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Chat With Glo Customer Care Line

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Glo customer care line is always available for its subscribers having difficulty communicating or reaching a Glo customer care representative via call centre can now easily get  in contact with an online customer care representative, this is so far the fastest way to get your issues or complaints resolved. you don’t have to wait for the endless call queues before it gets to your turn and when it finally reaches you, they tell you to call again, this can be so annoying.

Call Centre

Our phone-in Call Centre provides a 24/7 and 365 days customer support where customer issues, requests, complaints, and questions are catered for over the phone. We have specialised Call Centres for Prepaid, Postpaid, Glo Business, BlackBerry and other segments of customers. Our Call Centres ensure prompt and efficient attendance to and resolution of all customer issues, from information and enquiries, to requests or complaints resolution.

You can reach our call centre by dialling 121 or 200 from your phone, or simply send an email to

How to Chat with a Glo Customer Care Rep Online

  • Visit glo website: Globacom
  • To chat immediately with a Glo customer care representative, just click on the chat icon available at the bottom left corner of  Globacom website, enter your name and your message and kindly wait for their reply.



Glo teams of professional experts at the Gloworld are always ready to provide expert advisory/support as may be required as follows but not limited to:

  • Advice on packages
  • Information on technologies and applications
  • Guidance on usage and billing
  • Resolution of complaints

Live Chat

Our live chat service is available anytime on the website. This provide a quick avenue to reach us when you are online. Just click on the chat icon available wherever you are on our website to chat immediately with a customer care representative.

Our live chat is intuitive, that means it follows wherever you surf to our our website, that way when you have any information need on any section of the website where you are, you can chat right from there.

Social Media

We have also explored the social media avenues to reach our customers. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blackberry Channel, Google+ and Eskimi. All you need to do is follow us on any social channel or site and be amongst the first to get information on our product/service offers/release and giveaways. You ca also chat with us on social media, you can send in complaints/enquiries as posts or tweets and we’ll respond to you in the shortest possible time.

Be a part of this great network; like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Google+ and much more as applicable across social channels where you follow us. We’ll be glad to attend to you anytime on social media.


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201 thoughts on “Chat With Glo Customer Care Line”

  1. A number called me like 3 weeks ago,the number ended with 0025 or 2500 but i cant recollect.The purpose is that some goods were sent to me through the man and i did not save the number while I’m in need of the number .Please ,help me with all received calls in my account or the number to be able to solve my problem because i did not store and see it on received calls again. My number is 08055862951 -Adegoke Ibrahim Iyanda.

  2. Pls my bonus overload is 4800 what do I use it for?
    Can I use to make calls
    Can I transfer to others, can I use it to subscribe, how can I use it?

  3. I couldn’t make calls from my glo for the past 5 hours now but could only manage to browse,I ve regreted great loss by this awkward act of the so called network.

  4. i’m using a BB z10,phone has connected with glo network, but cnt connect with the internet,need your assistance pls.
    Glo no is 08117190776.Tnks

  5. please, I seriously need your immediate help. Since yesterday morning I can’t call or text with my Glo sim and I have important calls to make
    Glo number: 07052732060

  6. I am having or experiencing challenges with your network. How on earth will you be deducting my account 100 Naira for services I have not applied for. I called your care line wherein you promised to returned and deregister my line but up to this movement you did nothing.

  7. my nos is 08079877609. i loaded N1000 airtime on saturday evening, on sunday i sent some messages at d cost of less than N200 & this morning N120 I ought to have a balance of N600+ But im having N352 as my balance, pls why this abnormal deduction.

  8. my glo number is 08114776455. I am in glo bundle, though they used to give me 30mb on every recharge of N200, but I have never benefited from the bonus of x 3 that is been advertised. why

  9. Pls i’m on glo bumpa plan, and I wish to migrate to glo bounce plan. Pls what code am I to use, because I have tried *170*4#, but it didn’t work. Pls I need your help. Pls reply, Thanks

  10. Good Afternoon,i’m trying to Lodge a complain about my line.i was given a bonus of two thousand naira.which i can’t use and i don’t really know what is my phone no:08072314300

  11. Have called the customer care they direct me here to complain. they told me that I used d wrong code.Wat I want is my money

  12. Hello, i missed place my glo sim and i wish to re-trief it back online but i don’t know how to go about it, please one who can lead me through?

