover for the Samsung Galaxy S8. The screen protector is made from a thin sheet of tempered glass, so as to not interfere with the functioning of the touchscreen. It is also scratch-resistant, and fingerprint-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about getting your phone scratched, or dirty from everyday use. Hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings on the screen guard ensure that dust and grime from fingerprints do not get accumulated on the screen protector. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, for your peace of mind.

Buy from Amazon: ($10.99)

4. LK Tempered Glass Screen Protector [2 Pack]

Lightning Knight’s Samsung Galaxy S8 screen protector comes in a 2 pack of tempered glass rated at 9H hardness, so you can toss your phone in with your keys, without worrying about getting it scratched. It can also protect the screen on your device from getting damaged from impact. The oleophobic anti-fingerprint coating on the screen guard ensures that dirt and grime from fingerprints does not accumulate on the screen protector, either. LK also offers a lifetime warranty on their tempered screen protector for the Galaxy S8.

Buy from Amazon: ($11.99)

5. MuiFa 3D Curved Screen Protector for Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a curved edge to edge display, which makes it difficult for standard screen protectors to properly cover it. MuiFa is offering a 3D curved screen protector for the device, which curves perfectly along with the display of the Galaxy S8. It is made from tempered glass rated at 9H hardness, ensuring that your device is safe from scratches even against sharp metal objects. The oleophobic anti-fingerprint coating on the screen guard ensures that it doesn’t get dirty from fingerprints. The screen protector is available in 6 different colors, so you can get the one that you like best.

Buy from Amazon: ($13.99)

6. JDBRUIAN Galaxy S8 Full Coverage Screen Protector

Another full coverage screen protector that you can get for your S8, the JDBRUIAN screen protector is made out of tempered glass rated at 9H hardness, which means that your device will be protected against scratches, and impacts. Bubble free coating on the screen guard ensures that you can easily install it on your device without worrying about getting air-bubbles stuck between the phone screen, and the screen protector. It is thin enough to not interfere with the touch functionality on your phone, and you wouldn’t even feel it once you’ve applied it on your phone. The screen protector is also rated at 99% transparency, to ensure that the vibrance and colour reproduction of the screen remains perfect.

Buy from Amazon: ($8.99)

7. Dalinch TPU Screen Protector for Galaxy S8 [3 Pack]

Dalinch also has a screen protector for the Galaxy S8, and it is available in a pack of 3, for the price of one. The screen protector is made from soft TPU, for a curved, full coverage fit on the screen of the Galaxy S8. It is easy to install, and doesn’t get bubbles. Plus, it is scratch-resistant, and shock-proof, so your device will be safe from minor accidents. Installation of the screen protector is not as easy as others on this list, and it is recommended that you read the installation instructions carefully before installing the screen guard.

Buy from Amazon: ($7.99)

8. MP-Mall Screen Protector [2 Pack]

Another screen protector you can get for the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the MP-Mall screen protector which comes in a pack of two. It is made from tempered glass to keep your device safe from scratches, and minor impact shocks. The 99.9% transparency of the screen guard ensures that the screen on your Galaxy S8 looks just as good as it did without any screen protector on it. It is a full cover, so it completely covers the front of the phone, ensuring that the entire display, along with the top bezel and chin are protected. MP-Mall covers their screen protector under a hassle-free lifetime warranty.

Buy from Amazon: ($9.99)

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Use These Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Protectors

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is one good looking device, and is quite possibly the way most smartphones will try to design their flagships. The large 2960x1440p Super AMOLED display is amazing, and provides perfect viewing pleasure. However, being bezel-less in all senses of the word, the Galaxy S8 is rather vulnerable to scratches on the screen. If you want to protect your brand new device from getting scratched, or cracked, you should definitely use a screen guard. There are a lot of options available, and we have tried to curate the best Galaxy S8 screen guards for you. We will keep updating this list as more screen guards become available. So, are you going to buy the new Galaxy S8 smartphone? What features are you most excited about, and what are your thoughts on Bixby? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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