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AnonyTun VPN Tunnel is a completely free & fast VPN tunnel with unlimited servers with no limit and also helps you bypass ISPs limitations and restrictions. AnonyTun is a brand free VPN tunnel which was created to solve the problems our various ISP networks have imposed on us.


AnonyTun Free Unlimited Browsing With 400 Naira On 9Mobile

ISP Problems We Face Everyday

These are some of the problems I and I’m sure you also face on a daily basis. I personally suffer frequently from Blacklisted ISP IP address which basically means i can’t log in PlayStation Sony because my ISP’s IP address has been blacklisted by them which means i can’t go online on my PS4 console but i have a found a way around that.

  • Blacklisted ISP’s IP addresses.
  • ISP Geo Restrictions.
  • IP ban based on your location.
  • ISP blockage of some websites and content.
  • ISP Bandwidth limits.
  • Slow ISP speed.
  • Poor Web history and content protection by ISP networks.

So, what does AnonyTun VPN Tunnel Offer?

AnonyTun VPN Tunnel was created for the sole purpose of solving these problems which means the bypass of Geo restrictions by the ISP and to access location restricted content; including but not limited to providing protection for web history and content transferred when using public Wi-Fi.

AnonyTun also provides different techniques to circumvent firewall blockage and access hidden content including the most popular HTTP custom header or HTTP injection.
These technique require some advance knowledge and are most useful in the hands of professional users.

Download AnonyTun

AnonyTun VPN Tunnel Features

  • Secure connection
  • SSL Tunnel
  • HTTP Tunnel
  • TCP Tunnel
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Anti DPI
  • Global server locations
  • No root
  • Battery saver
  • Ability to use parent proxy server
  • Payload Generator / HTTP Custom Header
  • Modify outgoing requests.
  • Zlib data compression

Download AnonyTun

AnonyTun VPN Tunnel Review

I downloaded the app some minutes after launch and I am writing this review based on version 1.1 which i tested, and it worked well for me but some other users complained it crashed on their devices but an update was immediately pushed to users v1.2 which solved this crashing issues on various devices which means the Art of Tunnel, the owners of AnonyTun really mean business.

  • I launched Anonytun and saw “AnonyTun is ready to connect” which makes the app ready to go. It doesn’t waste your time with splash screens or loading screens which is good thing because end users don’t like their time wasted.

  • I was curious, so i clicked on “Stealth Settings” and this is what i saw. For those hat don’t know – this is a custom settings page where you can input your settings based on your own custom settings, tunnel it through different connection protocols, ports, proxy & TCP/HTTP headers. This is mainly for the advanced, stone cold users not the fluffy kind of users.

  • I clicked back because i was overwhelmed a little with the stealth settings page. So, i went back to the main page and clicked “Connect“.

  • When you click “Connect“… this screen pops up to Allow Connection, Click on “Allow”
  • AnonyTun is connected! All your internet problems have been solved.

Download AnonyTun

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