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Today is the time to share a Complete guide on How to jailbreak android to root without PC. As you knew that android phone can be rooted in many ways, either you can root your android using PC or  you can root android without computer.

But when it comes to rooting our android without computer, there are many Super one click android root apps, like FramaRoot, Universal Android Root, Towel root, vRoot which let them root your android devices without computer. With these one click root without computer techniques made your part of work much easier, when you’re hunting the internet to find a perfect guide on root android phone without computer.

You can also read our recent post related to the Best android phone which helps in choosing right android smartphone of your choice. So, if you are looking for method to install root without computer, then you are at right place as we will discuss about root without computer apps here.

Root android Without Computer PC

In this post let briefly learn the basics about How to root the android phone? and Advantages and disadvantages of rooting your Android phone. Then finally the easy cum excellent methods to root android without PC.

What is rooting a phone means? (In Android phones)

Android Rooting is the process in which users can attain the “Privileged Control” also know as ‘Root Access‘ easily by rooting your android phone. It means that rooting android phone will  help user to enter deeper into the Android Phone System.

Android rooting gives the user “root access“, from which user can bypass all the restrictions of your smartphone manufacturer. In other words, is to jailbreak android phone or to break firewall to unlock the root access. It can be done, when Superuser is installed in your android Smartphone. Here we have Three easy ways to root android without computer connections. Check out the recent best apps for android to rule your device after rooting your phone.

Eye Catching Benefits of Rooting Android Phone Without PC/Computer:-

  • By Simply Rooting your Android phone, users can take the complete control and authority over your android smartphone. Get ready to rule your android phone!
  • Another great benefit often you get after rooting your android phone is the huge internal memory, You’ll get enough room for all your apps and their Data. You can also move your Apps to the external SD card which is the bonus when you’re android phone has root access.
  • Android rooting will help to install the apps which require the root access or Superuser binary installed. Which will help you for the great extent, like in order to record your android screen you need to have “Root access“. If you’ve root access, it is as easy as you drink a cup of coffee!
  • By rooting your android phone, user can able to uninstall the pre-installed bloatware, third-party apps and games from your smartphone. By doing so, you’ll notice the significant boost in your smartphone performance.
  • The best part By rooting you can easily flash with Customs ROMs. There are tons of custom ROM available for the smartphones when you looking to change your smartphone look or options. You can also check out our recent posts on best android launcher which will help you to change your android phone look without Rooting.

I am damn sure that you have prepared your mind to root your android phone without computer now, but wait. Read about demerits to root your android phone also.

Non-Benefits of Rooting your android phone:-

  • The biggest downside of Rooting your smartphone is, it will completely ruin your Smartphone’s warranty. Which mean you’ll no longer get the customers support of Free Service from your smartphone manufacturer. I think it is the reason, that pushes a majority of the users not to root their android phone.
  • Another Big disadvantage is, No matters how technical you are if you make any mistakes while rooting your android smartphone your phone will remain as a toy for children’s! (It’s true! ). The reason is you are going to jailbreak your android phone, which means to get the Root access. You need to be very careful while performing to root your android phone. I don’t think you’ll come up with that situation, when you follow this guide.
  • If you root your android phone without Computer, You can’t update to the latest version in some cases it updates, when your smartphone manufacturer release new updates. Even though you can manually upgrade your android phone to the latest version using custom ROM. But you’ll miss some of the security updates from your Smartphone brand ?
  • Rooting your smartphone will result in not able to run some of the highly encrypted Apps like Google Wallet..etc. Although it is a negotiable reason, You can use Go:ogle Wallet in the Web version rather than using it in Android app platform.

Ok, We’ve talked lot more about Benefits and Non-benefits of rooting your android phone. It is your wish to root your android phone or not, If your reply is YES then go further without. If your answer is NO, don’t worry still there are some of the best apps for your android smartphone.

If you have prepared your mind now as well  to root without pc, then follow below methods to root android without computer. If any method is not working for your android phone. Simply, forget that method to jump to new method to root android phone without pc.


Android Rooting if not an easy task as you think, don’t worry I make it easier. Before you proceed to root your android without Computer PC, You need to make somewhat preparation. Arrange the below  requirements to get started to Root without PC.

  • First and foremost is you need to download the required apps and install it in your phone storage.
  • Backup all your user files like Contacts, Music, Photos, Video, Apps.etc and remove your SD card before you proceeded to root your android phone without a computer.
  • Make sure your phone have charged at least 50%.

These are the requirement needed in order to root android without computer. So friends explore the One click rooting methods to get the instant root Access.

How to Root Android  Without Computer PC With These One Click Root Apps

So here we’ve included some of the easy cum working apps to root your android phone without computer in 2017. These are one-click android root apps, by which you can easy root your android phone by installing these apps that I’ve mentioned below.

#1. Framaroot App

If you willing to root android without Computer, there is a familiar app named Framaroot. It is the best one click android root app to root android phone with no PC.

  • First of all download and install the Framaroot app to your smartphone. Download Framaroot apk
  • Then go to your phones setting > Security >then Check the box ” Install apps from unknown source”. then click on the downloaded APK file
  • Once you successfully installed the Framaroot android app then open it.
  • Then you need to choose the “install superuser” from the drop down menu.
  • Then you need to choose any of those exploits. ( If once does not work try other two)
  • After that, you need to wait for some seconds to get the message that ” Success, SU binary, and superuser installed ”. After just reboot your phone..:)

Framaroot to root android without computer pc

If you follow the correct steps as mentioned above steps, your smartphone will be rooted without Computer with this one click root APK. If this method doesn’t work, then try another method which working for most in order to root your android without Computer.

