9 Best Free Wallpaper Apps for Android 2017

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You are looking for free Android wallpaper apps, right? Cheer up! I am here with a list of nine such apps to beautify the home and lock screen of your device. If you are a person who uses your phone quite a lot, you bother about the wallpaper because seeing the same one over and over again makes you dreary. The free wallpaper apps I am going to share here helps you find images of your choice and, make the same as your homescreen wallpaper with a single click.

Free Wallpaper Apps for Android

best free wallpaper apps for android

I have manually picked nine free wallpaper apps for Android. You can find all of them below.

1. Backgrounds HD

best free wallpaper apps for android

One of the best free wallpaper apps for Android is Backgrounds HD. You can find tons of impressive wallpapers in different categories here.

The number of downloads and rating depict how popular the app is. Once you find beautiful images, you can save them locally for future uses. Moreover, you can directly set them as wallpapers from the interface itself.

Despite the huge collection of wallpapers, Backgrounds HD doesn’t put a huge burden on the memory of your device.

Download from Play Store

2. 500 Firepaper

You know 500px, don’t you? It is a global community of photographers where they post attractive images every day.

The app here, 500 Firepaper fetches impressive images from the community and presents the same before you. You can download or set it as wallpaper directly. Owing to the high resolution of images, your device should be high-end.

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Maybe, you are looking for best free live wallpaper apps for Android. Don’t worry! This one presents live wallpapers and day dream effects as well.

Download from Play Store

3. Walloid: HD Stock Wallpapers

Have you ever thought of having stock wallpapers from manufacturers? The stock wallpapers can’t be transferred. For the same reason, you couldn’t use Samsung wallpapers on OnePlus device.]

But it’s not the same story now!

Download Walloid now and, you can set stock wallpapers from any manufacturer no matter which phone you have.

There’s a random wallpaper loader widget, which helps you randomly change the wallpaper without opening the app.

If you don’t like ads, you should purchase the premium version.

Download from Play Store

4. Terra Collection

Terra Collection is yet another free Android wallpaper app to beautify your home screen.

Even with a huge collection of images, you don’t have to wait a long time to get the app installed as it only weighs 7 MB in size. The regular updates bring beautiful interface changes.

The interface consists of three tabs; categories, new and favoruites. The last one includes the images which you label as your favourites.

In case you want extra features, you can make use of the in-app purchases.

Download from Play Store

5. Wallrox Wallpapers

best free wallpaper apps for android

Honestly, tons of wallpapers don’t make sense if you have a hundred of good ones. Here in the case of Wallrox, you will get 600+ quad HD wallpapers.

The materialistic design of the app never makes you bore of. The size of the app is only 3.2 MB and it apparently doesn’t affect the performance.

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There are more than a dozen of wallpaper categories. It allows two quick methods to apply the wallpaper; button and tap-hold methods.

Download from Play Store

6. Hipster Wallpaper

Do you like simple live wallpapers? Then, you are going to love Hipster Wallpaper app.

Unlike most of the cloud based Android wallpaper apps for free, Hipster collects images from multiple sources like 500px, Reddit, Unsplash etc. and, presents them in front of the users.

It has an auto-refresh feature that updates the wallpaper from time to time. In case you like a specific one among the lot, you can disable this feature.

The app also enables you to add filters, shapes and extra objects to create awesome images that decorate your home screens.

Download from Play Store

7. Tapet

Have you ever heard of the name Tapet? The developers say that it’s the old word for wallpaper.

All the six apps I have shared so far collect images from different sources or their own servers and presents before you. But Tapet differs completely in this regard as it momentarily generates wallpapers for you.

If you are a scenery lover, you have to look elsewhere. Tapet creates patterns and sequences of colors to entice you.

It is possible to set the interval through which the wallpaper change occurs.

Download from Play Store

8. Cool Wallpapers HD

Cool Wallpapers HD is one of the best free wallpaper apps for Android in terms of popularity and functionality.

You can browse through two hundred thousands of wallpapers this app brings before you. The search button offers a functional seeking solution with the help of tags and categories.

The latest update brought Android wear support to the app that you can now set wallpapers on your smart watch like a boss.

The interface includes a one-tap buttons to set the wallpaper and, share on different social media networks.

Download from Play Store

9. Minima Live Wallpaper

best free wallpaper apps for android

Even though live wallpapers negatively affect battery life, there are many fans. Maybe, you are one among them. Then, you are going to love Minima Live Wallpaper app.

There are dozens of free wallpapers that fit your interests. You can change the color of wallpapers if you want. But the theme editor and randomizer are pro features.

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The app is getting updated regularly with new wallpapers and features that you enjoy.

Download from Play Store

Wrapping Up

I have given you brief overview of nine of the best free wallpaper apps for Android. Given that you may be a fan of live wallpapers, I have included such apps as well.

The selection is totally up to you. But I can guarantee diversity in the images each app presents before you.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media. And, share with me if you have any other favourite app.


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