Easy ways to be a more Careful Smartphone user

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smartphone-addiction-illustrations-cartoons-9__605Smartphones can be addictive at times especially when you spend so much time transiting from one website to another and social media platforms to the other. This, to a very large extent, has made many smartphone users susceptible to the dictates and control of their phones. In fact, many can’t do without their smartphones for even a seconds. This addiction with your phone could result to something catastrophic.

Jovago.com, Africa’s N1 Online Hotel Booking Portal, Lagos rounds up some simple ways on how you can be a more conscious smartphone user.


Install fewer games

Android operating system gives you unlimited access to download different applications including games. First, if you are a game freak (spending hours on the console) as well as addicted to your phone, it is advisable that you uninstall the game and afterwards download fewer games. This would make you more conscious smartphone user.

Don’t use your phone to do everything.

Smartphones can perform diverse functions that it is possible that you wouldn’t drop it during the day. You can read books, send emails, type responds and a host of other things. Hence, instead of relying on the phone to do everything, just determine that you would abdicate your phone for some hours and use other tools to perform your duties. For example, responding to mail by writing a letter in black and white.


Turn off notifications.

This is another good measure. Turn off the nomination and concentrate on other things. It is a common feature on the road or behind the wheels to observe pedestrians and drivers battling with their gadgets. This is because they keep receiving notifications and is dangerous especially if you are a regular Road users…just Turnoff the notifications.


Put your cell phone in its place.

This entails using your phone as at when due and when it is extremely important. Aside from this, allow the phone be. When you are driving, leave the phone on the dashboard, when you are home, leave on the table and if you are at work, you can either turn off the notification or place the phone on vibration.


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