Review of the Best Laptops for Students

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The time has long passed when education was based on obtaining information from textbooks and various library books. We live in an age of digital technology that helps us in this complex process of acquiring knowledge, sometimes without even leaving home.

In order to get the necessary information, you need a high-quality laptop or computer and a global network. Using a laptop, students can perform a variety of assignments, in particular, write essays, term papers, dissertations, make presentations and practice reports, etc.

When difficulties arise when performing such tasks, they can turn for help to reliable specialists such as and get a high-quality paper. But, nevertheless, every modern student simply needs a laptop, so in this article, we will review modern laptops that are suitable for educational purposes.

What Should be a Laptop for Study?

A laptop for study should perform all the necessary tasks with high quality:

  • Internet access. Modern education is practically impossible without access to the global network because a student can find any information or a picture, learn something new, study facts, watch videos there, etc.;

  • The ability to type text and create spreadsheets. Students often need to write papers and illustrate the written information by creating spreadsheets. Therefore, this function is simply necessary for a laptop selected for study;

  • The ability to complete practical tasks. Students regularly perform practical assignments, for example, to create presentations. A high-quality laptop is usually used during its creation;

  • The function of watching videos. On the Internet, there are many educational videos on various topics that make an invaluable contribution to student education;

  • Entrance to the social networks. After registration in social networks, a student can communicate with classmates in free time, receive the necessary educational information, share homework, etc.

Therefore, a laptop that is capable to perform all of the above functions is perfect for education purposes. But, in this matter, the price also plays an important role. It should be acceptable.

Review of Modern Laptops

Let’s review a few laptop models that are ideal for students:

  • Lenovo IdeaPad 320-15IAP. This model has a unique design that cannot be compared with other laptops. In addition, we get not only a 4-core processor but also a fairly large amount of RAM 4 GB, as well as a discrete Radeon graphics card with 2 GB of video memory;

  • Acer Nitro 5 AN515-31-547R. This laptop is perfect for educational purposes and for entertainment, so it can be used both during the study and during leisure. The main parameters of this model are able to ensure uninterrupted operation during training and playing modern computer games;

  • Asus R540NA — GQ089T. This model will be most suitable if you purchase a laptop only on the basis that it will fulfill basic tasks and goals. It has a basic 2-core Intel Celeron processor, but a sufficient amount of RAM 4 GB;

  • HP 255 G7 (7DF13EA) Dark Ash. The company HP, the world leader in the personal computer market, presents a fully-featured laptop equipped with all the necessary functions for solving educational problems and connectors for quickly connecting additional devices. The laptop has a favorable price and allows you to always stay in touch. The laptop is equipped with an SD card slot;

  • HP 15-bw636ur (2WH69EA). This model can serve as additional confirmation that the 2-core processor can have good performance, and a budget laptop may not have an integrated video chip, but a full-fledged discrete graphics card.

Thus, we conducted a review of modern laptops that perfectly perform their functions and therefore are very popular among students around the world. Choose the model that suits you!


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