  13. i recharged my glo sim on my gtb acc and first bankacc,but u are not credited my account,help me find solution to it…..

  14. please Sir, I have an issue with my church line(Deeper life), towards the end of February or beginning of March, I discovered an information on my phone ” Sim Card registration failed”, my line was active that day and I made calls with it few hours before I saw that information, and from that moment , I could not make or receive calls, I was completely disconnected, again , as of that moment, I was not owing, my due date was usually 25th of every month. I went to Glo office Abuja and was told that my Line(number) has been given to another person that came to do welcome back, and I ask ” a line that is active?, and duly registered?”, for what?, Am I owing or not recharging”, how has that been my concern?, who did that?. all these questions did not attract any answer, I was only told that they will look into it, I later called the customer service and told me that the line was deactivated, I told them that the Line is active somewhere and that I cannot take it like that since that number was registered, if anybody commit crime with that number, I will be held responsible, as of yesterday, I was there in Abuja office and was told that there is nothing they can do about that I should take a new line, if I should take a new line ,what happens to the registration that I made, A call was put across to the new subscriber and she said that she is not even a deeper life, how come you give out a church line to non member of the church.
    Sir I think I have waited enough(2 months) for that line to be retrieved back to me and all to no avail,I will only wait for the next one week and if nothing is done, then I will take up the matter to the Nigerian communication commission(NCC) to help us look into the matter, because there is nothing else I can do, and I need my Number back because it is registered.The church line number is 08150609391, you can reach me on 08055169341.
    Thanks and God bless u.

  15. sir, it is so unfortunate to glo as a company not to have network at my area for five days, i mean yashikira, , baruten local govt, kwara state . It’s so disheartening. I do not know if the company knew what it stands to lose if you are dropped. so embarrassing.We have been conversant with failure of service every weekend. Do something before we users revolt.

  16. why is my glo line saying “sorry your call can not be completed due to congestion on line” pls help I can’t make call on my line

  17. I bought a glo sim yesterday and i was told to wait for another one hour before i activated it, but up till now its not working, what’s the matter

  18. my forscom line is 08075429799. I dialled *124# about 3 weeks ago in reaction to message which promised one month free subscrption. I was informed immediately that my subscrption date had been extenteded to July 8. Today 9th June my line has been suspended and am asked to subscribe . Pls rectify this as it will amount to falsehood and deceit contrary to sales of goods Act as upheld by consumer protection council and national communication commission in nigeria.

  19. I recharges my glo line for BB10 subscription yesterday and send COMONTH to 777 my #1000 was deducted but my BB service was not activated. I need to restore my subscription as soon as possible. My number is 09050066953

  20. Glo Data network is so poor in Sagamu, ogun state, kindly do something about it because it used to be the best network before

  21. Just bought a sim card from a glo outlet office, registered it at once since on the 11th of July, yet not functioning till now. The number is 08057382675.

  22. I use Acer iconia b1 711 that does not receive calls I remove the sim to another phone to recharge. Is there any other way of recharging? My phone number is data: 080342501

  23. I have loaded #1000 card commission bonus is not given to me as term and condition apply please kindly credit my bonus. 08055947037

    • This article is just to tell you about visiting glo website and chatting with their online customer care, If that didnt work, you can always call Glo customer care line 121. Thank You

  24. How can I stop the auto-borrow me credit cause have been trying to dial *321# but it was displaying it not successful, and everytime I recharge on my Line they deduct their loan credit then replace it with auto-Borrow credit and I was the one that activate the auto- Borrow Credit

  25. I can’t call other network on my Glo sim and I can’t call glo customer care cuz dis problem.pls I nid ur assistance ooo.

  26. Pls have been unable to call out on my line since yesterday ,I even try to call 121 ,the call wasn’t go at all.Pls help me out ooo.THANKS 08111378075

  27. I am having issues with this language stuff, i don’t understand Yoruba and its really unfair that that’s the only language 121 uses.

