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The popularity of Android keeps climbing, and it’s clear that the operating system is here to stay. However, it’s not without its fair share of issues, and working around these problems can sometimes get frustrating. This is true even for experts familiar with every single aspect of the operating system. It can sometimes be difficult to get it to do what you want and expect from it.

That said, there are plenty of options available to you if you’re looking to make a change. You don’t have to stick with Android, and if you’re prepared to invest in a new device, you should find plenty of options available out there. Sometimes you may not even have to buy a new phone – depending on what your current device is, it might be possible to install a different OS on it.


Apple’s iOS is the biggest competitor to Android by a large margin. The operating system enjoys a lot of popularity in some parts of the world. Apple has been hard at work improving it as well, and they’ve been doing a great job so far. iOS can take some time to get used to if you’re coming from Android but working with it is a piece of cake once you’ve become accustomed.

A good thing about iOS compared to Android is that it comes with extra security features built right into the operating system itself. On the other hand, this also makes it less customizable as a whole. iPhones and iPads also tend to be more expensive than their corresponding Android counterparts, so keep that in mind.

Windows 10 Mobile

Many people love to laugh at Microsoft’s entry into the mobile market, but it doesn’t deserve its poor reputation. The latest version of Windows 10 Mobile is surprisingly snappy and intuitive. On top of that, it comes with what’s probably the best interface on the whole mobile OS market. Once you get used to the live tiles and the other nifty features of Windows 10 Mobile, you’ll find it hard to go back.

That said, you should know that even though you can still buy devices running it, and they work fine, you shouldn’t expect any major OS updates in the future. In addition, you’ll have to deal with a significantly worse variety of apps available. But if you only need your smartphone for its core features – calling, texting, social media, IM apps, and taking photos – most devices on the Windows market should work just fine for you.

Custom ROMs

One of the unique features of Android is the ability to install custom ROMs. These are basically alternative versions of the Android operating system, developed and maintained by the community. Finding a good ROM for your device can be a bit of a hit and miss story, especially if you have a more obscure phone. But once you’ve come across something that you like, it can completely transform the experience.

Not every Android device supports the installation of custom ROMs though, and the process comes with some security risks of its own. Make sure to educate yourself before deciding to go for that option. Needless to say, going down this path is generally only a good option for people with some considerable tech experience.


Last but not least, remember that you can also improve your current Android device before deciding to go for a completely different one. Start by identifying your main issues. If you’re worried about security and privacy, you should look into getting the best VPN there is. If you’ve had a bad experience with malware, look into an antivirus – there are several good ones available for Android.

A lot of issues can be fixed with the right apps and configuration settings. Your phone is capable of much more than you might think, so take a look at its settings to find out if you’ve been missing anything. Don’t forget to look for more information online – there are numerous communities for Android customization, and they are generally quite friendly and open to newcomers.

If all else fails though, definitely consider the options we’ve listed above. If you’ve decided that you want to change your device for good, you should take some time to look into the alternatives available on the market first. With the cost of the average smartphone, this is a decision that you don’t want to mess up. Its long-term implications on your finances are not to be underestimated, after all.


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