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With the help of digital technology, About Ebola app was developed,  About Ebola is an app where people can learn about Ebola and how to prevent and contain the virus. Also swiftly spread awareness across multiple mobile platforms due to the fact  we do almost everything on our mobile phone.  You can now download About Ebola app to learn the facts about the virus in your local languages and  get to know more about the Ebola deadly virus and possible symptoms.

Anyone can access about Ebola virus App information on any Android device and also on iOS for iPhone and iPad can be downloaded. An additional benefit of the About Ebola app is based on smartphones, any individuals who possess this technology tends to help others especially  in rural areas. Well-equipped individuals can use the materials in the app to reach a large number of their friends, family members and neighbors.

Ebola is a type of virus that passes from wild animals to humans during contact, including hunting, handling, cooking and eating undercooked meat.

By taking simple precautions for you and your family, you can help to prevent the virus from spreading and help to protect your friends, your family and your community.
Please do your part to educate others about the Ebola virus so that we can work together to stop it!
Educate your family and friends about the Ebola virus with this app. Talk openly about the risks and what you can do to protect yourself. Information is power!

How to Download About Ebola App

Android users can download About Ebola App from Google Play store, and on iOS for iPhone and iPad can download from iTunes store

I hope this Article has impacted knowledge and information to save lives today and help prevent the spread of Ebola Virus.



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