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The economic crunch that almost everyone has felt to some extent has made it necessary for lots of families to resort to earning a second income to make ends meet. Many people are looking for an Internet income opportunity that will help supplement their existing income.

Home-Based Income is Possible: It Takes Determination, Effort, and Work

One of the first things to remember when searching the Internet for work at home jobs and employment opportunities for stay-at-home moms are that making money is work. It takes time and effort to make any online opportunity successful. So don’t be fooled by Internet advertisements that claim they have an easy and effortless way to make money with data entry, filling out forms, taking surveys, or selling some obscure product.

While many home-based income opportunities can generate cash, very few people can make enough money to call their earnings a second income. For people who are serious, dedicated, and motivated, online income is an attainable goal; however, it takes work. Few things in life, including making a decent online income, are effortless or free.

What is Passive Income?

The U.S. tax code, as written on the IRS website, considers passive income to be any money you earned, no matter if you were actively working toward generating it or not.

The people who refer to passive income and work from home in the same sentence, are usually talking about the income they make on a regular basis with little or no effort required to maintain it.

Who wouldn’t want to be able to sit on the couch, day in and day out, watching soap operas, while a stream of passive income overflows our bank accounts? Seriously folks, if it was that simple, the world’s workforce would all be Days of Our Lives junkies.

Creating a real passive income stream, while definitely doable and rewarding, is simply not as easy as many online advertisements might want you to think. However, there are a number of ways including online gambling Malaysia, a successful online income earner can make passive income at home. Three popular passive income ideas are listed below:

Affiliate Marketing — is a popular way to begin a passive income stream. Many companies will pay you a commission every time an agreed-upon action is completed. There are many different types of affiliate marketing, some geared toward product selling, and others toward ad clicks.

If the desired action, like an ad click or a sale, is linked to your affiliate number, then you will receive the agreed-upon percentage. Earning an income as an affiliate does require considerable set-up time, and creating a successful passive income as an affiliate marketer will be dependent on the types of products or service you choose to promote.

Writing — if you love to write, have knowledge of something that would be beneficial to readers, and have (or can learn) a basic understanding of search engine optimization, then joining an online magazine, publishing a blog, or writing article content would be a good way to set up a passive income stream. This option does require a considerable amount of time, patience, and written content; however, it can be very lucrative in the end.

Website Advertising — if you already have, or plan to create, a high traffic-volume website, you can offer to place advertisements, links, or banners on the site for a fee. For most people, this is one of the most difficult passive income strategies to make pay off, because you must have very high traffic to your site, and have a very good working knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO).

Passive Business Success Online Require Work

Making money requires work. You wouldn’t sit around a job all day smiling and waving blissfully at the boss when he or she walks by, while accomplishing nothing. If you did, you probably wouldn’t have your job for long, and you certainly would not make much money. Making money online, no matter which method you use is the same way.

If you want to make a decent second income with an online home-based business, the secret to success is work hard, work consistently, and then and only then, can you reap the benefits of a successful passive income stream.

Work From Home Scams

Because of the recent recession, there are growing numbers of people looking for extra income. Some will go and get a second job, others will take a risk and start a small business. Many will search online for a work at the home position so they can make extra money without compromising any family or leisure time.

Are there any genuine opportunities out there? Some ‘get rich quick’ schemes offer phenomenal earnings for an investment and not much else, they have the testimonials to prove it, but are they for real?

When you search for a work at home job, beware. Although it’s true that there are many ways to make a good living at home you have to put the hours in. Here are some of the ways you can be scammed without realizing it until it’s too late. You sign up, pay a fee (big or small), then you realize that you probably have a better chance of winning the lottery!

Selling Digital Products

You sell digital products online through a website set up for you by the company ‘A.’ All you apparently need to do is log in and see the profits roll in. They offer money-back guarantees and help in getting everything set up with search engines. When you pay and set things up, you try to submit them and next thing, you need to pay another $50 or so to be able to do it. These sites are sold to many people, so you don’t even have a unique product.

Freelance Work at Home

Some freelance sites offer cheap trials, for example, $1 for a seven-day trial. Sound good? Well, read the small print, because it says that if you do not cancel within the trial period then you will be charged a membership fee which can be around $50 per month. This can be an expensive lesson to learn if you don’t even make any money. Even if you decided to continue the membership, you have to bid on jobs so there is no guarantee, especially if you are a beginner. On some you will pay a ‘one off’ fee to set up the membership and all you will get is a directory of other companies who will want their own fees.

Data Entry Work at Home

Even job agencies cannot escape the scammers. You think that because you are on an agency site that they are all genuine positions. One advert read: Data Entry From Home- £250-£500 per week.

In this job, you will be entering data onto online forms and responding to emails.

When you apply you are told all about how quick and easy it is, all you need to do is send payment for your training materials via PayPal and you will receive everything immediately. Indeed you do, but all you receive is template letters that are exactly the same as what you yourself had got when you applied. Basically you are meant to advertise the same position with free ads (this is the online form filling) and respond to the applicants. The money you make is what you will charge other unsuspecting applicants.

There are many ways to make money working from home, but twice as many scams to suck you in. Some may not sound too severe but be warned, even if you don’t lose much money, these companies gather your information. At best you will be bombarded with more offers. Worst case, you could become the next ID fraud victim.


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