Can the iPad Replace a Professional Drawing Tablet?

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Technology is now increasing its popularity day by day. Nowadays, we can do anything with an iPad. The design of an iPad is truly amazing. It can solve your all kinds of needs. It can also meet the needs of a drawing tablet. But before differentiate these two items; you need to learn the basics about these two.

We all know that drawing tablets can allow artists to make outstanding and gorgeous digital arts by using their skills. But now Apple with its high-tech generation iPads and pencil can provide you with the same features.

For better understanding, let’s take a look at the features of both items. Let’s check it out.

The drawing pencil:

The creative professionals need to rely on the graphics tablet for a multitude of tasks. The designers and professionals can draw outstanding images and drawings with the help of a drawing pencil. The pen is the most important part of a drawing tablet. Each and every stroke depends on it. A good pen can do the job perfectly on a bad tablet as well. A bad pen can ruin the entire story as well. The apple pencil is the most accurate thing that you can use for drawing.

The Apple iPad pencil can support the sensitivity at the time of the drawing. It has the best sensitivity level that can control your pressure over each and every pencil stroke. The designers and professionals share their views and place the Apple pencil on the top. It can meet the needs of your professional graphic tablet. You do not need that one. You can work on iPads with the help of this pencil.

The software:

The graphic tablet needs to connect the computer in order to get help from reliable design software. So, it needs a lot of arrangements in order to work on a graphic tablet. But iPad Pro comes with an Apple pencil. It can also run software itself through the apps.

It can work as a sole computer device. The main difference between these two models is their software working capability. The iPad has a number of drawing applications such as Adobe Photoshop Sketch, Autodesk Sketchbook and all. If you want to design, draw and paint, there are a lot of software options available. You can also work on an iPad at some professional standards and stages.

Programme buttons:

The professional graphic tablet can be available in different sizes and prices. It also comes with a set of buttons. You can also customize it as per your needs. You can use these buttons for some sort of short cuts for your favourite brushes. You can also use this button for undo and all. The tablet can make your whole task easy and simple.

But unfortunately, an iPad does not have these features. In this case, you will have to double-tap the pencil in order to switch tools. Apart from the options available on your screen, you do not have other shortcuts to perform smartly and alternatively as well. This is the only flaw of the iPad.

Tilt and rotation:

The graphic drawing tablet can be handled easily. You can smartly tilt and rotate it as per your requirements. You can also rotate it in order to draw the broader and narrower stroke. Tilting and rotating are the most useful techniques at the time of the drawing.

But it is very sad that the iPad only supports one of them. iPad supports tilted sensitivity. Also, Apple pencil does not support rotation facility.

The main function of digital drawing is to choose the perfect device. As you can see that the iPad is not exactly killing the facilities that a drawing tablet has. But it is for sure that the iPad is not a mere device. It is something more than that. You can feel the change and performance as well with the iPad.

But if you want a smooth and struggle-free drawing, then you should go for the graphic tablet. This device can give you a perfect drawing experience and also so many facilities as well. But if you do not care about the rotation, then you can go for the iPad. Apart from this, Apple software can also run so many advanced applications that you can use at the time of the drawing


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