Basic Information About NYSC Place Of Primary Assignment {PPA} & {CDS}

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The Nysc Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) is where you are expected to render selfless service with dedication for a year of active service to your country. PPA is the second stage of your Nysc service year after your 21 days on various orientations camps in the country. The orientation camp is actually the main part of your Nysc, after camp you would realize the camp was just the best and fun part of the whole  Nysc programme.

During your PPA, you are expected to be vigilant, interact and learn from the locals with humility and as well make a lasting positive impact on those that will come across your way.

Basic Information About PPA

Corpers preparing for Place of Primary Assignment (PPA), Below are activities that are needed to be done at various PPA postingNYSC5.

  • What the employers need to do for corps members;

1. The employer must provide accommodation for the corp member containing chair table and bed, or give money to the corp member to rent an apartment. But these days most employers would tell you, you are on your own, so you have to rent your own apartment.

2. The employer also will give the corp member transportation fair IF the  house provided is too far from d place of work.
3. It is also the duty of the employer to keep the corp member busy, not just to accept him/her and sit down from morning till afternoon/evening.

  • What the corp member need to do after given  PPA letter;

1. Corp member will be assigned to each local government and register with d Local Government Inspector(LGI). After which you will be posted to schools, ministry, local government or any company that needs corpers.
2. Corp member needs to write an application letter to travel before traveling through the employer/LGI to the state coordinator and must be signed & granted before going.
3. Corp member has no right to dictate or beg the employer to give him/her letter of rejection
4. Corp member has d right to collect all his/her entitlement (like accommodation, transportation, etc.) from d employer before starting work.
5. Corp member must sign his/her clearance between 1st to 4th of every month from d LGI and from 5th to 10th @ the state coordinator office. Any late signing from 11th will attract extension of the service year.
6. Corp member is entitled to collect 12 calender month ALLOWEE.

In the case your PPA is accepted, you will take your acceptance letter to your local government secretariat, and they register you officially into the local govt. Then you are also registered for a program called ‘CDS’- Community Development Service.

The third phase is the Nysc is the ‘CDS’- Community Development Service, As a Corp member you are expected to engage in community service. Apparently you can choose which CD group you want to belong to, but in most cases, CD groups were chosen for most corps members.

During the CDS, you get one day off in a week from your PPA to do your CD work, You could be teaching in a school or educating a community about AIDS. These are compulsory if you want to graduate from the school of NYSC after a year. Your CD group will mark registers, and if you are absent at the certain number of times, you may be asked to repeat the service year or get 3 months added to your service year.

Wishing You guys all the very best. Stay safe!!!!


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  1. Thanks for the info, but are youth Corpers allowed to start serving in private companies again. Heard they changed the rules regarding only serving in government parastatals and schools

  2. Your most welcome. Government never change the degree regarding all corps members to serve in schools. It is mandated that all corps members are to serve in either private or public schools so as to give back to the community they find themselves in. Only very few corps members that actually runz their way to work in private companies. Yes this is allowed only if you know your way around the system. Thanks

  3. Pls is it possible for one to change their PPA after accepting? I’ve been at my PPA for about a week now, I can’t stand the working hours and will like to change it. Pls help

  4. Yes you can change your PPA, But you need to meet with your Zonal Inspector in your local govt, Your Z.I has the power to re assign you to another PPA of your choice. But first you need to meet with your Z.I and complaint to him or her. All the best.

  5. sabi’u by name pls I will like to ask about upload picture for 2014 batch c corps member, ln a situation were by corps didn’t see his own password what can we do

  6. Pls u just got a CDS group last week, when do I start attending? Since the ZI told us to come back on the 8th of January 2016.

  7. please when and how can I relocate from my ppa to another ppa within the state? Because my health can not withstand the stress am going through here.

  8. Change of LGA is likely possible, but Nysc introduced new rules that makes that difficult to do, I advise you to talk to any Nysc official in your LGA about the possibility.

  9. The clearance letter is usually different depending on each school or firm where you work, so i cant show you a sample letter, it wont be useful to u. Ask your Nysc friends to show you their clearance letter, infact your ppa should have a sample for you.

