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Today I’m sharing the top free MP3 download sites 2017 edition. Music is the best among all the entertainment channel if you willing to kill your leisure time in a calm and peaceful way. As you know music is omnipresent which is loved by everyone who listens to it. The internet is the best place to download music, videos, MP3 and other related stuff. It is necessary to know the best free music downloads sites to download your desired music to your computer or smartphones. Best part you can use these Mp3 download sites are completely free, which makes it easy for access to anyone.

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free mp3 download sites

We’re sharing these sites because of Ashik Tricks readers demand, so better you go through the post completely we’ve added 10+ best free music download sites with a detailed review about those newly released music download sites

10+ Free MP3 Download Sites 2017 To Get Free Music Downloads For Android, Computer, and Tablets

The internet is big, I mean it is the vast place to get anything no matter whenever or where ever you are! As a tech geek, you need to know about the free music download sites to download your favorite songs online without searching manually them in the Google.

Latest 10+ free MP3 Music Downloads Sites That Worth Checking

#1. Mp3 Skull


Mp3 Skull is the part of free mp3 music download sites that I’ve encountered while hunting for free Mp3 download sites 2017. It allows you to download and stream the Mp3 via internet completely for free! It equipped with the quick search which let you enter any singer or Music name it search for all music in their directory and shows best in the results page. Mp3 Skull site has top music and now playing widget which helps you to choose the current trend of Mp3 music songs.

On homepage of this free mp3 download site, you can check out top 20 downloads (mp3 songs which are most downloaded by users). You can also sort mp3 songs via their bitrate which will help you in getting most high quality song for free. TO be frank, it is one of best free music downloads sites. You should try out this mp3 download site once if you looking for best mp3 download site from long time.

Link to -> MP3 Skull

#2. BeeMP3s

BeeMP3s is another great name when it come for free MP3 download sites 2017. It’s mobile friendly site, with its huge MP3 Database you can download any music files without any issues, best part it is completely cost-free. With its one-click download options, it has become easy for both computer and android smart phone users to download desired pieces of music. This is the top recommendation if you looking for free MP3 downloads for android and other smartphones.

You can check best songs and best artists on homepage of this mp3 download site. Moreover, on this music download site you can find songs via first alphabet name of the song which is very time saving. You can also check ratings of any song before downloading it too.

Link to -> Bee MP3s

#3. MP3Raid

MP3Raid is another one of big fish in the free Mp3 download sites industry. Actually is an MP3 search engine unlike Google which is universal Search, MP3raid is the MP3 search engine. It has all many features for great user experience like sorting by Artist, Genre..etc while you lost in searching for particular music. Finding international and regional MP3 songs is mush easier with this website.

It is one of best free music downloading sites, but recently government of many countries have blocked this music downloading site. So, you have to use VPN or any proxy to visit this site.

Link to -> MP3 Raid

#4. MP3Box

MP3Box is a great site to download MP3 music for free with few simple clicks. My favorite free site to download musicMP3box is the biggest directory for MP3’s music, Albums, Artist collections..etc. It is outstanding and must visit the site to download free MP3. It has many features like filters while searching, listening to music online, few clicks download and you’ll find much when you dig deeper into this amazing site. Although it best free music download sites it ranked in #4 for somewhat drawbacks.

On homepage of this free music downloading site, you can check top 25 songs, top 25 artists, top 25 albums, top 25 artists. From all these top songs, artists etc. you can easily find most popular songs which are available for free download. You can also search for your favourite artist name, song name or album name to download it for free.

Link to -> MP3 box

#5. MP3Fusion

MP3Fusion is best free MP3 download site in 2017 and great way to search your desired music better than Google!. It has many feature which includes  MP3 fusion is one among these free music downloading sites 2017. The MP3 fusion made us easy to download MP3 without any hassle and completely for free.

MP3Fusion is one of oldest mp3 downloading sites and gaining fame day by day. From their navigation bar, you can check out Top 100 Downloads, Last 200 searches, Full Albums too. On Homepage, you can check a big search bar from which you can download free mp3 song.

Link to ->  MP3 Fusion

#6. DjRaag

Another great Site to download Mp3 music for free without the clutter-free user interface. DiRaag is specifically filled with Bollywood songs in the form of Mp3 music available for download directly from their server for free without going anywhere else. Finally, I’ll say it is the linkable site in the free Hindi Mp3 download sites 2017 list.