Checkout:   7 Best Android Root Software with or without Computer

#2. Universal Android Root App

This another great alternative for Framaroot which is considered as best One click Android root app. This app named Universal Android root is one of the best apps for rooting purpose.

  • First of all download and install the app in your phone storage. Download the universal android root app.
  • Then go to your phones setting > security >then check the box ” install apps from unknown source”. then click on the downloaded APK file.
  • Then open the app and click on the root option. Choose the correct phone version.
  • Now you have Successfully Rooted your android phone ..:)

Universal root android without computer PC

That’s it, Now you’ve successfully Rooted your android phone without using computers. Cheers!

If you still face difficulty while rooting your android phone, you need to try the below mentioned one click app to root your phone.

#3. Towelroot App

Towelroot another great alternate for the Framaroot and Universal android root apps to root your android phone without a computer. Towelroot by Geohot is best one click root APK app for instant root access. Follow the simple steps to root your phone using Towelroot.

  • Download the Towelroot by Geohot here.
  • Then go to your phone setting > Security >then check the box ” install apps from unknown source”. Disable any antivirus app, if you installed any one. Then click on the downloaded APK file.
  • After that you need to install the Towelroot app to your android smartphone.
  • Once you installed Towelroot, then click on “Make ra1n“. After you clicked on the exploit you need to confirm the super user installation by clicking on the install anyway, when Google android warns not to install this. Don’t worry ignore it.

That’s it your phone will be rooted once you will reboot it.

#4. vRoot

vRoot is another great app to root the android phone without PC. Basically, vRoot is developed by the Chinese developers. Best part it is available in many of the languages, But it method the revolution in the rooting android phone without any computer or laptop. I highly recommend vRoot to Root Android phone without PC.

  • Download vRoot Android App here.
  • Then go to your phone setting > Security >then check the box ” install apps from unknown source”. Disable any antivirus app, if you installed any one. Then click on the downloaded APK file.
  • After that you need to install the vRoot app to your android smartphone.
  • Then you can Root your android phone without using any computer or Laptop PC.

You’ve successfully rooted your android phone, Cheers. vRoot support many of the android smartphone model. If you don’t able to root your android smartphone, don’t feel dishearten try the above mentioned apps to root android without computer PC.

#5. Z4Root

Z4Root is another best app to root android phone without computer. This application to root without pc is very popular among MTK devices owner, as it can root almost each and every device with ease. Still, if you are not a mtk device owner, then you can give it a try. Maybe it can root without pc your phone by installing su binary in your device.

Steps to root without pc using Z4Root:

  • Download Z4Root app from their official site.
  • Install this app in your smartphone by tapping on it.
  • Once, Z4 root is successfully installed in your PC.
  • Open this application to root your phone without pc and click on Root.

Restart your android phone to see effect that whether your device is rooted or not.

#6. Root without pc by KingoRoot:

Kingoroot is new app for purpose of rooting android without computer. KingoRoot has got superb success rate in rooting most of android phones without computer. So, if above 5 methods to root your android phone without computer is failed, then try KingoRoot method which I am listing below.

How to root android phone without computer using KingoRoot:

  1. Before starting rooting your android phone, Download KingoRoot app from here.
  2. Install KingoRoot app and Open it.
  3. Click on One Click Root. Just, wait for some seconds it will root your android phone without pc within seconds now.

Once, it shows successful message just restart your android phone.


How to check whether your android phone has root access?

Still you have any doubts in above mentioned one click root android without computer apps, Use the below app to check weather your phone have root access or not.

  • Download root checker app here.
  • Then go to your phones setting > security >then Check the box ” install apps from unknown source”. then click on the downloaded APK file.
  • Open the app and verify your phone whether rooted are not.

Additional tips after rooting your android phone:

So, I hope you have rooted your android without computer. In this post, I will discuss some of the best tips which you can apply further to make your user experience more awesome.

  • Install Xposed Framework: It is my favourite root app which I install first after rooting my android phone. This app can’t do anything by its own but this app has tons of Modules for various kind of different and useful apps like Gravitybox.
  • GravityBox: If you are an android user and its android version is ICS or any later android versions, then you should install this module of Xposed Framework. Using this module, you can tweak a lot of things like status bar, setting app. You can refresh your android feel easily using this app.
  • Swapper for Root: Swapper for root is one of best app which you must install in your android phone if you have a slow android phone which has low amount of RAM like 1GB, then you should think to install this app. Note: This app is not supported by every device, so check their compatibility list of devices first. Download Swapper for Root.
  • SetCPU: SetCPU is one of best root app which you can try. This app is for users who are totally frustrated with slow android phone or facing low battery backup problem. Using this app, you can change frequency of CPU of your android phone. If you are facing slow performance issue, then you can increase the frequency of CPU or if you are facing with low battery backup issue, then you can reduce frequency. Download SetCPU.
  • BusyBox: Root your android phone properly with this app. This app basically enhances your su permissions app. Sometimes, if any guy faces any problem of no su permissions asking pop up or any issue similar to that, simply Install BusyBox in your android phone from play store. Download BusyBox.
  • Greenify: This app is all time favorite app for rooted android phone users. Using this app, you can improve your phone performance, free ram, battery life and you can avoid notifications of any app as well. You can download Greenify from Play Store.

Final Words,

There are some of the phones which are not able to root using these one click root android without Computer apps. But Soon we are going to provide another alternate method to root your android phone with Kingo android root, easy root android. Carefully follow all the steps mentioned in the post.


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