  10. Is it possible for one to change their PPA?Have been there for a month. I am not comfortable with their working hours. will it affect my certificate or biometrics in the future? Please help

  11. Yes you can still change your ppa, but if only your L.i or Z.i approves your request. You have a concrete reasons and hope they approve and change your ppa. All the best.

  12. Please,most I go back to the secretaries for reporting,or go direct to my zonal inspector or L.I for reporting?

  13. Comment:can you change your ppa to another local govt entirely even after being accepted by the previous school….

  14. Good day, like me my PPA don’t have the format and i have being searching for a sample can you please help me if it take sending it to my mail box thanks

  15. Pls I have been working at my PPA for like 2months plus now.. And I want to change to anoda PPA … Pls is it still possible for me to change it

  16. Thanks Larious, I like ur post. Pls where can I get to join a CDS group, I just got got reposted to my place of primary assignment. So where do I start from concerning CDS?

  17. Hello Larious
    I just got redeployed to OSUN STATE from KEBBI State what would be my next step
    where am I going to in OSUN STATE

  18. Pls have been rejected in ppa but I HV a request letter from a company..where should I go to zonal office or local government

  19. Pls when do PPA show on the system, if you left camp earlier due to health reasons… is it d day of passing out or after

  20. Pls i was rejected at two PPAs given to me by nysc due lack of space at the ppa. I have been trying to get a ppa, but i hope the delay won’t affect my service year. Thanks

  21. No it wont affect your service tenure, Since Nysc is well aware about the situation it wont affect you. Nysc will still send you to another PPA where they will take you. Just calm down and relax. All the best WALE.

  22. Please I applied for relocation outside camp and I was assured by the person that it has been done but the problem is that my portal has not changed what I have there is the relocation form, please do I need to fill the form. Thank you

  23. Hi, since the person that told you said it is done, then ask the person this same question. He/she can explain to you better the current situation with your relocation process.

  24. Hi pls i applied for relocation outside camp and I left camp Nov 12. I was giving ppa letter tho then I called d man doing it then he assured me it would be done in lagos. So he asked me not to report there and I should go home. And up till now i haven’t seen anything. They asked me to exercise patience that it would come out. Pls what’s d implications of not reporting in ppa and not doing clearance?

  25. But you shouldnt go home and wait, what if the relocation process didnt work? then Nysc might extend your 1 year service because you didnt report to your ppa and no clearance.

  26. I redeploy from kaduna to ogun state. What are the things i need to do, in order for me to get a good PPA in a company. Because i study electronics & Telecommunication.

  27. Well, thats good for you, you already have where to work, the next step is for the company you working to give you a letter to NYSC. Meanwhile Nysc will not allow you work in any company, you will be posted to teach in a school.

  28. Good afternoon, pls I’m a batch c1 corp member, who do I need to see to change my ppa to another zone? Is it possible, I don’t mind the stress…

  29. I have just been rejected after 3months of submitting my letter to MY placewof primary assignment. What should i do?

  30. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Pls how do I write a rejection write?where I was posted to no accommodation no allowance and I have been working there for like 3months now I told the man to reject me he refuse that I should bring write

  31. Please what happens if a corp member is yet to document in the new state e got relocated to and clearance is approaching

  32. Please is is zonal inspector the same with local government inspector? If no, what is the difference

  33. Please Admin, is it mandatory for a Corp member to be running a night shift? ( No accommodation by the organization)

  34. I was redeployed to ogun state and was give a PPA in August due to covid…..I’ve not been able to go to my PPA but I’ve been in touch with my boss…and I’ve not gone to the local government Secretariat for Registration……I don’t have issues with my PPA but I don’t know if it’s too late to go to the Secretariat now

  35. Good day,I relocated to Oyo state and I just received my ppa letter today, is it compulsory I go to my ppa this year

  36. If as a corp member .in u ppa dey send a school which is not government approved. Can will change compound like 3room standard for running primary and secondary school in Nigeria.with less down 85student.and less down 8student I a class.and with no primary 6 .jss3 and ss3 exam.

  37. Please I want know how many days in a week do I need to work in my PPA? And what time do I need to close from work for someone that resume work by 7:30am?

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