Benefits of Buying a UK Used Phone

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Are you confused about purchasing that second-hand phone? Or probably you have little or no knowledge regarding the various benefits of acquiring a used phone, we all have our various reasons for wanting to purchase a second-hand phone which is always the money factor, saving a bit of money in acquiring a second-hand phone is quite cost-effective.

This article is based on my personal experience involving purchasing of second-hand (UK used) phones and I would explain how to choose the best secondhand phone, and offer advice on buying a used smart phone.

Saving money by buying a second-hand smart phone for half the price or less seem to make a lot sense and you still get the value of your money, But we’d advise caution. You can, after all, acquire newly manufactured phones which are quite used phonesdepending on your financial status you can decide to get a second-hand (UK used) phone for a lesser price with same functions and features of acquiring a new phone, but the only difference is the prices and time period used before you acquiring it.

Benefit of buying a secondhand (UK used) phone

  • Very Affordable: You can easily acquire a second-hand phone Samsung galaxy S4 with just N45, 000 instead of the new Samsung galaxy S4 for about N70, 000. This is one of the main benefits of buying a second-hand phone.
  • Features and Functions: Purchasing a brand new phone and acquiring a second-hand UK used phone doesn’t mean their functions and features are different, it’s very much the same phone functions and features, the only differences could be the Operating systems on both devices.
  • Longer Lifespan: Buying a second-hand phone is actually great because you can still make use of the phone for 1, 2 years or even more depends on how you handle the device, the fact it is a used phone doesn’t mean the phone lifespan has reduced. NOTE: Always learn to buy a well-tested and clean second-hand phone.

I got my Bold 9900 as a second-hand UK used phone and made used of it for more than a year before upgrading to bold 9790.

Advice When Buying A Used Phone

Purchasing a second-hand uk used phone in Nigeria is quite a risk and involves several decision-making of which you have no idea about the previous owner and what he/she has done with the phone whether it’s in good condition or has a factory problem or some hidden faults. Well in life there are always risk to take and the outcome depends on your firm decision and choices made.

Also, are you prepared to go for an individual seller or will you place your trust in an established second-hand reseller? Do you know if the seller is actually selling a UK used phone or a Nigerian Used phone to u? This is why you must ensure you test every functions and features and take close interesting on how the phone looks in terms of the body, inside panels and outside looks before eventually paying.

Always get receipts and warranty, the warranty for Second hand UK used phones are up to 6 months. We all want affordable internet, phones and every other things in life. Live smart and be a Risk taker.


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  3. Hi,u are doing a grt job I must say…
    Wana ask regardin sony xperia z and Z1…I heard dat d fone lose some of its function wen upgraded to the latest andrioid 1(lollipop) os….pls confirm this for ♍e,and if its true, is there any solution to it?….I am interested in the fone
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