Top 8 Free Websites to Watch Cartoons Online

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Top 8 Free Websites to Watch Cartoons Online – Watching cartoons was an inevitable hobby of us in childhood. But I know you still love cartoons, don’t you? During the babyhood, we had no other jobs than to do what we love and eat. But as an adult, you have a lot of things to care about. So, sitting in front of the television on time to watch cartoons is not always possible.

The best way to watch cartoons anytime is to rely on the internet itself. That’s why I am here with eight legit websites to watch free cartoons online.

8 Best Sites to Watch Online Cartoons

I took extra care to overlook spammy sites, made for the sake of displaying ads and fooling the visitors. The sites shared here really help you to watch cartoon online for free.

1. Cartoon Movies HQ

watch cartoons online

The minimalistic design of Cartoon Movies HQ won’t confuse you to make your selection. A navigation bar is given just below the header on which, you can choose one from anime genres, cartoons, movies, etc.

The best part is anyone can watch SpongeBob cartoons online here as a direct link is placed on the sidebar. The left side of the website is dedicated to anime genres whereas scrolling down to the bottom reveals more and more cartoons.

Though there are register and login buttons are given, you won’t have to be a registered user to start watching your favorite cartoons.

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2. CartoonsOn

watch online cartoons

If you ask me for the beautiful one among these watch cartoons online website, I will definitely suggest you this, CartoonsOn.

Instead of displaying a clichéd menu bar, their under-the-header area features a unique menu with links to different studios, character, and shows.

And, the homepage has got a few links to watch some popular cartoons as well. You can watch cartoons online on phones also.

Along with the eye-soothing interface what you get is the sheer joy of having distraction-free experience. No uncomfortable ads and no pop-up windows!

3. WatchCartoonOnline

watch free online cartoons

Sometimes we need to think beyond the appearance. I recommend you to take that attitude if you are about to visit this watch online cartoon site. Owing to its outdated design, you may underestimate that Watch Cartoon Online is not a regularly updated site. But you are wrong!

Too many links are given on the homepage, including the ones to watch popular cartoons like Pokemon, Ben 10 etc.

As a cherry on the cake, you can use this website to watch cartoon movies online as well.

Truth be told, you may sometime get disturbed by the popup ads.

4. Toonjet

watch free cartoons online

Do you prefer classic cartoons over modern ones? Then you are going to love Toonjet as it has a wide variety of classic cartoons to watch freely.

The best thing about this site is the availability of watch cartoons online app. Installing the same will present your favourite cartoons at your fingertips. You can install it by searching on Play Store or using the link given on the website itself.

The design is perfect for a watch free online cartoon site, I would say. Just like any other site in this list, you can see navigation bar and sidebar links to make the quest for your favourite show a cake walk.

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5. Disney Junior

disney cartoon watch online

Disney Company has been in cartoon business for quite a while now. They had come with a lot of spellbinding movies as well. If you like watching cartoons of Disney characters like Mickey, Donald etc, you will find this site to be a gold mine.

On the homepage, you will be given the small avatars of the Disney characters. And, when you click on one of them, you will see the page with that particular character’s cartoons only.

An all video insight is given in which all the cartoon videos can be found out. At the end of the webpage, you can see a search field, which will make your watch Disney cartoons online venture a success.

6. Super Cartoons

watch cartoons online mobile

Super Cartoons is another nicely designed website in this list of best sites to watch cartoons online.

Just below the header and the search box, you will see a neat navigation bar with links to different cartoon characters, studios etc. Using the navigation menu, you will realize finding the desired cartoons online was never easy.

Under the navigation bar, what you see is the newest cartoons. So check the homepage carefully when you miss an episode of a show.

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7. Go Go Anime

watch cartoons online app As the name proclaims, Go Go Anime is a dedicated site to watch anime online for free. The design of this website is decent enough not to lose any visitor. You can find recently released anime videos on the main content area of the home screen. Having looked on the sidebar, you will see the links to ongoing series.

Do note the fact that it is only for anime not to watch free cartoon online. Go Go Anime has an extensive anime video database and chances are less for you not to find an anime there.

8. Nick Toons

watch cartoon online

With more than five million monthly visitors, Nick Toons is the most popular watch cartoon online site in this list.

You will be given a number of cartoon character pictures to pay a click. Then, you will be lead to the page of that particular character where, the videos are showcased.

Nick Toons was available only in the UK since 2002 for a few years. Then, it started the journey of capturing the minds of cartoon lovers.

Wrapping Up

Now you have got a decent list of eight watch cartoon online sites. Based on your interests, you can choose to go with any of them or altogether. It’s all up to you. Making use of the navigation menu and search field helps you to find the exact one you look for.

What do you think? Have you used any of the cartoon watch sites I have shared here? Which one is your favourite? Did I miss any popular site? Let me know in the comment section down below.


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