  28. please help me check what is happening to my monthly data bundle. I want it to be just one, instead of too many that isreally confusing me now. And the way my data burns is surely frightening. pls help me. er

  29. ou guys re just removing my credit any how when im on post paid and i do subscribe for BB BIS so why they still remove my credit……………………………….why 08058201075

  30. Your Comment * I want to confirm if this text message is from glo, it read thus: you are cordially invited for GLO LAFTA FEST this sunday@ Eko Hotel by 4p.m. Pls present this SMS as your INVITE @ the venue. GLO Unlimited!

  31. I just subscribe for 4.5gb am not enjoying my browsing at all is very slow on like my etisalat can u rectify the problem

  32. Your Comment *please Am using a sim registered by my kid bro nd I have Lost my phone with d sim in it … i wanna d wlcom back But d problem is my bro don’t remember d name he registered d sim with…. please nd please I really need help Dats if u guys can help me in anyway cos dat sim is my source of income ……08057573484 dats d number

  33. Please help me I have been trying load airtime but is not going ,it keep saying I should contact my services provider. This is my number 08112465205 thanks

  34. Your Comment please I have subscribed with 1000 naira data plan, so i am asking which code will i use to check the balance of my data and expiry date?

  35. Pls dear am having problem n glo customer line is answering me wit hausa all time,seconder I think my little one’s answer something to 7078 loading of which I dnt do pls I love to disconnect it fast as possible or send me any glo office near Gbagada dat I cn go pls.tanks

  36. I subscribed to bb and they sent me a message that it gonna expire on the 29the of this October. This morning bring 11th, got a message from 777 that my 3g subscription has expired. Why is that so?

  37. sir,
    I humbly wish to notify you that every time I recharged, e next I will see is deduction for text messages or calls I didn’t make or call. is become very alarming to the point that I am contemplating if my line is not from glo but somewhere else.
    Sir pls use ur good office to see to it that all those deductions are refunded back. Thanks and God bless.

  38. my problem is my post come line ,icant not abl to make call. i was directed to call costomer care on 200 but is not reachable,

  39. If I bought a one month data plan on 6 November, 2015, how then is it possible that I have used 70% of my one month duration (this question arises due to the SMS you sent me this morning) ?

  40. Hello larious…it is nt easy,i knw 2 many messages…i rili nid ur help i cant call n my frds cant call mi too,i cant browse n d most painful part is dat i subscribe…ive registed my line…any tym i try to call bla bla bla congestion on d network seriously i nid ur help….

    • I have been having issues with my glo Sim, after my subscription yesterday I couldn’t make calls, I called the customer care line and they said that am not in my glo bumpa account anymore that I should dial 10010*1# of wish I did but the response is that the profile am about to migrate to is the same as my current profile…. Please try and do something about it ASAP… Cause am getting fed up secondly, please deactivate me from auto borrow credit.. My name is Holy and my number is 08159066090 from Port Harcourt

  41. Hello sorry have been trying to subscribe some days ago now I can’t. n have try 121 dey are not solving it for me.I recharge my phone I want to do montly sub for android is not activated since like I done a day sub 100# n I still have 20mb n is pre activated.please help me with it I need to sub urgently,biko.

  42. I’m unable to recharge.pls help rectify this problem happens atimes dat I will call ur customer care number and 4 a very long time you won’t answer.pls help me rectify d problem.cos rite now I want to recharge.pls

  43. Hello I just subscribed glo bis this evening and I was told to wait for one hour, but its over one now and I’ve not gotten any confirmation sms, but my 1k has been taken..please help

  44. pls i reacharged my simcard yesterday 21/01/16 with #500 airtime, but i wasnt given any MB. now this morning the message i recieved was that your 30MB will expire 21/01/16. and immediately i recharged yesterday i tried checking my data balance and all i saw was” YOU DATA BALANCE IS BOUNCE”. i am totally confused, pls help.

  45. I use Lenovo Android Phone ,I subscribe to BB plan of 1000 for 3GB and the amount has been deducted .But up till now I have not been connected .What can I do next.