In India, it is one of best free mp3 download sites from which you can download free songs. This site is best for you if you are looking for a free music downloading site from which you can download latest songs of latest Bollywood movies, then DJRaag is best music download site for you. Moreover, this site is updated regularly with fresh content which is a plus point for sure. This site has it’s top 20 section too from which you easily download latest songs which are trendy in that week.

Link to -> DJRaag

#7. YouTube

Read YouTube video, not available problem fix

YouTube! wait don’t hesitate I not made any mistakes. YouTube is biggest video directory on the Internet at present. There are many Video songs, Albums, collections available in the YouTube so you can use video to Mp3 service, to convert your video file into audio within online then download as MP3 file. I’ve added this to free MP3 music download sites because almost all video from most of the language is alive in the YouTube. But it is quiet long process though effective way to download MP3 music for free!.  I think still it is better.

Basically, it is not a free mp3 download site but you can download free mp3 songs with the help of YouTube videos to MP3 converter. Basically, search for any song which you want to download copy that video URL and Paste it into any of below converter and then enjoy free music downloading.

Link to -> YouTube

Link to Convert YouTube videos to MP3 -> ClipConverter, Savefrom.Net, YouTube to MP3

#8. Epitonic

Epitonic is the best site to download MP3 and listen to them while you are online. Epitonic one of My favorite site to download music from the internet with fewer issues, it has a separate database for the international songs which makes it easy to find any songs with less effort. The most impressed feature is you can Sign up for the free account there and start exploring the Musics, play them in online or download. You can also create albums, playlist to save your desired songs while online. I’ll recommend and promote this site in the Music download sites 2017.

Link -> Epitonic

#9. SeekaSong

SeekaSong is the best site to download MP3 in 2017. It is a user-friendly site to download your desired music for free and even listen to them in online. With this site you can download any songs either it may be regional or international it’ll be in their database and you can download it with high-Quality faster with Seeking.

Link to -> SeeksSong

#10. EMP3World

EMP3World is another great and one of my bookmarked site when it come to download MP3 music for free. EMP3World is the great site in terms of user-interface and MP3 database. It has almost all the international and national songs available for download with free of cost. I’ll highly recommend the simple yet powerful site for my readers to download Music for free!

Link to -> EMP3 World

#11. Xbox Music 

Xbox is another fantastic and best site to download MP3 songs online for free without any issues. This is trusted sites to download MP3 music without any Virus or infected files. It is quiet old site developed by the Microsoft for its Xbox series gaming console products, Then they added a sub-domain called Xbox Music to download the Musics online for free! Though there are some of the songs are missing  in Xbox Music directory yet I’ll add this to my free Music download sites list 2017.

Link to -> Xbox Music 

#12. Jamendo

Last but not the least, Jamendo is the another great site to download MP3 online for free. This site is the simple yet great way to spend your time online by listening to music, creating your desired playlist and start exploring the International and other all regional songs at your finger tip. It is the raising start, with lots of the surprise for the users. So I’ll rank Jamendo in this best MP3 music download sites for Music 2017.

Link to -> Jamendo

#13. is another best free mp3 download site from where you can download songs for free. UI of this site is very cool and modern. You can watch live songs of events as well. There are hundreds of artists on this site. This site is increasing its database of mp3 tracks continuously.

Link to ->

#14. DramaCore MP3

DramaCore MP3 is one of latest free mp3 download site which is getting popularity day by day. To download free mp3 from this site. You can download most popular mp3 tracks from this site. The only drawback of this site is that you can not search for various tasks from this site.

Link to -> DramaCore MP3

Wrapping it up,

Music not only helps you to rotate your leisure time, it provides enough peace and freshness  to your brain which boosts your productivity. Listening to Musics that to the great way to do so, I don’t think there are any alternate ways to make you active unless you listen to your favorite music. So I’ll highly recommend you to listen to music when you are felt tired after working couple hours!

I hope we’ve provided enough sites to download free MP3 . If I missed any site in this list? let me know. Feel free to drop your comments below I’ll add that site in the next update. Please bookmark this page we’ll update on the regular basis regarding “free MP3 download sites 2017”.


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