Best Holiday Games and Activities for Family Fun

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Every year, the games industry brings out new games, many tied into popular movies, television shows, and books. Instead of buying a game that will have limited appeal over the long run, save the money for rum toddies and choose a time-tested game that everyone will enjoy and will be easy on your holiday budget.

Tips for Choosing a Holiday Game

A good holiday game should include as many people as possible. Here’s what to look for when choosing a game:

Choose games that involve up to ten people. Games like Ghanaian Online Casinos that need only 2 to 4 players may be fun for a while, but they can rarely generate the great laughs and group spirit that characterize a game that includes plenty of people.

Choose games that are easy to play. Everyone should be able to master the rules within a few minutes, even if the fine points will be ironed out during the game. A game that comes with complicated instructions suck the fun out of a holiday gets together. With so much eggnog going around, few people want to exercise the brain cells unduly.

Choose games that are free or very reasonably priced. Why spend $50 or more on a board game that your family may play only once?

Playing Rummoli

Families and groups of friends have been enjoying Rummoli for decades. This poker-based game is suitable for just about everyone between the ages of 10 and 100. So long as they can count and understand cards and suits, they can play and enjoy a rousing game of Rummoli.

To make the game interesting, pennies can be substituted for poker chips so that at the end of the game the winner realizes a bit of a profit. But the aim of a good Rummoli game is to encourage fun and fellowship, not gambling. Some of the liveliest games of Rummoli are played with matches, tacks, or even chocolates – so long as they don’t melt all over the Rummoli cloth.

The rules of Rummoli are simple and there is just enough good-natured competition in the betting and acquisition of poker chips, pennies, matches, or whatever to keep everyone engaged for hours.

Playing Group Scrabble

Word lovers love Scrabble – and with good reason. A good Scrabble game jump-starts the brain. You can extend the Scrabble fun to include a group of five, six, or even more players – and multiply the fun. Group Scrabble is a fast-paced word game that keeps everyone on their toes through round after round.

All you need to play Group Scrabble is a pile of Scrabble tiles and a table. You don’t even need the Scrabble board! The game starts with all the tiles turned face down on the table. Each player then turns over a tile – one by one until the first player spies a word, yells it out, and then takes the tiles that make up the word. As the play progresses, players can make new words and build on existing words. Players can even “steal” words from other players so long as they can add a letter to make a new word.

Having Fun!

Relaxation and good humour are the two key requirements for having a great time with a group game. The competitive “must-win” mindset has no place at the Rummoli or Group Scrabble table. In fact, if things get too competitive, the hostess can either suggest a new game or gather everyone together for refreshments.

Fun Inexpensive Summer Activities

With the economy still being down in the dumps, it seems as if the social scene is suffering as well. This summer can still be fun with these cheap activities.

Camping and Water Fun

This age-old activity can still be fun whether a couple or family sleeps in a tent or brings a camper. For a small fee, camping in many state or private campgrounds can make for an excellent time. Many campgrounds schedule fun activities for children throughout the summer. Playgrounds, hiking and bike trails, and local attractions are all added perks commonly found at campgrounds. Besides, nothing beats sipping on that beverage chatting with good friends around a campfire.

Grab a tube and float down the river. It is that easy. With both tubing and canoeing, a livery will rent out either for a very cheap price. A bus will take a canoeist to a drop-off location, and the tube or canoe will float down a river until it lands back in the location where the canoeist left his car.

This activity is super easy if the river is nearby. Sometimes it makes sense for a person to purchase their own tube or canoe so they can keep doing this activity free of charge for the entire summer.

Free Concerts

Many times local festivals will be held over the summer and free concerts will be held. Of course, it won’t be the Jonas Brothers performing, but some surprisingly good names from the past often show up at these events.

Days at the Beach

This activity is essentially free minus the gas money. Whether the trip is strictly to get a tan, to swim in the water, or to build sandcastles, the beach can be a great family outing or a fun place to hang with friends. The beach is also great for getting some fun exercise. Walking through sand, playing frisbee, or playing volleyball all equal out to a great workout. Pack a lunch for a neat picnic in the sand.

Yard Games and Board Games

Have some friends over and create an all-day game competition. Ladder golf, bean bag toss, and lawn darts are just a few games that can be included. Board games are also a fun way to get people together and can be way more fun than anyone would expect.

The Park

A day at the park can be fun for adults or a family. Kids can play on the massive amounts of jungle gyms and playground equipment. Adults can make use of the free tennis court facilities and basketball courts. This is also another great place to pack a picnic.


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