Beware of ‘Flubot’ Android Malware it can Steal Personal Information Like Bank Details

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Even after heavy protection, there are some dangerous apps that manage to infect the user’s device by hacking it. New malware is doing around on Android devices via text messages. The malware is known as “FLUBOT“, it can steal the user’s personal information like passwords.

Flubot Malware is Spreading on Android Devices via SMS in the UK, Spain, Germany, & Poland

Flubot Malware is Spreading on Android Devices via SMS in the UK, Spain, Germany, & Poland

The Flubot malware is spreading on Android devices SMS. A few country users have been targeted from UK, Spain, Germany, and Poland. The malware is showing itself as a delivery tracking app, the user gets a message that contains a delivery tracking link. The users are advised not to click on the given link and should report it by forwarding it to 7726. And it is better to remove the text from the phone.

If anyone clicks on the given link, the malware lets the hacker steal the banking information and password of your device. Once you go to the link, you will be taken to a fake website which is shown as a DHL webpage. The website will ask you to install an app on your phone to track your parcel. There is an APK link of the app with instructions on how to install the app.

After the app is installed, it asks for permissions which activates the Flubot malware to read all your messages, call logs, contacts, and everything on your phone. It can also create a fake login screen on the apps to steal your passwords like net banking ID passwords.

You should protect yourself from this Flubot malware. You should not click on any suspicious link with a delivery tracking message. If you have ordered something, then it is better to call customer service and ask about the courier. And if you haven’t order anything then do not click on the link.

If you have unfortunately installed the malware, then do not enter any passwords on the device. You must format your device immediately to get rid of the malware. Before formatting your smartphone, make sure you take a backup of your data.

For Android users, Google Play Store is the safest way to install the apps and games, as there are anti-malware protections that scan apps that are uploaded on the Play Store. It also has a Google Play Protect that scans the tool for malware.


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