  46. hiiii i m using glo, my no is 09053920630 i am using this no since August, 2015 this no. is registered as cug no .My issue is this ,whenever i recharge my no. the just deduct the whole amount .I m totally Fed up with the Glob Service .This is my official no. n i have to face so many problems just bcoz of this thing .

  47. Pls kindly deactivate all weekly and monthly subscription on my Glo line (08073536106). I do not need any for now.

  48. hello, i recharge(#1000) on my sim card using *223*PIN NO# and i was expecting to get 1GB AND #1000 call credit but to my suprise, i didnt get any of the two.Kindly help on this ASAP.


  49. For some months there have been no glo network in Igarra, Akoko Edo LGA of Edo State. How can glo claim efficiency in service delivery. My CUG line has gone docile due to network problem and yet Glo sends me message monthly to recharge my account. This is absurd.

  50. Hello pls I use my first mobile account to top my glo line. My money have be deducted but my glo line is not credit.pls my number ( 08071281594

  51. Glo please stop exploiting us with your massive data plan & a very sluggish network. It so annoying, pls fix it ASAP. I reside in festac & everybody is complaining about ur poor service

  52. I can’t recharge, if I dial d pin,d response is,a problem as occurred in refill. I called customer care,they said dial 123,which I did,not going, call d customer care again, didn’t pick my call since yesterday.

  53. i bought a card ealier morning today but i didnt a mistake by scrashing the card i lost 2 digit number on it, i want you to kindly help me get the card send too my mail here is the serial number of the card 390463313069558 that is the serial number for the card i have also been trying too call your customer careline but i was unable too reach you pls kindly help me out i have an important call too make tonight pls

  54. I bought Glo cards 200 each to load on my phone but was drenched by rain, so while scratching the care I mistakenly scratched out some numbers, most of the serial numbers was also out…. Please help me out

  55. Please I went to do my welcome back today and am still unable to use it showing sim registration failed please help me my number is 09059847562

  56. i just loaded N500 recharge.
    An advert to get N1800.00 plus other offers by dialing *170* something something for ten days appeared.

    It disappeared before I could complete the dialing.

    Please complete the code for me.My number 08052011680

  57. I’m using BlackBerry Z3, I did my monthly BlackBerry plan about 2 weeks ago, I noticed that my Internet connection is often on Edge, and the browsing is so slow and frustrating. Many a times I do switch off the phone to see if it will change but it goes back to Edge in minutes. What do I do?

  58. hello i bought a card of 200 naira, glo card as i was scratching it some number srape away , this the card number 5324633296…..51, and this teh serial number, 890665307184622, please you can recharge to my fone directly this my fone number, 08054138683, i will xpecting it oooh

  59. I bought £5 glo number on the 9/10/16, have tried it several times. Said the number was incorrect. Please can it be resolved for me. The card number is 00 6 87309889004


  60. I reached with *223*pin# for data topup instead of monthly data plan it gave me from 11th November 2016 till 27th November 2016 its not up to a month how can it be corrected I called customers care no respond

  61. I welcome back my glo line after loosing my handset, i can receive calls also send my, but i can’t recherge or check my balance, what can i do

  62. We have a big problem network on glo. To make call or browsing is worst network people are running away for your line because no improvement at all always bad network everyday. Along Iwo road to Egbeda local government till Asejire plant I mean coca cola And all water side. Find solutions for useless network oooooo glo everyday bad network

  63. I’ve always been on Biggy plan and I was automatically changed to flex. Pls, I want to go back to my Biggy plan because that is the most suitable plan for my business.

  64. Unable to register my new glo no 08053555333@ the H/M. Center b/c it was “not sending”. Pls find out wat de issue is. Thanks

  65. Comment:i am Akintunde Ganiyu with Glo no-08052137124.The issue i have is that at atimes my sim will not have network and it has started since Monday this week.Pls help me out

  66. I just called customer care service now, and I was told to call back. I do recharge my glo line but to notice my card just disappeared. I left the line for a while and tried recharging again last week 14th or 17th I guess with 100 naira but to just make a call today 20th with the line and my call dropped within 8secs. I checked my account balance and found out the whole card has been deducted. Can you please tellme what is going on?

