Apple Executives Unveil New Health Features Coming in watchOS 9

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Apple Executives Unveil New Health Features Coming in watchOS 9

In WWDC 2022 keynote, which recently took place, Apple made many announcements regarding watchOS 9. Apple’s executives unveil details about the new health features such as AFib history and tracking of sleep stage.

Recently, Apple announced the big update for watchOS, which contains new health features. For example, Apple will add some new apps such as AFib history, Workout app, sleep tracking app, etc.

WatchOS 9: New Health Features

WatchOS 9 New Health FeaturesWatchOS 9 New Health FeaturesAll the details came from TechCrunch’s Darrell Etherington’s interview with Apple’s VP of health, Dr. Sumbul Desai, operations chief Jeff Williamson, and VP of fitness technologies, Jay Blahnik.

In this interview, they provided detailed information regarding the updated health features in watchOS 9.


Apple’s watch will now offer a sleep stage tracking feature. There are three sleep stages: REM, core, and deep sleep. The “light sleep” stage is known as the core.

Apple watchOS 9 will helps people to see whether they are in REM, light sleep, or deep sleep. It will also provide information on how much time you sleep fantastically.

AFib History

watchOS 9 provides the feature of AFib history. This feature will help people estimate how much time their heart shows arrhythmia with the help of atrial fibrillation.

According to Apple, this feature is intended for 22 yrs older people or more having atrial fibrillation. Desai stated in her interview that AFib history gets FDA clearance in the USA.

Desai also said, “Everything we do in health is based on science, and AFib history was validated in a clinical study, with participants wearing both Apple watch and FDA-cleared reference device.”

After weekly observational measurements, the average difference between the two devices was less than 1%.

Workout App

The workout app will also be part of the watchOS 9. This app lets you notice your heart rate zone, power, elevation, and many others. Blahnik says that this app will be helpful for both “advanced and beginner athletes”.


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