  67. My name is Gbemi Omotoye with phone no-08113225851.

    I tried to recharge #200 card but it was given complaining of ‘’A PROBLEM OCCURRED DURING REFIL, CONSULT CUSTOMER CARE’’

    SERIAL NO OF THE CARD-9912653068893488 (it’s not clear very well)
    BATCH NO-0052960018
    USE BEFORE-28/12/2019

    Please help me to clarify it , I scratched card myself it’s not paper card.


  68. I bought a Glo recharge card, scratched it myself carefully without defacing any number. when I loaded the card, my phone displayed invalid pin.
    The particulars are:
    pin no: 32200 81539 32410
    serial no: 991263005204658
    batch no: 003196C002
    use before: 20/12/2019
    my phone no: 08154470245
    value of card: N200

  69. Good afternoon, please what do I do? Glo said my pin code has been blocked when i was trying to activate my glo transfer pin.

  70. Morning,I have been trying to use glo share and sell since last night but all to no avail, my no is 08076969679 pls what could be the cause?

  71. Hello,av bought 1000 naira Glo twice this month for data subscription just barely two weeks now and immediately I loaded it,the message was given to me that it would expire on the 22nd of this nmonth,I thought it was a n stake because its a whole month subscription until another message came in yesterday reminding me that the card I loafefd the second week of this month will expire this Saturday,kindly rectify it please my Glo number is. 09058035014

  72. my name is mr olalekan I bought a glo recharge card scratched it by my self and missing some number on scratching it please me to clarify it, this is the serial
    my number-08076855073

  73. Good morning sir /ma…hve getting continuous message since yesterday morning concerning my mb expiry date, nd it’s yet to expire..can they please stop sending dat message to me cos it running my ba3 down….dey should take a chill pill till wen it’s d d-day…tnx.. my number 07051798962

  74. iloaded card of 1000 naira yesterday for data with *223*pin HARSH THEY REPLY ME WITH 100plan and till today evening ,instead of 3.2gb what can I do my number is 07052285131

  75. My mother register for glo, I transfer #200 to her, after using the credit to make call, her line was not reachable so she register the line again and recharge #200 and the line was going and after two days again the line is saying not reachable for 4 days now. 08115439306

  76. Comment:my credit is just deducted anyhow and its everyday and I’m not notified the reason for the deduction…what can I do?

  77. My name is Hilary I have been using your 10,000 Gb data plan but recently the way you company deduct my data I do not understand I have switched off almost everything app in my phone except my email and what app and most times I switched off my data still you keep deducting my data please check your system if something is wrong I doubt if I will still use glo data if this continues

  78. Comment:Am Archibong Edet Archibong
    I charge my phone in my neighbor house
    because the electrician were doing maintenance
    work in my house . then where I charge the phone
    someone try to open and it was blocked, since I have
    misplaced the pack please kindly help
    my phone is 090 5543 2417

  79. I bought 3g data of 1000 for 1600+1600 making 3200 but now I haven’t received any message about the rest 1600 I was just St given the normal 1600 only and I have been trying to reach customer care to make complain they were not picking up for thirty minutes

  80. Morning d name is nice am having problems doing TF with this line cos dats what I use in registering my bank and now I can’t use pls what will I do……

  81. Comment: Pls l want to speak to customer care representative but my phone is speaking hausa snd l don’t understand hausa so how can l change it to English

  82. Your internet services are not available to the required quality. Also you automatically change the charge platform on the expiration of the normal data charge platform.

  83. I was doing recharge my number 08115035648 by recharge card 500 naira. But I didn’t get balance so I tried many times. because of that my recharge facility has been blocked. Please help me and reset it.

    Manoj Kumar

  84. Pls I can’t restore my whatsapp messages and media with my Glo network but I can browse with it and I need to restore this messenges and media, as I just reinstalled a new whatsapp.

  85. As you remove my money for night plan and you have it to me through out the night you did not let me used it now you are removing my data if you won’t make that night plan active from the pause ilyou put it if you are reading this you will die all your co-workers will die even anyone of you will die cause the money I used for this plan I suffered I wash someone cloth to get it if you will not make that plan active May GoD wrench your family am looking forward to your reply

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